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Just purchesed 5* from me

there is a stand alone version in a zipped folder just unzip it and edit the index.html file change the location in the head in the jquery $(’.map’).JQMap({
Change Destination | to your location in Google maps and TexInfoWindow : to what you would like to be displayed in the location box

I did not need the contact for and this was easily removed

Very pleased with the distance calculator

thanks for purchases and your comment. I’m glad you’re happy.

Ciao interessante plugin grazie, hai anche pianificato una realizzazione di una versione wp?

finalmente un italiano ehehehe. per il momento la versione wp non sarà ancora in lavorazione, mi spiace. ma cercherò di farla quando prima, ma vorrei capire prima se tira

Ciao!! ok grazie, ottimo plugin comunque, speriamo ti porti fortuna. Nice Work thank!!

grazie, comunque ti avviso quando farò la versione per wp ;-)

Great work!!! If i need to change the language from english to greek, can i do it? I mean some words like “Head, Turn right, Take the 3rd etc.”...

yes, you can.
just change this line :

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true&language=en&libraries=places"></script> 
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true&language=el&libraries=places"></script> 

Ciao, secondo me se fai la versione per Wordpress vendi molto di più. Io lo comprerei subito!

mi metterò all’opera tra qualche giorno. mi ricorderò di avvisare anche te quando sarà pronta. N.B. il form però non è completo di file che invia la mail

Hi celestinojunior,

Looks perfect, but can i change the with and hight to % and not px? also can whe change the langunane to german?

The same for your WP version? Sorry for my crasy english :(

Thanks Beatrix

you can do all, but you have change 2 line of code in js file. ;-)

Hi again,

I want to use your tools with jquerymobile, for better understand my questions ;)

Thanks again Beatrix

p.s. i’ve not tested it for jquery mobile

Thanks for your very fast response, i’ll make the test ;) my intress is not the contactform, my intresst is the Route information.

Thanks again, Beatrix

i’m here for all info. ;-)

but if you was interested to map only you can look here: http://codecanyon.net/item/jqmap-route-calc/1249325

Hi celestinojunior,

I think it’s work great. a few changes in the .css

but is still a problem, I think it is the caching, otherwise your script is great. Here is a link to a QR code on the test page http://goo.gl/NLiwq

Make a Rout stated and you see what I mean.

If you do not have smartphone, here’s the direct link to the page http://mobilweb.at/test/map/

Thank you again for the quick reply Beatrix

Ps.: Your “http://codecanyon.net/item/jqmap-route-calc/1249325” I look to this later. First, the script has to work like it should once

i don’t understand. do you speak about infowindow?

how can i send the submit form to my email address?

the script has not working form, you need a class like phpmailer to submit form.

Demo doesn’t work

i see it works fine, if receive a ZERO _RESULTS message, because you choose a far place from fixed destination (napoli,Italy). this happens because the map calcs the route by car and it is not able to calculate distance if in the itinerary there is sea

Hi, great work!!! Two things i need to know. One how to change Total distance Kilometers to miles. The second is I only want to show US addresses when people type for direction. Right now it showed Europe addresses too no one will drive my location from Europe. Thank You.

thank you for purchase,
1) Change / add the following lines in the .js file (starting at line 99):
total = total / 1000. 
total = Math.round(total / 1.609344001 * 1000) / 1000; 
$(DistanceContainer).html('Total distance: '+total + ' miles') 

2)the autocomplete show any posistion in the word not only europe.
if you give me a link where i cann see script in action I will tell you more

You been awesome help thank you!!! *

no problem, if you need something i’m here ;-)

Great piece of genius script!

Like Shashi111, how to make the map show Mauritius only as no one can ever drive to my location … only plane or ship! :)

Thank you

mmmm, to do what you are asking for i have to do many change into plugin, but it’s a good idea for next release

thank you for same