Where Did You Find Us?

Where Did You Find Us?

From where are Your Customers finding your website?

Want to narrow in on how your customers are finding your website? Google Analytics can’t determine if Word of Mouth was the referral, but this extension can!


  • You can select that on which page you want to display this extension . eg Checkout page Or Registration page Or Both.
  • You can select that this field should be required for customers or not.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • You can also add field error message from admin panel.
  • Data can be export from admin panel.
  • This extension seamlessly integrates a new area into your Opencart Checkout and Registration Page, with a customize title .
  • You can create the options, and your customer selects one.
  • Learn how people discover your website Use this information for marketing purposes Learn what marketing tactics are working.
  • Use to collect all sorts of different relevant data other than just how a customer found you.
  • Quickly assess the results with clear graphs that visually display the results in an Admin Panel.

This is s popular feature on many e-Commerce websites, but until now, you couldn’t do this with Opencart.But now you can.


Admin Front-end

How to install :-

For OC2

  1. Install the extension from extension installer in admin panel.

For OC 1.5.X

  1. upload Folders “admin” and “vqmod” on your web root directory.
  2. Go to you admin side , then go to ” Extensions -> Modules”.
  3. Find the extension “Where You Find Us” and click to install .

Note: vqmod should be install.


Full support :”.

Thank you.