When.datepicker - Date Range Picker

When.datepicker - Date Range Picker

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Date picker you dreamed about.

When is a small Date Range Picker plugin for your website, which runs without any frameworks. It can be used as a single date or range selection picker. Can be shown inline or used as a dropdown attached to an input. The plugin is very lightweight plugin (less than 15kb minified and gzipped).


Fully Customizable
You can modify all the picker’s behaviour like hiding any part, disabling any feature etc.

Inline Support
If you don’t like dropdowns, you can convert your input to an inline calendar!

100+ Languages
Using the built-in browser languages.

Less than 15kb
It does not slow down loading of your sites and is quickly loaded even on the slowest connection.

Disabling dates in a specific range
Disable both individual dates and whole intervals.

Single Date Support
It can also be used as a single date picker!

Powerful API
The most powerful API and the largest number of calendar settings!

Fast month and year navigation
The best user experience among competitors!

See how cleaner and more concise your JavaScript code can look.

Webpack, webpack server, gulp font tasks

Change log

15.01.2019 – Bug fixes (Usage “disabledDates” in Edge browser)
16.12.2018 – Bug fixes (API events in popup datepicker)
5.10.2018 – Bug fixes (Leap year processing error)