Discussion on Wheelizate Tabs

Discussion on Wheelizate Tabs

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Hi, I’m working on clients website and this is the error we get when clicking on wheel It was working before

Can you send me an URL for further analysis?

Hey, I’m working on Coaching website and I want to integrate this wheelizate feature in my Fintexec Coaching website.

Nice to hear that! How can I help you?

Hi, If i buy it, customization is available after purchase ?. I want 360” rotation of the menu,

If it is possible, i will buy it and let me know the customization cost.

It’s absolutely possible! :) Please send me your detailed requirements with the contact form here: In this way we can continue our discussion via email. Thanks.

I asked for support 3 days ago and still no answer. it was about putting an image in the center of wheel. I paid for 1 year support…

when i search for softwaretailoring I only got the one you just sent above through envato

I’ve got your mail but for safety’s sake I write a sample here too. You can add an image to center with following code. Please place these lines after wheelTab.createTab() in samples/sampleJavaScript.html

wheelTab.wheelNav.spreaderEnable = true; wheelTab.wheelNav.spreaderInTitle = “imgsrc:knob.png”; wheelTab.wheelNav.spreaderOutTitle = “imgsrc:knob.png”; wheelTab.wheelNav.spreaderOutTitleHeight = 90; wheelTab.wheelNav.spreaderInTitleHeight = 90; wheelTab.wheelNav.spreader = new spreader(wheelTab.wheelNav);

Thanks for your support.

is it possible to stop it moving around the wheel after the click?It moves around and i need it to stay still

OK great, buying this soon but is it possible to make no default tab to be appeared open? When page loads user have to click to open but no default is open?

I would like to ask a little patience. I’m currently on holiday, I’ll answer to you on tuesday.

You can achieve ‘no default tab’ feature with these steps:

1. Create a css class with display:none

2. Add this css class to tab-div via JavaScript

3. Remove this css class from tab-div in wheelNav.navItems[n].navigateFunction (when the user clicks)

is it possible to stop it moving around the wheel after the click?It moves around and i need it to stay still

Hi, the plugin looks great. I am just about to buy it. One question, once we buy we are going to require half radius or in other words, half circle with close button in middle – is it possible with this plugin? if not, are you available for customisation?

Thank you for your purchase!

Currently the close button and middle wheel aren’t possible natively. I’m available for customization, please send me an e-mail directly with details.

Hi there, thank you for your reply. We want something specific that you could probably build using Wheelnav.js. Can you provide me with your email to contact you

Hi – can this have images rather than SVG Icons? And can it “float” outside of the page?

Hi ladybirdinternet,

Currently the item doesn’t support image format in a tab’s title. You may use or any other similar tool to convert your raster graphic into vector graphic.

You can float the tab outside the window.

Hello I did buy the component but I don´t understand how to change the icons for custom icons. Can you help me to do that?

Thank you for your purchase!

Icons are predefined SVG paths. For example, the stop icon looks like this: “M5.5,5.5h20v20h-20z”. You can hold your custom icon’s SVG path in a JavaScript variable and use that variable in createWheel method.

More info about SVG paths:

Thanks Bro. Have a nice day from Costa Rica!

This only seems to support up 4 tabs in the wheel and only 3 in the side tabs. Its useless for any more tabs and I would like to get my money back because the documentation is very, very weak and does not explain how to add of delete tabs well. I would have not bought this if i knew the limitations.

Thank you for your feedback! I’m so sorry because you’re dissatisfied with your purchase! Indeed, currently the above limitations exist. However, I’ll update the item the next week and it’ll able to handle up to six tabs. Is this acceptable for you? What type of tab do you want with six panes?

Version 1.1.0 has been released. It supports up to eight tab panes.

I need this to have at least 6 tabs. Does it support this?

How do i create a new tab?

Great idea! :-) If I try to use it in a WordPress page, do I have to include bootstrap? How lightweight is this?

Thanks, Bernhard

Thank you! Yes, the Bootstrap plugin is required so you have to include it.

About lightweight. If you want smaller size you can use tab.js – – instead of bootstrap.js

Great job ;)


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