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Hey guys can the leaderboard function to added to this game ?

Hi! You can easily add a leader board to the game using our WordPress plugin CTL Arcade https://codecanyon.net/item/ctl-arcade-wordpress-plugin/13856421

Thank you :)

Hey can i show more people on the leader board i want to show the top 500 scores is that possible ? If so please tell me how or can you guys modify it for me ?

hi! we replied to your pm, please check your inbox ;)

Hey I’m having trouble getting this to work on WordPress please help. I keeps saying error when I try to upload it and yes I have the ctl feture.

Thank you :)

Hi there, Where do we customize the game with the wordpress plugin? I only see 3 .js files

Best regards, Louis

Hi! You find only 3 files because in the sub folder “ctl_ arcade_wp_plugin/game” there is the minified version of the code. If you want to customize the wheel you should use the version in the “game” folder where you’ll find all the .js files. Once the customization is done, you can replace the files in the “ctl_arcade_wp_plugin/game”. We always suggest to minify the code, to hide it. For any further concern, feel free to write us at support@codethislab.com

I checking mobile sony android is not open.why?

hi! can you please give us more details about the problem?the game doesn’t open at all?

Hi guys does this work with wordpress ?

hi! the game is compatible with our plugin CTL Arcade: https://codecanyon.net/item/ctl-arcade-wordpress-plugin/13856421 With ctl arcade you can embed our games in your wordpress website, add ad banner, social sharing buttons and a leaderboard :)

This project comes with all the source code right?


Can I change the numbers on the wheel to a text?

Thank you

Hi! The game is conceived to use numeric values. To replace them with text descriptions or images you have to modify great part of the code.

How to run the code in Android and iOS?

Some of our customers use tools like cordova, phonegap or ludei to convert our games in apk successfully. But since is something we don’t deal with, we have no way to check porting operations and we can’t give support for eventual issues met during the conversion. We strongly suggest you to re-skin the game or at least change the game’s logo to publish it in the app stores.

I see, thank you a lot!

can i change the number of the wheel to images?and just let it run with no bet?

The game is conceived to use numeric values. To replace them with text descriptions or images we have to modify great part of the code. Write us as support@codethislab.com to get a quotation

Is it possible to use the game and set the chances dynamically – for example using php and load the chances with every spin? The thing is that I want allow people winning real prizes, so it would be great if I could set the chances dynamically. If you offer such a customization, how much would it be?

Hi, for game’s customization write us at support@codethislab.com to get a quotation

Hello. I love your game and would like to install on my wordpress site. But I have a few presale questions: 1. How do I make users pay before playing? (I don’t want to use PayPal. I prefer my home-based payment processors). 2. Can I customize the game such that the most five recent winners are listed beside the wheel, probably with comments? 3. Can I replace the prizes with other numerical values? E.g. 20MB of 70G.

Hi, for game’s customization please write at support@codethislab.com

Thank you. But will this customization attract extra cots?

for game customizations we apply our hourly fee.

how ppl will earn coin for first time? they have to buy from us right?

Hi, the game is conceived to be played for fun and not with real money. If you want to use it in this way, we have to customize it.

k how much you charge for make deposit and withdrow thing? all will be manually

please write us at support@codethislab.com to get a quotation


edikky Purchased

Where can I change the currency symbol? Thanks.


edikky Purchased

Figured out where to change currency symbol. Disregard, thanks.

ok :) feel free to write us for any other concern

when checking the code, i see bank_cash : 1000, how does this variable affect the algorithm? also, how can i add forms that blend with the site eg i need to add a form for login or topup using local payment processor

hi, for game customizations write at support@codethislab.com

pre sales question : is there a wordpress version of this wheel?

so, i need to purchase this game and ctl arcade plugin at the same time ?

more questions : 1. can someone set their own gifts on the wheel ? 2. is there a limit on the number of slices you can add on the wheel? 3. is it compatible with woo commerce and other payment plugins? 4.How does a user receive a gift once they win?

sorry…i had to ask so that i can get a clear picture of the wheel.

Hi, can you please write us at support@codethislab.com for this questions? Meanwhile, take a look at our version of the wheel with prizes, it might suits better your requirements: https://codecanyon.net/item/spin-win-html5-instant-win-game/20319098