Discussion on Wheel of Fortune - HTML5 Casino Game

Discussion on Wheel of Fortune - HTML5 Casino Game

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As per your documentation, if player lose then that amount added in “Bank cash but where we can check updated “Bank Cash” because when I am check on Index.html page then showing same amount, it will not update after player lose. why?

Please reply

is this a multi player game?

hello, no, it is a single player game

If the bet amount changes, then the winning amount must change as per bet amount. I am also checking documentation file, but I can’t find, can you tell me where is that setting?

Please reply me, I am already send email but no reply from your side

We replied to your pm. We receive dozens of emails every day, all emails are managed within 2-3 working days and yesterday it was Bank Holiday in our country.

How can I random winner from php?

hello, to do this you have to change great part of code. If you want to hire us to do it for you, write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quote

Good luck with your sales

thank you very much!

I wish to buy your game but I don’t see how users can put the money before playing and if he wins how to withdraw their money too.

please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Anybody available for customization services? I want to reduce the screen size of the game so that it can fit in the screen of mobile devices on portrait mode instead of the default landscape mode.

hello, we’ve replied to your pm

Hello, I have received today emails about your last updates but I cannot figure out what the changes are. Can you please update the logs? Thanks

hello, we’ve just updated the changelog, here are the changes made – Landscape IOS fullscreen added – Preloader updated – Added Favicon and title – Centered top game – Loading recovery for slow connection / – Sound Loading recovery for slow connection – Bug fixed with fullscreen on Android – Text autofit for enhance the language customization

Hello my question is about the wheel. Is there a plugin that will allow me to customize my pie chart? to have so much camembert and style?

hello, please write us to support[at]

Hi Developer, I just need wheel, and i can decide the specific number.. Can i do this or can u share?

hello, to do this, you have to customize the game and pre-set the result server side. Write us at support[at] to get a quote.

Hello, if I buy this game can I monetize it by reselling it or adapting it to play for real money?

hi, we replied to your pm

the code in game able to develop ?

what do you mean exactly?

Can someone cheat the system?

Hi, since the game is conceived to be used for fun, all the logics are client side, so it could be hacked. To avoid this issue you should firstly move all the logics server side. If you want, we are available to customize the game for you. Write us at to get a quote.

pre sales question : is there a wordpress version of this wheel?

so, i need to purchase this game and ctl arcade plugin at the same time ?

more questions : 1. can someone set their own gifts on the wheel ? 2. is there a limit on the number of slices you can add on the wheel? 3. is it compatible with woo commerce and other payment plugins? 4.How does a user receive a gift once they win?

sorry…i had to ask so that i can get a clear picture of the wheel.

Hi, can you please write us at for this questions? Meanwhile, take a look at our version of the wheel with prizes, it might suits better your requirements:

when checking the code, i see bank_cash : 1000, how does this variable affect the algorithm? also, how can i add forms that blend with the site eg i need to add a form for login or topup using local payment processor

hi, for game customizations write at

Where can I change the currency symbol? Thanks.

Figured out where to change currency symbol. Disregard, thanks.

ok :) feel free to write us for any other concern

how ppl will earn coin for first time? they have to buy from us right?

Hi, the game is conceived to be played for fun and not with real money. If you want to use it in this way, we have to customize it.

k how much you charge for make deposit and withdrow thing? all will be manually

please write us at to get a quotation

Hello. I love your game and would like to install on my wordpress site. But I have a few presale questions: 1. How do I make users pay before playing? (I don’t want to use PayPal. I prefer my home-based payment processors). 2. Can I customize the game such that the most five recent winners are listed beside the wheel, probably with comments? 3. Can I replace the prizes with other numerical values? E.g. 20MB of 70G.

Hi, for game’s customization please write at

Thank you. But will this customization attract extra cots?

for game customizations we apply our hourly fee.

Is it possible to use the game and set the chances dynamically – for example using php and load the chances with every spin? The thing is that I want allow people winning real prizes, so it would be great if I could set the chances dynamically. If you offer such a customization, how much would it be?

Hi, for game’s customization write us at to get a quotation

can i change the number of the wheel to images?and just let it run with no bet?

The game is conceived to use numeric values. To replace them with text descriptions or images we have to modify great part of the code. Write us as to get a quotation


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