WhatsScan For Whatsapp

WhatsScan For Whatsapp

WhatsScan For Whatsapp

Demo apk :  Demo 


Application Feature :

  1.  Open ios/ android/ and windows phone whats app.
  2. read Whats message
  3. reply/send message to other user
  4. change Whats status
  5. change Whats profile picture
  6. download images/videos
  7. Dual Whatsapp account on same / different phone / tablet
  8. Fully secure
  9. Scan the QR Code from Whatsapp Web and load instantly
  10. Open same account on multiple phones /tablets
  11. Automatic resizing – Fully Responsive, feels like native app
  12. admob enable – banner/intersitials ads.
  13. Well documented.
  14. Easy to re design.
  15. How to page is there for instructions.
  16. Share app with friends with one click.
  17. Rate application .

Some Reference Applications :

How to use :

1. Application will show you one QR code.
2. Open targeted device’s whats app and then hit setting menu.
3. Hit whatsapp web Thats it. You are done.

What you will get : 

  1.  Full application Source code.
  2. Screenshots.
  3. .apk file.
  4. .psd file
  5. documentation. 
  6. Support. 

 Version Update history : 

  • version 0 : Develped in Eclipse. Was only compatible with android 6.0
  • Version 1 : Developed in android studio. It is compatible with all old android Version and with latest android 8.0 too. 

Email me if have any issues regarding code. Email address is :