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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi bro .

I sent you message on skype and mail also

and do you have any update ready , or when will you update , and add update version on every update . And aslo add 91msg that is free everyone will love that

Kind Regards

Amjid Dader

i’ve answered your emails .Kind regards

Thanks you bro – now just tell me

Will you helpbme or not

i sent you my VPS details . And how to fix the app issue crash on Clik country

what is your Skype ID , i think i have added someOne else AbdulRahem , he is not replying me from 4days

kind regards


plse use one of those to get support “email or skype or comments” i can’t answer comments and email and skype. plse just one .KInd regards

Ok i will love to get support on mail

i know you are busy but setting up my server not take more then 10 minutes . Please. ..

Np2 list shows 2 processes errored. . any solution or documentation .

android app is crashing when i click on SELECT COUNTRY

Hi bro , you need to change package name on strings.xml file to be the same name like in the gradle .Kind regards


Rocketrk Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.


gorance Purchased

please do something about the battery drain,,its HUGE waiting for Update

ok bro , i will try to fix this


Are you going to write an ios version of this app?

no i don’t have an ios and i’m not sure that i will create it .Kind regards

I love that android version please write ios one if possible. Otherways it is difficult to write the same one with yours.

Hay i have not received any response yet .

It will not take more then 10 mins to setup my server .

when you have time please add me on skype:amjidskype i cant find you on skype .

Andwhy you removed msg91 in this update .

please add both options

Update 02/09/2016

Use Twilio as an SMS provider instead of MSG91.

Fix Messages issues .

yes i remove ,i can add as customization .for you .Kind regards

Thanks , hope you will be avilable soon

i think you are Still busy with some stuff

Just tell me why is server.js showing errored .

Do i have to edit server.js file or anyother issue . Please create a text documentation instead of video

Please tell me where i have to make changes in server.js or you fix the issue

Sorry for misunderstanding now everything seems good

And yes tell me how can i msg91 . Or will you add both sms gateways . .

Kind Regards

Hi bro , i will update the app soon ,i will add firebase also for verification i think i will use sign in with phone on firebase it’s free .Also i will update the documentation .Kind regards

I want my money back!

Your application has many bugs(when I try to install I must make many modification in code, after install I recive new errors like ‘Expression #1 of ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list, references column ‘videoguide.wa_users.id’ which is not in SELECT list; this is incompatible with DISTINCT’ when i try to see infroamtion in administration I can’t in administration I can see only users..in dashboard, not in user page …. , your documentation is not complet or it is incorrect… you can’t make customization, you not response on skype or on email, only 2 time you answer to my questions. When i make on video call I can’t hire what said my caller. So …. many bugs.

ok bro you can make it , you got the code source so you can get your money ,i also want to buy an item then refund my money so it will look like i got the item free .and you did ask for support .Kind regards

is not about this, i write you many emails…. for bugs… and i send you 2 messages on skype for customization.. let’s say for customization is oky, you can don’t give me answer…but when i tell you about bugs you need to resolve it…. :) let’s say… many bugs …. many many many.

Bro, you are not the only one that i have to support there is many many other users .plse wait the new update i will update the app also the documentation for everything about how to setup the app “i didn’t provide a full documentation because there some customer share the source code for free on some other websites ” ,Kind regards

Eduardpopa : its not a html or php login page . That will not have a bug

Wait for him he will definitely help you and once if he is unable to fix your issue then ask for refund

he is bit funny with server side.

I also face such bugs and trust me my app is still not working from 10-12 days

keep passions everything will be ok . Allow him some time

Thanks bro for your trust :)


gabnite Purchased

Its been 2 months now that I have sent you server login details yet no work done. Please do something. I’m even ready to pay for the service please.


amjiddader Author Team

sorry for inconvenience

A new update is coming

We are busy with the update

once codecanyon approves New Update

we wll install your backend.

Kind Regards

gabnite :

what is your issue ,

BenCharif is busy with update .

i can help you here join this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/232275507273584/

even anyone who has purchased any item from BenCherif can join this Group for Help & Support

Kind Regards


gabnite Purchased

OK I will join now


gabnite Purchased

I have sent a request to the group by name Gbenga Oyewole so kindly add


amjiddader Author Team

Thank you for joining

You are added

Kind Regards

Can you install server one time for free ? Messages can’t received or sent .


amjiddader Author Team

Sure i will install

Send me your Server logins

and also let me know , do you plan to install something else like WordPress or etc and which OS you have ??

Kind Regards

I dont have facebook… Never will… Too much of a privacy concern…

So ive got everything completed with the front end… Got the server space for some basic testing… Server running on CentOs 7 with Node.Js powered by Bitnami and 1&1 Web Hosting…

I’m by no means a backend person… So I’m learning as I go… The youtube Link provided in the project files is not working… Says “Video Not Found”

The title of the video is “B)Configurate the server.js file from the dashboard and android project & how to Run it on background – top”

Could you please provide a working link so I can utilize it as a tutorial…

Kind Regards,

Andrew Brigance


amjiddader Author Team

Please wait for some more days

A new update is coming with detailed documentation

kind regards

Checking on an update… 9 days since my last comment…. What changes are being made?

Had issuse with Putty and WinSCP…. Handled… Now waiting on the backend…. I can possibly offer assistance if needed….

I tested the app from Play Store and found out length of phone number is too short on Indonesia country… so cannot proceed to do the test.


amjiddader Author Team

Thank you for informing us

I think code for Indonesia is +62 and if you have 10 digit mobile number that will work

but if you Have 11 or 12 digit phone number without code +62 that will not work .

and i am sure 10 digit mobile number + 2 digit code =12 digital number will work

If you think its a bug please send us a mail with detailed information

Kind Regards


amjiddader Author Team

You can also join our facebook Group


Kind Regards

Guys i need help with seting up up the server please contact me @fahadh357@gmail.com please please i beg you all


amjiddader Author Team

Hello Fahad

its ok . I have replied to you mail

Kind Regards

السلام عليكم اخي الكريم .. أعجبني جداً العمل بارك الله فيك عندي بعض الأسئلة هل يمكمن اتضافة ملف السيرفر سايد له

Ok I want to buy Whatsapp Clone But I have some Q: 1. I have a server than provide a sms verifications code (Not Twilio) …so I can replace twilio with my server in app? 2. The voice call & video call that free lib in android studio code or I must oaid as sms verifications code?? 3. Thank you

Hi bro, for the next update i added account kit (facebook ) as a free sms provider . and for calls are free . Kind regards


muhammad89 Purchased

1.can you tell me when next update it will be available?? 2.in documentation B)Configuration the server.js file from the dashboard and android project & how to Run it on background – the video not working

I have a couple pre purchase questions.

1. Is this real-time chat, are you using node.js or something like that, if so what is it?

2. Do user signup using their actual phone numbers?

3. Contact syncing same as What’s App where we validate all phone book contacts with the one who has installed WhatsApp and an option to chat with them?

4. Do you have the IOS version to this?

5. Is their group chats?

6. Allow the user to invite their friends via their contact list?

7. Direct socket chats with a private messaging feature similar to WhatsApp?

8. Local push message integration?

9. does this application supports this function (if you are offline you send a message and when you will be connected this message transmitted

10. WhatsApp has now a status feature. Are you planning to add a timeline feature or does this app already have a timeline feature?

11. Does this have the following option?

Let’s say I get a telecom company to provide the app for user to use for free over their cell network/4G, however, they will ONLY allow text messages to be exchanged over the network, NOT a photo, NOT videos, NOT files, NOT voice messages. The telecom provider agrees that ONLY text messages will be allowed to send from user to user over their cell network for FREE and that the sending user will be able to send photos, video, files, and voice message but for the receiving user to open the content they will need to purchase a 4G data package or connect to wifi.

I am sure your app does not provide this feature but can you do a custom job to implement it?


amjiddader Author Team


we have completed the update and we will upload to Envato on Sunday and will be avilable to download after a review by envato team

We have fixed many know bugs …

Verification SMS is disabled on demo app , once you buy app You have to enable Verification from admin panel

Thanks for your kind feedback we have fixed almost all bugs in this update

You can buy the code now or you can try update version of app before buying .

Kind Regards


That’s great news. I am hoping that this chat works beautifully after this update.

When you upload the demo to play store please ensure that you have the verification of phone number enabled. I want to be able to test out everything.

One more suggestion. Please make it so that the user cannot login to their account on several devices. In other words, they can only use their account on one device at a time. The device must be a phone NOT a tablet. This should help a lot with privacy issues.

You’re welcome I am looking for a positive experience so I will always provide you guys with positive criticism and detailed analysis of any issues I encounter.

As mentioned before I will wait till the script has been updated on CC and then I will update the whatsclone app from Play Store and I will run more tests. If everything passes then I shall purchase.


” that the user cannot login to their account on several devices” already exist it’s like whatsapp when i publish the new update on ggle play you can test al features .Kind regards