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Can I edit the integration with twillio and use my own sms gateway?

Hi hi I am moved to my home server …

When I write messages are sent, but in the list of messages on the admin panel they are not displayed …

I used an Ubuntu Server 14.04 with 4 cores 4gb working memory and a 320gb hard drive …

The system is freshly installed mod rewrite is enabled php5-curl is installed as well as php5 apache2 and mysql …

The messages are sent normally

When I create a group this is created normally but when I write a message these do not arrive at my second handy …


mayuri2411 Purchased


Is there any solution for battery draining?

hi sir can i contact you for private work i want your team to create android project and i will pay mony for it if you can will wait your replay … thanks and have a good day

i ben,

Need your help with below issue. 1) I am not able to share an image with others in app.

Plz help have already increased below variable in server as requested by you max_execution_time 60 to 600 max_file_uploads 20 to 1000 post_max_size 8M to 120M

Waiting for your reply

Regards, Shahid