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i have my VPS with my cpanel. how can i install the script without no knowledge of terminal/CMD ?

can you make installation easy for those without much knowledge of terminal/CMD but have the money to invest into servers ?

regards .


amjiddader Author Team

send me Email .. amigr8.d@gmail.com

I has try new updtes, but still no change. Picture sending from camera still have a bug. While I try to send 2 pictures that taken from camera, the apps still show first picture.

I just bought this script and i really need help to install it. please help, my skype id : wang.nei Email : job@unixon.id


amjiddader Author Team

send me mail with your server details at amigr8.d@gmail.com..

be sure you have VPS or dedi server …

Kind Regards

i already emailed you.


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Bro, I have set up a facebook kit account, but when I try to register the phone number, I received a sms verification code but returned to the page to re-enter the phone number, then I bought a phone number from twilio and according to manual instructions this app still does not work, what’s wrong with this?

Hi bro, can you contact me on my email i will help ,you .Kind regards


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Bro ,I’ve replied to your email and I’m looking forward to your prompt response, Thank you.

root@app:~# sudo apt-get support whatsclone -n 0 until now…, I have provided vps & twilio number for this application but still got error, please author & whatsclone team or Evanto help me to setup & build whatsclone apk.


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I messaged you on skype and till now no reply

bro ,i’ve replied your email .Kind regards

Hi there! i have you app but i was not able to install it on vps and set vps plz help quickly

I guess i have replied you already!!

if not message send me message

Please note you have to pay extra to setup VPS

Kind Regards

I want to buy the script but does it have the option to make the admin the only one to create groups.

Secondly, is there away to show or have a scroll-able list of available groups such that users can join them?

Lastly, is there way for the group admin to moderate user posts before being made public?

Lastly, how many users can each group handle without causing issues to the script?

I wait your reply.




1- it can be done with custom work.

2- its WhatsClone app not Facebook Cline . so users once join will see only his contacts using whatsclone and groups works like whatsapp

3- No its not avilable -/ You can hire a freelancer for this

4- Current limit is 250 and if you have slow server it will handle 20-30 users but if you have Google Cloud N 94 AWS L (32 GB Ram 16 Cores ) it can handle upto 500 users for 10000 Groups and-

Actully it depends on your Server.

Kind Regards


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the images you’ve sent and received do not appear. What can it be? the more they stay on the server, the more they are not shown in the app.

have you set correct permissions

make sure its 777 for uploads and all folders inside upload.


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Please Understand: Support doesn’t mean SERVER setup

Thank you for purchasing our Code.

As mentioned in Description you need a VPS . you can NOT use it on Shared Hosting

if you don’t know how to setup VPS/Server ,

You can hire a freelancer to setup backend you have to pay $100 to Freelancer ..

You can also ask for backend installations

And Remember YOU HAVE TO EXTRA for backend installation

support means : any issue in android studio is included in support package.

Kind Regards ..

When you will add Quote Message …?

Not any date or time ..

but we will add all possible features …

thank you for using our code