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This Item is deprecated there is no new updates anymore.

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BE AWARE: This application is required the Root access to your server as well as understanding the general Linux commands to be able to launch the service. You need to be familiar to work with Terminal before you purchase this app! .Ubuntu 18.04 is required because documentation explain just how to setup on Ubuntu 18.04

WhatsClone an application that allow to have a real-time chat with friends (Like WhatsApp). You can send and share (images or videos or audio or pdf) ...etc. there is a database local to save your messages , so when user lost the internet connection he can write a message ,the message will be saved on database local and once the other user come online the app will send your message directly .Also you can delete conversation or messages .Feel free and enjoy the new emoticons .For the Backend side you can control your app as you want even you can control and settings up the Admob from the dashboard .I build the backend using NodeJs & Mongodb .For the client side i’m using : Room as database local.

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update 27/02/2020:

  1. Fix calls bugs.
  2. Update Documentation.
  3. Improve design and performances.
  4. Update libraries.
  5. Remove (Deprecated)”
update 02/01/2020:
  1. Fix messages status update bugs.
  2. Fix messages bugs.
  3. Use MQTT instead of
  4. Improve design and performances.
  5. Update libraries.
  6. Fix group bugs.
  7. Fix notifications bugs on android Pie
  8. Fix badger bug.
  9. Use webrtc instead of platforme
  10. Fix stories bugs
  11. Remove account kit (Deprecated by facebook)”
  12. Remove all firebase part
  13. Update ads part
  14. Update twillio part
  15. Remove redis
  16. Fix bugs on backend side .
update 05/09/2019:
  1. Fix File download by sender bug .
  2. Fix delayed messages issues
  3. Fix delete/exit group bugs..
  4. Use Room database instead of realm database.
  5. Add save draft message if user quit the message activity without remove the text .
  6. Improve design and performances.
  7. Fix Workmanager send offline Messages bug.
  8. Fix Workmanager send offline Stories bug.
  9. mplement last seen “backend side”
  10. Implement Redis-server to make more stable “backend side”
  11. Implement Sticky-session to improve nodejs performance by clustering. “backend side”
  12. update libraries “android side”
  13. update dependencies “backend side”
update 22/07/2019:
  1. Fix File download by sender bug .
  2. Fix delete/exit group bugs.
  3. Add scroll down if new row chat added.
  4. Fix Workmanager send offline Messages bug.
  5. Fix Workmanager send offline Stories bug.
  6. Fix Sync contact bug.
  7. Implement new design to avoid “Whatsapp design copyright”.
update 09/06/2019:
  1. Update documentation
update 18/05/2019:
  1. Migrate backend side to Nodejs & Mongodb Instead of PHP & MYSQL
  2. Add Full stories system like whatsapp
  3. Add Full messages system like whatsapp “offline mode ”
  4. Migrate to androidX
  5. Use Workmanger for background tasks after “Android O Background limitations”
  6. Add images and videos editors
  7. Improve download/upload mechanism to be like whatsapp
  8. Add reply message/story feature
  9. Custom camera like whatsapp “Swiping between tabs”
  10. Use platforme for video/voice calls feature “more stable then the old one”
  11. Update libraries
  12. Some code & design improvements
  13. Check the demo to check more features
update 16/04/2018:
  1. No change on backend side you can just update the app android
  2. Fix sign in bug
  3. Update some libraries
  4. Some code improvements
update 07/04/2018:
  1. Fix notifications bugs
  2. Fix contacts bugs
  3. Update some libraries
  4. Some design improvements
  5. Some code improvements
update 25/03/2018:
  1. Fix old bugs
  2. Update libraries
  3. Some design improvements
  4. Make app more fast
update 10/02/2018:
  1. Add zoom for image
  2. Update realm and add schema
  3. Add msg91 as sms provider
  4. Remove links preview library
  5. Fix remove member bug
  6. Update socket on backend side
  7. Some design improvements
  8. Fix image thumbnail bug
  9. Fix media tabs bug
update 14/12/2017:
  1. Fix group bugs.
  2. Fix delete account bug
  3. Fix notifications bugs.
  4. Change design .
  5. Make app faster.
  6. Fix delete status bug.
  7. Implement Notifications for android O.
  8. Fix contacts bug .
  9. Fix some other bugs.
  10. Some design improvements
  11. Fix bugs on backend side
  12. clean/optimize code
update 15/10/2017:
  1. Fix calls bugs
  2. Fix camera bugs
  3. Fix delete account bug
  4. Fix upload files bug on chat
  5. Add outgoing calls sound
  6. Some design improvements
  7. clean/optimize code
update 10/10/2017:
  1. Fix and improve notifications system
  2. Fix calls bugs
  3. Fix user connection bugs
  4. Fix slow scroll bug
  5. Fix images bugs
  6. Add fast scroll down to messages
  7. Some design improvements
  8. clean/optimize code
  9. Fix other bugs
update 15/08/2017:
  1. You don’t need to update your old backend “01/08/2017 version ” , i fixed just android project bugs
  2. Fix calls bugs
  3. Fix other bugs
update 01/08/2017:
  1. Fix open document bug for android N
  2. Fix other bugs
update 01/08/2017:
  1. Fix Camera bug for android N
  2. Fix open document bug.
  3. Fix group bugs
  4. Some design improvement
  5. Add more the 10 different languages.
update 06/07/2017:
  1. Fix new bugs.
  2. Add firebase and change system chat to be like Whatsapp (user1 can send message to user 2 and the msg saved on the server side so even if user1 is offline there messages will be sent to the user 2 when this last come online )
  3. Some design improvements
  4. Add backup by google drive(backup your messages to you google drive account ).
  5. Save calls logs and blocked list to the server .
  6. Add new video player .
  7. You can now enable/disable activities animations.
  8. Save calls logs and blocked list to the server .
  9. Show call logs and blocked list on dashboard.
  10. Make setup script step more easy .
  11. Delete account .
  12. Fix groups bugs.
  13. Add free sms provider as optional provider (Facebook account kit ).
  14. Fix speaker bugs (I’ve added it but there a problem “noise”).
  15. Fix the problem with open document and problem with by write Link blocked App.
  16. Fix camera issue on android N .
  17. Fix Select Language Button
  18. Full new documentation .
  19. upgrade process for backend (upgrade database) .
update 25/04/2017:
  1. Fix new bugs.
  2. Fix calls bugs
  3. Some design improvements
  4. Fix groups bugs
  5. Proguard improvements
update 16/03/2017:
  1. Add crop Image.
  2. Fix images bugs
  3. User can change messages background using any image he want (wallpaper) .
  4. Update libraries
  5. Fix Crash handler bug .
  6. Add a custom dialog “if the update is absolute “
  7. User can Invite friend by other apps (not just by sms)
  8. Some design improvements
  9. Add custom Fonts
  10. Add Links preview
  11. User can see the media on profile like in whatsapp (3 tabs Media-Documents-Links)
  12. Change image profile/group  (is realtime now)
  13. Fix conversations bugs
  14. Multi languages is now supported (French-English)
  15. User can block another user.
  16. Add new animations.
  17. Fix voice/video bugs
  18. Redesign Dashboard.
  19. Make Dashboard responsive.
  20. You can easily configure the server.js file from dashboard then you can run it on the terminal.
  21. Make more stable.

For the upgrade follow this UPGRADE

update 30/12/2016:
  • Add video/voice call (no third party) everything is free and customizable .
  • Fix some old bugs
  • Some design improvements
  • Update documentation (user can watch video on youtube instead of his/her laptop ) because my videos doesn’t work on some laptops .
  • Fix some sockets issues.
  • Implement permissions for android M.
  • User can choose the ringtone for calls.
  • Add “proguard.rules” to make application files more secure.
  • Fix Image preview and image bugs.
  • Fix realm bugs.
  • Fix user status.
  • Fix some calls bugs.

Update 10/11/2016

  • Change some interface design .
  • Add rate feature (Show a dialog to inform user if he want to rate the app)
  • Fix files send bug .
  • User get notification if a new user has joined.
  • Fix groups bugs .
  • Fix database local bugs .
  • Add backup feature (users can backing up there messages ) .
  • Improve check numbers system .
  • Add sounds for messages (incoming/sent) status .
  • You can swipe to refresh the conversations list .
  • Improve permissions for android M.
  • Get notification for new versions exist (Enforce user to update the application) .
  • Add image cache feature like Whatsapp .
  • Improve colors picker for user profile like whatsapp.
  • Add (Crashlytics) to get crashes from users.
  • Improve download files .
  • Add error handler to show a crash activity for the user and launch the main activity .
  • Fix delete conversations/messages bug.
  • Fix delete account bug.
  • Improve Socket system (client/server side).
Update 11/10/2016
  • Add image/video preview .
  • decrease APK size from 17mb to 14mb (use native codes instead of some libraries ).
  • Add Compress images .
  • Add badge counter for some phones.
  • Fix old bugs .
  • Some improvements of performances (realm issues and memory leaks) .
  • Add syncAdapter to syncing contacts and add user to account manager on user phone like whatsapp do to make contacts updating .
  • Fix phone numbers bug (country codes) .
  • Add new animations for messages activity .
  • Fix groups and emoticons bugs .
  • Add Share feature so you can share from the app or you can share from the other apps to your app .
  • Add popup message for quick reply .
  • Improve security on the application side also on the backend side .
  • Recreate socket system.
  • Get safe files from server.
  • Some design changes and update documentation.
Update 12/09/2016
  • Add search for adding members to group activity .
  • decrease APK size from 35mb to 16mb (use native codes instead of some libraries ).
  • Add admob to the app (you can control it from your admob) .
  • Add some cool animations .
  • Fix almost old bugs .
  • Some improvements of performances .
  • Control if you want use the SMS verification or not from your admin panel .
Update 05/09/2016
  • Fix messages repeating .
  • Fix and improve notifications system .
  • Some emoticons improvements .
  • Fix messages disappearing when the other user is typing .
Update 02/09/2016
  • Use Twilio as an SMS provider instead of MSG91.
  • Fix Messages issues .
  • Fix All Android versions issues .
  • Fix delete account bug .
  • Fix upload videos/audio/images/pdf issues .
  • Update the documentation .
Update 29/08/2016
  • Fix upload files bugs .

Features Description

Welcome Activity Features:
  • Sign up with phone number .
  • Search for a country to select code .
  • SMS verification .
  • Resend a new request if user didn’t receive any code .

Conversation Features:

  • Show all conversation list (users conversations And groups conversations) .
  • Show (Typing) action when user is typing .
  • Show messages counter .
  • User can delete conversation .
  • Contacts Features:

    • Show all contacts list .
  • Invite user to install the application by SMS .
  • Fast scrolling for fast searching .
  • Add new contact to your addressBook .
  • Refresh action to refresh contacts when you new contact to your addressBook .
  • Search (Conversations/Contacts) Features:

    • Search for a conversations by username/phone number .
    • Search for a contact by username/phone number .

    Select contact Features:

    • Select contact to start new conversation .
    • Select create new group action .

    Create Group Features:

    • Select members to start create group .
    • Choose an Image/Name fro group .
    • Create group Offline/Online .

    User Status Features:

    • Show user status list .
    • Show current user status .
    • Delete/Edit/Add a specific status .
    • Delete all status .

    Settings Features:

    • Show user (Name/Status/Image) .
    • Account Settings:
      1. Delete your account .
    • Chats Settings:
      1. Enable/Disable Enter key as send key.
      2. Change fonts size in messages.
      3. Change Wallpaper.
    • Notifications Settings:
      1. Enable/Disable Conversations tones .
      2. Change notification tone for user/group messages .
      3. Enable/Disable vibrate.
      4. Change notification light for user/group messages .
    • About:
      1. Information about the application .

    Profile Preview Features:

    • Show user/group basic information .

    Edit Profile Features:

    • Show/Edit user Image/Name .
    • Show current user status and user number phone.

    Profile Features:

    • User Profile :
    • Show all user information .
    • Show user media .
    • Edit/Share/View contact in address .
    • Group Profile :
    • Show all group information .
    • Show group media .
    • Edit/Delete/Exit group actions .
    • Show group members list .
      • Make member as an admin option .
      • Delete member from group option .
      • Send a message to member option .
      • View member profile option .
    • Add new participants to group .

    Messages Features:

    • Send a real-time messages .
    • User can send media (Audio/Image/Video/Document) .
    • Recording audio .
    • Waiting/Sent/Delivered/Seen indicators to know message status .
    • Online/Offline/IsTyping/LastSeen indicators to know user status .
    • Use emoticons in your chats .
    • Delete/Transfer/Copy message .

    Notifications Features:

    • Show notification when a new message received .
    Design And Animations Features:
    • UI follows Material Design Principals .
    • WhatsClone has many different animations.
    Android M permissions are implemented

    > Dashboard <

    • Show Users/Groups/Messages counter .
    • Show the last new users .
    • Show joined users by country .
    Users section Features:
    • Show Users list and there information .
    • Delete user action .
    Messages section Features:
    • Show messages list .
    • Delete message action .

    Groups section Features:

    • Show groups list .
    • Delete/View group action .
    • Show group members .

    Groups section Features:

    • Edit application name (just for dashboard) .
    • Edit SMS provider information .
    • Edit admin profile .


    Just Follow the clean documentation provided with the project for easy setup.

    For Advance changes, proper knowledge of android programming concepts is required.


    • VPS (Virtual private server) it’s prefer to get Ubuntu system.
    • Have an account on Twilio.