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New updates will available for download within few hours!Now,this add-on is supporting 18 sharing services.Support for sharing on fb messenger is also included. :-)

I’ve purchased the extension and seems that when I try to share a post with whatsapp it doesn’t work in the android webview app , any solution ? (when I click the share whatsapp icon app turns into white blank screen and hangs. I have to restart it up manually, just let me know , thanks

Hello friend,wowonder is responsive and mobile friendly script and sharing on whatsapp is working perfectly on any mobile browser.for eg:1) 2) According to my guess,this error is caused by webview app.You need to modify codes of android webview app.similar webview related errors are discuss on stack overflow>

Does this share the post text as well as the image to Facebook?

Hello friend,yes,this sharing add-onn support text as well as the image post sharing on facebook.Please check these screenshots: 1) 2) 3)

i successfully installed your plugin in my website but i cant find it in the site,i followed your instruction,here is the site link,

i don’t know how to configure language key.

I already configure addons and make all changes.If you like my help,please don’t forget to add 5 stars ratings! :-)

For sure ,i will

How will i update my plugins,

or help me install them you still have admin access to

okay,i will configure :-)

Thank you God Bless you.


Compatibility: Wowonder 1.4.4 ?


Hello friend,this add-on is already updated for wowonder v1.4.4 :-)

Hello, Thank you !! ...good work :) Cordially

Hello!. I have downloaded and uploaded to the script as shown is the doc. Do I have to enable it somehow because I do not see any Plugin options in the admin panel?

Hello friend,you don’t need to enable it from admin panel.Under your post,just click on share icon i.e arrow mark,you will see all options :-)

Hello and bought your product and I have problems can you help me? Thanks

Yes, I can!Installation process is very easy.If you still facing any difficulty.Please send me cpanel or ftp details along with your website through contact form.Please send details here>> Please don’t share any cpanel details in comment sectionHave a nice day! :-)

i cannot see LINE, is it ?

Hello friend,sharing option for Line app is not included.I will try to include it in future version!

thank you, i’m waiting.


moizali Purchased

You plugin is conflicting with my other Reactions plugin. Now what should I do?


moizali Purchased

Thank you so much for your honest answer.

I don’t want to check anything. I do believe on your words because LDRMX is not replying to my email. So I already gave him a review which suits his support.

Now coming back to the actual problem, I already configure everything. Now nly your share plugin is not working so please can you have a look?

I already sent the URL and the cpanel details to you.

Done!And,Thanks for 5 stars ratings!


moizali Purchased

You earned it mate!! Good luck with the sales.!

Hi when i upload your plugin in my wowonder then the share plugin is not going….can you check this please?

Share plugin means which is created by ldrmx.If answer is yes,I will help you!First install his plugin and and then send me your website URL and cpanel details through contact form which is given on my profile!I will help you!

i have send you the logins in email…:-)

I was wondering if you could help me with the installation of this plug-in I bought from you as well as helping me install the FB Like plug-in as I seem to not be able to configure either one correctly. Your quick response would be appreciated.


Thank you sooooo much. I will love the products you have developed.

Please add 5 stars ratings to my plugins! Thanks!Have a nice day!

hi how are you? please explain to me how I can build and enterprize with this? I want to import all contact to use this system.

Hi how are you? Can this work with an existing social network theme?


I want to buy you can install

Yes,I can help you to install.


casy Purchased

hello prashantre

i installed the social pages but on my phoen i only get (Oops something went wrong with almost every button regards casy

If you facing any difficulty in installation,I will help you,please send me your website url,cpanel details,through contact form


Ionnec Purchased

I sent website url,admin username and password and cpanel username and password! In your email.

My Dear friend, I never received any details.Please send details here>>

okay,I got it!

Done! Now,don’t forget to add language key for invite facebook friend and other language translations from admin panel!All details are given in documentation and explain with help of screenshots!

Hi, is it possible to share profile?

Anyway I have bought it and I hope one day you will have this option. Thank you

okay,I will try to add this option in near future

It works great! Thank you :)


suceava20 Purchased

Looks like is not working properly to share to text in iphone! When click to share to text, it puts the link at “To” section where you normally put the phone number. Thanks

Yes,I also checked this on iphone and found that iphone never support Sms: protocol to send sms!On other phones including android and windows,no such issue!


suceava20 Purchased

Hmm, that’s not good…i have iphone and all my family has iphone. Well maybe you can find a fix? for it.

friend,this is from iPhone developers end!they never include support for send on sms protocol.only one option or trick is available,just need to change sms: protocol to imessage: