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Facebook Invite with Social Share is Addon For Socialkit.Facebook og-meta tag support included.Now,you website’s users can invite their facebook friends to join your social network.Also,allow users to share your website on social networks.for eg:On “facebook,twitter,google plus,vk,linkedin etc.” Please check this link for more details.

Is it like hootsuite? thanks

Synchronization is not possible.Analytics feature is not included.If we include such features,it will unnecessarily increase price tag.Then,nobody purchase such add-on for $45 script.If you know,what I mean. :-) This add-on allow your website’s user to share any public post from your website on any social networking website and other sharing platforms including whatsapp,viber,sms,messenger,telegram,skype.

I think that they pay for your plugin $45. Did you look at “hootsuite social media management” plans? pro plan is $107 and it need recruitment every year. We pay u $45 one time :)

Yes,I saw this.But.Original socialkit script’s price tag is $45.That’s why,I’m little bit worried, before creating such add-ons and including such features because according to my experience on codecanyon,many buyers purchased script for personal use or small social networking website run by individual person.They avoid to purchase add-on for same script,If price tag is higher or equivalent to original script price. :-)

Confused please.

Is it stand alone or as addon to another page of website?

This add-on allow only “socialkit script based website’s users” to share public post from their timeline,groups or pages on various sharing platforms including whatsapp and other 17 services.Please watch screenshots for more details. :-)

Thanks. Still not clear to me. Screenshots seen. We have a blog on our website where users post contributions. Can it be used there?

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I mean Phoenix, modern & minimalist news portal

Does this plugin post once for all 18 social networks?

This addon allow your website user to share single post from your website on 18 different social neworks and services!For eg,when your website user click on facebook share button,post link will share on his facebook account!When he click on twitter share button,post link will share on his twitter account! :-)Please watch all screenshotsHave a nice day!

I am confused:

Does the user have to send to each social network individually or with a click send for all 18?

Yes,User need to click on individual icon to send post on individual social networks!


I had purchased Advanced Social Share Pro for Socialkit, but i am not able to integrate it in my site. Please can you advice. we wanted to share article and images in social network. how can i use Advanced Social Share Pro for Socialkit to that.

Hello fiend,It’s very easy to use!Please read documentation!If you are facing difficulty!Please send me your website’s cpanel details,I will configure it within 5 min.Thanks!Have a nice day!


Ya i will provide ftp details. Please tel you email id so i can provide you ftp details

hi, i had mail you details please check you mail.

Hello its urgent please reply.

I already replied to your mail!

Hello friend, i have mailed you, kindly reply i want you to reinstall my advance share and Facebook friends invite on my website, thanks



mhashim Purchased

hello, i purchased your script for sharing on whatsapp. it is working , But i want to share some content from the post also, thanks


mhashim Purchased


I mean it should share afew words from post, and picture or video thanks


QMVO Purchased

First of all I want to say Nice work with this Addon, keep up the nice work…. I had purchased Advanced Social Share Pro for Socialkit for my Website I’m using the Socialkit software, but i am not able to integrate it in my site cuz I don’t know much about this. Please can you help me. I want our users to share article and images in social network.

only remove og meta tag for image banner


QMVO Purchased

If I remove that it will show a preview of the post?

NO,then it will only share link on facebook.this is limitation of social kit.You will never face such issue in another social networking script for eg.wowonder.

Does this work with wowonder It all works whatsapp

If yes, the installation is done by you

wowonder Is he working Version: 1.5.3

Do you have Skype to communicate with you?

No,I never use Skype!

Updated and finished Version:

I want to buy now but I want to talk to you in a very necessary way

Your module allows you to select only some social networks? For example, only Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp?

You need to remove codes related to other social network and services

¿Le gustaría planear poner esta función en su módulo en el futuro? Permitir seleccionar solo las redes sociales que se necesitan.