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Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


You can check it now at the description

Hello , i am interested , Apk not found?

You can check it now at the description

Congratulations and good luck for sale :)


i am interested , App crashes when open , i use android 4.0.1 plz check

Please check it with Android 4.0.3 or higher

i can purchase in 15$ only.

Sorry, this is the minimum price, and it will increased very soon!

Is it easy to reskin ? Can you help me if i buy ? Thanks,

Yes of course is very easy to reskin, yeah if u found some difficult with it just contact me inbox

Caused by: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Timed out waiting for the service connection

this error may occur how to solve…..............

Please contact me inbox and let me to know where u have exactly this error ok! & thanks

kindly mail address

Incredible sales and great mood!


thankx #KINGDOV for provide me full help and support now its working properly

Thanks for kind words, and always you are welcome

My plaesure

Congratulation amazing work! good job :)

thanks :)

M interested , but m supanoob at android studio stuff , but wanna upload it to my playstore collection , so I need lil customisation to it , is the possibile ?

Great, which customisation that u need, because some customisations will cost u!!!

hi i want to buy it but the demo version crush with me in some tabs like on clicking on ” ? ” next to setting tab and also crush with me on clicking on Help Too !?

Yeah when u buy it, Then if u have the same problem with ur code Just contact me inbox to fix u it directly online! &Thanks

Hello, Is this a white lable or reseller script ? Like can I resell it on my website with my branding ?

Ok, what If I need it for multiple clients ?

I am considering it to upload on play store with my branding, so users could use it

You can buy the extended license

Why there is no ads show????

Please check the new update is working without any problem

App is working good, but downloaded files not showing in ‘Saved Items’ section.

Really I dont know if u have get the permissions to the app or not because I check it in defferrent devices and all things are working perfectly

Hi, i have purchased the item, and it is working fine. thanks

Hi, the app is crashing in several devices mainly in android 7, i have sent a mail to with crash report from play console. please check

repeat text will work in non root android devices as well or only on rooted devices?

Yeah of course is working in non root android devices

How I do change name of app?

is android studio file included?

yes of course you can just follow the documentation, also if u have any problem u can contact me directly here or on my email!

Pre Sale Query: if i purchase this app and modify UI changing package name and icons, and upload to playstore will it be suspended? or rejected?

No why it will be rejected is a reall tool that help u to use some features with whatsapp