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When Published the title empty in whatsapp

Hello sir, The issue with iOS will be solve in next update. Let me know if you have any more issue in the plugin.


iOS issue solved, now just download latest WhatsApp Share.

Hello, how to add the phones numbers to share with? Thanks

You just click on link and select your contact, No need to add phone numbers see this

Note: whatsapp must be installed

Same problem as vip3rb. When I try this on Iphone, it gives you the possible to select a contact, but there is nothing to share. It remains empty.

Please take a look at this issue, otherwise I can’t purchase.

More people with the same issue?

Hello sir, The issue with iOS will be solve in next update. Rest is working superb so please purchase it, the next update is coming by next week.

Hello Quant10,

iOS issue solved, now you can purchase WhatsApp Share.

working with woocommerce product page?


yes,working with woocommerce product page.

I want to buy but please add custom URL and shortocde support.

Already added custom URL and shortcode functionality

Hi, it is possible to give us the possibility to exclude posts or custum post types per ID. I want to activate the share button for all posts but then i have also the share button on my custum post types. What is not desired.


It’s possible, please contact on skype : viaviwebtech

Unfortunately I do not have Skype and want to install it either. Is there another possibility as you can give me the info? Regards

It works on any site or only in Wordpress?

This plugin is developed for WordPress only, we have developed the same plugin for Joomla.

Would be great if it can be sticky on mobile phone. Please lemme know if you’re considering this in the update anytime soon

We will update asap.

Is there an option to share only the featured image?

No option to share featured image.

Hello. I have a plugin of events generated with me a custom post events. It works with this type of custom post? Thank you

Yes it will work with this type of post sir. For more information contact us on skype : support.viaviweb

Plese answer my support request. No response from purchassed product support

Hi sir, ping us from your skype during working hours, we are there to provide you support, or you can email your question to –

I have a blog ( ) and not know if I could install this plugin to share whatsapp

Thanks for your interest on our product. Yes you can use this plugin in your blog. Check demo also so you can get idea. When you open website in mobile then you can get that whatsapp share button.

It is to put it in html sites and scripts in php ?

Thanks for your interest on our product. Sorry to say it’s not possible in html sites and scripts in php. It’s only possible for WordPress site.

Hi i’m interested in this plugin. Will this work with new wordpress version. seems it has not been updated for a long time?

Hi, Thanks for your interest on our product, This plugin work in new WordPress version also. Don’t worry about that.

does this work with regular wordpress or only woocommerce?

It’s work with regular WordPress.


tijjini Purchased

The extention doesn’t work when we install updates, and when we use it without updates its shares two titels instead of one, we are using the late version of wordpress…can you please tell when the bug will be resoleved.


I’m looking for a plugin with bellow specs, kindly need your advise:

I want a plugin that works on both wordpress website and my email-newsletter, do you have it? So my visitor can reach me from website and email also.

FYR, I’m using bellow template and plugin:

- wordpress:

- newsletter engine:

- newsletter builder:


Hi, You asking like that not available.