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Good. I am the first buyer as I promised whenever you release the new AddoN. All the success for your Sales…But, you have NOT completed my work.

In your code, there is the Whatsapp.png image was missing…Please check the following line of code in the CSS file.Images folder it self its missed from your files.

background-image: url(’../images/whatsapp.png’);

Thanks to notify me that I forgot to put the file of images/whatsapp.png in the script, but I have done the update and everything is okay now.

About your work I think your money was small but if you need to give me some work we can agree a price you can contact me again in my email.

Thanks a lot.

Demo, please.

See screenshoot please for now.

If sample demo, users buy. I want to know if a button to share whatsapp or share the URL of the post with the title ..

Can we also share audio thorugh this?

Yes you can too.

any demo ? how its work?

About demo am I prepare, but you can buy and if you have a problem you can comment here and be provided with assistance.

I wanna buy but pls let me know, how does it work? you mean my users can send comments to whatsapp users? will they need their phone numbers?

how does it work?

You know facebook share? You know Twitter share? No, but they can share their post on friends WhatsApp

will you install it for me when i buy? cause have no idea on how to install it

I aint got nothing in my mail apart from your request for my FTP details and this (check your Email Inbox) you just sent me. Pls let me know if are having any problem installing it or you have finished installing it. I have checked the site but doesn’t seem to see anything there.

Help me out man.

Sorry your website you are using script to phpdolphin. Plug this is for the socialkit script.

But if you need this plug to work in your script phpdolphin you can contact me on my email for further compromise.

Look again at your email I sent messages.

Nice plugin ! what’s about sharing on facebook? Did you think about it?

Yes I think also to create in the future.

Thank you. I put you on follow.

Thank you too.


The user needs to be logged or it will work with no logged user too?

Ok. purchased

Okay thank you for purchases

Hi. It is not working with no-logged users.


Whatsapp sharing button is inside post header section. But the post header section is not displayed to no-logged users. So, could you solve this? As I told you, I need it to be displayed to no logged users.


hello! RafaelBueno it’s work fine may in installation you have miss..

Give me your website url for more help Email:

I can not install , there is no (control- buttons.phtml ) on my script. How do now ? Thank!

What the socialkit version you use.

Hi, I have recently received your plugin whatsapp share for SocialKit and installed according to your given instructions in my socilakit but no effect or it is not working Plz help me int this problem.

Your problem I have seen with the wrong is in the installation.

Check your email I sent replies.

not working bought more of the following error steps

it work 100% but You use socialkit what version?

I can not install on my site

it work 100% but You use socialkit what version?


This add-on is not work in SK 1.2.3 but it work in latest socialkit version.

im looking to buy this, is it possible to make icon smaller and also when you share to whats app do you have choice to pick your friend ? what exactly happens when you click whats app share icon? does whatsapp open on phone?

Also what happens if a user clicks on the icon on a desktop, does error message appear?

It open in mobile not in PC.

Yes I know this.

What happens if they click on icon on pc ?

it show warning.

works with wordpress?

Demo ?

check screenshot for now.

thank you.

what does it do ? and does work ?

if you need user to share post in whatsapp user or group you can use it, and it work in mobile phone devices.

Now this add-on work 100% perfect download new update.

Whatsapp Share For Socialkit que hace exactamente este script?? tienes alguno que pueda enviar mensajes a un contacto de whatsapp?? thanks

Para esta tarea contacto en mi correo electrónico:

Hi, I am looking for such type of solution for mobile. Do u have any solution for integrating with existing mobile app?

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