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Very useful addon! :)

It’s great Discussion on WhatsApp Share Sngine ecanta Addon For me and fuciona 100% and the recomedo suporte mhui good :)

thank you very much

Estimado Señor:

Acabo de instalar su script en pero algo ha salido mal, las imágenes se ha borrado y no se ejecuta el botón verde.

I solved your website’s problem. now check your website. its working fine now.

le quedo muy agradecido, 100 ptos. para usted.

thanx a lot.

doesn’t work :/

WhatsApp Share demo is available,. Check it out.



Hola, que novedades trae la actualización? como debo instalar la actualización sin correr riesgos de cometer algún error?

Wow, muchas gracias!!

Follow me on codecanyon. Thank you

WhatsApp Share demo is available,. Check it out.

Sir i upload on gojini it css defame and plugin not working

Where ?

Where ?

Hi I don’t find private group for whatsapp, how do i find? Thanks

private group for whatsapp???? I dont understand. email me at for further help and discussion.

Please give me best intruction for install the program, In instructions say whatsapp.png content/themes/default/css/ Replace the file (New File) Content/images but we don’t have this folder (Conten/css). Thanks

Content/images is my script folder location not your theme location

Replace the image here. content/themes/your theme/images

your theme means – the theme you are currently using.

Thank you for purchase


how are you

Please, I want to ask about how to take advantage of the application

Are my posts can be shared on Facebook with all my friends who have whatssapp ?

Is it a mobile application or the PC?

Does the application support writing in Arabic languge ?

can a creat groups at whatsapp and send my posts to this groups ?


And for working Arabic Language Support, you have to change the text in Arabic by yourself.

I have sngine 2.2 and when i update files to server all my site shows bad the conteiner and tables are in bad position, how can I fix it? Please help

Thanks for purchasing and sorry for my inconvenience if you face any difficulty. Noted: Please contact with me for any support. I have given many way into my profile page to contact with me.

Or you can simply contact with me via email. My email

how to install this ? do i need to know programming ?

it works only on mobile app or also on mobile view ???

How to add plugin

How to add WhatsApp Share Addon on sngine. Please explain the step by step

Hi! Gerrycox and harsingh1103 I think your asking for help on something that hasnt been updated or touched since many months ago… Good luck I hope she asnwers your question guys.

this plugin support the newest versions of sngine? thanks

this plugin support the newest versions of sngine? thanks

working for update 2.4.3

Extremely sorry for this inconvenience. Just let me know your ftp details to I will solve the problem within a minute. Thank you

already send please check

hello please plugin is not working for version 2.5

é compativel com a versao 2.5?