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Pre-sale question: Does the plugin have a link generator option? I would like to use my own button design.


No, it doesn’t have a link generator. The button is generated using shortcodes with fixed html elements. The only way to have a different design is by adding your own css style into the generated html.


hetech Purchased

Hello, the plugin doesn’t work with WPML. I set the translation string but doesn’t work. How can I solve? Thanks Fabio

Hi Fabio,

I tried setting the WPML for the widget on my server and it works. The setting is the same as I told you in my first email. If it doesn’t work for you, the only way I can help you is by looking at your WPML settings.

It helps if you can send me a screenshot of your WPML String translation page, but you said it can’t be done.

I sent a reply 3 days ago asking if you can make a temporary access for me to your admin side but haven’t received a reply. I understand that it’s risky to give a stranger access to your admin side, but there’s nothing I can do without it since I can’t reproduce the bug on my server.

All I need to see is the String Translation page. Can you give me access to it or at least a screenshot of the page where you set the translation for the widget description and the toggle text?

Thanks, Ade Kurniawan

Mas ade, mau tanya. Dikantor saya pakai plugin ini, tpi saya cek analytic di event -> label, ko ga ada yg masuk ya, pdhal ada bbrpa chat. Apakah ada settingan tertentu di analytic nya? Atau krna GA dipasang berbarengan dgn GTM itu ngaruh ga ke report yg diberikan plugin ini? Mohon pencerahannya mas, trims

Harus di-set dulu GTM-nya. Plugin ini menggunakan beberapa cara untuk mengirim data ke Google tergantung dari versi analytics yang diinstall di WP-nya. Untuk GTM, saya menggunakan kode di bawah:

dataLayer.push({ ‘event’: ‘customEvent’, ‘eventCategory’: ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’, ‘eventAction’: ‘Button Clicked’, ‘eventLabel’: ‘WhatsApp Account: ’ + gaLabel });

Mas bisa seting GTM berdasarkan kode di atas. Caranya bisa di-Google dengan keyword “setting gtm for custom event”.

Hello good,

I have a website in which asesor1 is the main one in the whole website, it goes great and works great.

Now in a particular URL I want to put adviser2, so I create another agent and tell him that I want to appear there, and asesor1 is excluded from that URL.

Well, I don’t see one or the other, do you know where the problem may be?

Thank you very much.


To get support, please use the contact page using the account you used when purchasing the plugin.

Hello Support,I would like to use the boxed version instead of the floating version. Is this possible? It’s important that it still would show up on each page. Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance!


By boxed version, do you mean the shortcode button? Buttons can be displayed only by writing the shortcode on the page. If you don’t want to write the shortcode on every page, put it on a widget that is included on every page like on the sidebar.

Yes only the shortcode boxed button!

is there a way to add that alone on the homepage as a floating widget? Please let me know so we can work on it this weekend. Thank you

Hi, a suggestion here. First, your plugin is one of the most important functions of our site Thanks for this. Second. It should be really useful too if there is a Pin to bottom function. In this way i can have all sales people up but randomized and support down or viceversa

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I’m adding it to the list.

When user clicks the whatsapp button, it’s tracked with facebook pixel. But how to display that report in my facebook ads manager dashboard?

Thanks a lot

Oh bisa bhs Indo ya mas? Jadi kalau user klik tombol wa, bisa kebaca di pixel fb, tapi untuk munculin datanya di fb ads manager ga bisa, gimana caranya ya?


Maaf telat jawabnya; notifikasi comment dari Envato mendadak masuk spam. Daftar klik dari plugin bisa dilihat di “Events Manager” ( Di halaman klik tab “Data Sources”. Kalau mas sudah install Facebook Pixel di situs WP-nya, setiap klik akan direkam di Data Sources.

Hello, fixed bugs?

Buyers can easily notify me if the plugin they bought doesn’t work and I’ll fix the problem. Can you elaborate more on the coding errors?

There seems to be some conflict with the cache, it appears on the homepage and sometimes it doesn’t. Thanks.

It’s not a coding error, then. Flushing the cache after creating or updating the floating widget should fix the problem.

To get support please send a support request using the account you used when purchasing the plugin.

WordPress 5.3.2 is now available!

Question: can I update?

Sure you can. The live preview uses the latest version of WP.

Hi Indie Plugins, i was install it the plugin, but i’ve got some bug here, my whatsapp is online but in the web shown is offline, how i can set still online? please help mamase. nuhun atuh,,,


Status online/offline di WhatsApp berbeda dengan plugin. Jadwal online di plugin dapat diset di form akun pada bagian “Availability” dengan rentang jam yang berbeda setiap harinya.

Hubungi saya lagi kalau masih bermasalah.

Hatur nuhun.

Halo, saya sudah setting scroll length, tapi kok icon WhatsApp tetap muncul otomatis di awal, ya?

Saya inginnya icon WhatsApp muncul ketika pengunjung sudah scroll 70% halaman.

Mohon bantuannya.

Terima kasih.


Auto display tujuannya bukan untuk tombol tapi untuk widget; jadi tombolnya akan selalu ditampilkan. Fitur ini hanya dapat digunakan 1 kali saja dalam satu sesi di browser pengunjung. Rentang satu sesi itu saya set 24 jam dari terakhir kali widget terbuka. Jadi kalau widgetnya sudah pernah terbuka dalam 24 jam terakhir, auto-display tidak akan berfungsi lagi.

Saya menggunakan cookie untuk cek sesi, jadi kalau mau testing fitur ini berkali-kali, Mas bisa menggunakan browser Chrome di mode incognito karena mode incognito selalu menghapus cookie setiap kali browser ditutup.


sinfu Purchased

Hai mas ade, maaf mau tanya ? ini bisa untuk maksimal berapa nomor WA ya ? dan satu kali pembelian berarti untuk satu domain ya ? boleh dipakai di beberapa domain kah ? makasih sebelumnya. nuhun.


sinfu Purchased

siang mas ade, mau tanya…gimana cara setting untuk dimobile supaya muncul hanya icon WA saja ? jadi gak kepanjangan.


Kemarin saya jawab lewat email yg di; mungkin masuk ke spam.

Dari sidebar admin, klik “WhatsApp” > “Floating Widget” lalu klik tab “Display Settings”. Di halaman “Display Settings”, cari bagian “Toggle Type by Device” lalu centang checkbox “Show rounded toggle on mobile”. Setelah di-save, toggle hanya akan menampilkan icon saja di mobile.


sinfu Purchased

oh iya mas, saya lupa cek di spam folder. maaf. makasih ya mas


star09 Purchased


We are CloudWays and our CPU was at 100%. Support agent reported as follows

large number of XHR (POST) requests to admin-ajax.php. which seem to be generated by one of the plugins (wpt-whatsapp)

Can you please guide us on this.



Thanks for contacting. I’ll look into it and will upload the fix this week.


star09 Purchased

Great to hear that and really appreciate that you took it as a constructive comment :)


star09 Purchased

Hi Any update on this ?


Hi, do you have regular Javascript / HTML / PHP version? ( non wordpress )

btw the plugin doesn’t seems to work, I’ve setup the whole thing but it doesn’t show up


Unfortunately, I don’t have the non-WordPress one.

Can you tell me the URL to the site where it doesn’t work? You can send it via my contact page.

Hello! This is the best whatsapp plugin for wordpress. Congratulations! Improvement suggestion: Option to adjust the size and position of the icon in mobile. Position x y ….

Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to keep the visitor phone numbers in the database.



There’s no feature to store the users’ numbers into the database. The plugin is designed to simply act as a bridge between your customers’ numbers and those of your agents’.

Hi, there’s anyway to add an script to track in google analytics when user click in plugin whatsapp button?

If you have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress site, the plugin will send an event to your GA everytime an account is clicked.

But how it works? How can I see this information in google analytics? I have the google analytics script in my site with your plugin…

On the sidebar of your Google Analytics page, go to “Behavior” > “Events” > “Overview”. At the bottom of the page, you should see all the events sent from “WhatsApp Click to Chat”.

support very bad no reply 2 3 days after every reply very slow

Envato keep the data of when you purchased the plugin, which is 12 hours ago. I replied 2 of your requests within 30 minutes. If you still can’t set it up, then I’ll help you. All I need is a temporary access to your admin side. You can send me the information via my contact page.


I installed the plugin and added the relevant accounts. However when I go to ‘Floating Widget’ and try to select and account it’s only showing WooCommerce products – not the Whatsapp App accounts I created.


To get support, please contact me using the account you used when you purchased the plugin.