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Hello, presale question:

Can I only use “in page” placement (means not as “floating buttons”) by shortcodes? And can I use on several pages several accounts? Means like this:

Page_AB -> WA number 987654321 Page_XY -> WA number 123456789 and so on… (on this page you contact this person by WA, on other page other person…)

if so, how much numbers total? I dont want use a list where all are listed inside. Thanks.


Yes, you can do that. Floating widget is not mandatory. And there’s no limit on the total accounts; you can create as many as you want.

Hi with latest version of plugin this text of description is showing with a dark color instead of white look:

Can you tell me the URL to your site?

hello, I tried your demo but it doesn’t work on whatsapp web desktop

Hi, Yes, there seems to be a bug on WhatsApp web. I just reported it to their contact; hopefully they will fix it soon.

Bro not working at all and WhatsApp won’t fix this in near

They fixed it. It’s working again now.

Hi, it seems that whatssap desktop does not work well

Can not be made to open the application?

Yes, I use a different method for this plugin. The rationale is that not everyone have WhatsApp app on their desktop. I’m sure that most of your customers don’t have the app on their computer, which is why browser based is a lot better for business owner in this case.

this plugin works on WP 5.2 and newer versions?

Yes, it works with v.5.2. The live preview itself uses the latest version of WP.

Hi, does this plugin work on a normal website – which is not wordpress? Can we embed it as an iFrame in a regular website?

Hi, It’s only for WordPress sites.

portuguese language

I don’t know why but Whatsapp buttons are not appearing anywhere on our website. Our link is and we had added the buttons on chat bubble and on product page but it’s not appearing anywhere for the last week or so. Can you please check or advise?

Pre-sales question… Can i use this plugin exclude the shortcode.. I want to use the button in header

My friend already bought this plugin but when it set using <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[whatsapp_button id=”125”]’); ?> then not showing anything


Yes, you can use the shortcode to show the button on your site’s header. I just tested it on my local development and the do_shortcode function works fine. Make sure that the account your friend were trying to display is on its online time, otherwise it won’t show.

Pre sales question: Can I schedule the available hours per user (whatsapp number)? For example, from 9 am to 1 pm I need messages deliver to a specific Whatsapp number and from 1 pm to 5 pm I need messages to deliver to another Whatsapp number. Is that possible? Thanks!



Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can schedule the available hours per user. The case you described can be accomplished with the time availability feature.



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When you place button on product page and someone click on it and enquire, does it also send the product details like name and link?

If not, is it possible?



The button won’t send any dynamic information about the page automatically. One way to make it possible is to use shortcodes inside the ‘Predefined Text’ textbox when you create an account. The [wptwa_page_title] will output the product name if you use the button on WooCommerce product pages and the [wptwa_page_url] will output the page’s URL. In the live preview, I use the following text inside my ‘Predefined Text’ textbox:

Hey Diego! I have questions about [wptwa_page_title] @ [wptwa_page_url]


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Thanks for the fast reply. That will work :)

Actually this solution is just awesome.


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Hello, How can I disable the widget only on desktop? I found the function only to disable on mobile. Thanks Fabio


When creating an account, you will find a field labeled “Display based on screen width”. To disable the widget on desktop, check the “Hide on large screen (wider than 782px)” checkbox. This will hide the account from appearing on desktop. If you do this for all accounts, then the whole widget will be hidden.

urgent question before purchase, is it possible to have a search space in the floating widget? like that if I have very many users, it will be easier to find them directly.


There’s no search box on the widget. If you have many agents, you can limit the total number of agents displayed and shuffle their appearance on the widget.

PRE-SALE QUE: 1. I am developing a directory, where pagewise I want to add the Whatsapp Contact Person. For ex. if any user clicks on any listing, then he must be able to communicate with the contact person of that listing only. Is it possible to do it? 2. What is the limit of Whatsapp Contacts I can add? 3. Is it possible to change the list category wise? Means If somebody selects a particular category. Then only Contact Persons of that particular category should get open. 4. Is it possible to add the Search Bar to the Chat Box? 5. As an Admin can I get the report of how many users have interacted via Whatsapp button?


1. Technically, it’s possible. Each WhatsApp account has an ID which can be used as a parameter in a shortcode. You can then place that shortcode to a particular listing.

2. There’s no limit on total accounts. You can add as many account as you want.

3. Do you mean the list on the floating widget? Yes, you can set a page targetting based on posts, pages, or random URLs. Setting a particular category for some accounts will show those accounts on that particular category.

4. There’s no feature for search box on the floating widget.

5. If you have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress, the plugin will automatically send data whenever an account is clicked.

The plugin can be applied on directory sites, but it will be a tedious task to manage since it is built with simple uses case in mind. In my opinion, it will be more effective if you ask your developer to make a custom one specifically for your use case and requirements.

Can I track clicks through Analytics? What do I need to set up and where do I see it in Analytics?

You need to install Google Analytics. When you have Google Analytics (GA) on your WordPress, the plugin will send data automatically to your GA. In your GA, go to “Behavior” > “Events” > “Overview”. On that page, click the “Event Label” link from the vertical tab. You should see all the WhatsApp accounts listed with their total click events.

hi, is it better to use the whatsapp number like this +573101231234 or like this 573101231234? i read but it is not clear for me

WhatsApp FAQ recommends adding the plus (+) sign before the number, but I don’t use any prefix sign on my live preview and it’s still working; so either one will do fine.

Hi I created 2 account for whatsapp but only 1 is showing on my website the website is


I looked at the HTML code from your site and it seems like there’s only one account set to show on the floating widget. Have you set the second account on “Floating Widget” > “Selected Accounts”? If you have and it’s still not showing, can you give me temporary access to your back-end side so I can look for the problem?

Yes I have set the second account but its not showing anything can you email me so I can give you the temporary access

Hi team .. how can i increase Toggle Size.


Do you mean to make it bigger? There’s no option for that in the plugin settings, but you can style it using WordPress Additional CSS feature.

Go to “Appearance” > “Customize”. Click the “Additional CSS” from the vertical tabs to open the code editor where you can paste the following CSS example:

.wptwa-toggle { padding: 25px 25px; } .wptwa-box { bottom: 90px; }

You can see from the code above that we need to rewrite two styles: the first is to make the toggle bigger, and the second to increase the widget’s bottom margin since we take more space by increasing the toggle size. The numbers above are just examples. Use the ones that suitable for your site.

padding is perfect, how to increase font size?

please when is the next update?