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Hi, the floating button not working after update to the latest version 2.2.5 . My site


The plugin uses a different method for the Availability feature since version 2.2.3. Clicking the “Update” button on each account should solve the problem, which will set the account to online for 24/7. You can set the availability for each day manually if you want to.

hi, I downloaded the plugin and installed and set up. When I added the shortcode in the pages, I realized that I can view wa only from the mobilee but not from the computer. Why?


When creating the account, make sure to uncheck both the checkboxes on the “Display based on screen width” field.

If the problem persists, can you give me the URL to your site?

thanks, this was wrong, it works perfectly!

hi, Can we integrate yii framework.

Hi, Unfortunately , no. I made the plugin specifically for WordPress.

Hi, Can I Use a whatsapp business account and its automation on this plugin ?

Do you mean the offline message below the agent’s name? If the message is omitted, the account will be hidden when it’s offline. There’s no limit on how many accounts (numbers) on the widget; you can put as many as you want.

I just need to show every account, no matter if is online or offline. If is offline, WhatsApp business will handle welcome message and thats ok for me. an I configure to show every account (online or offline) on same behavior?

Yes, you can. You just have to set the availability to 24/7 and the accounts will always be clickable.

hi, i cannot add account after updateing to v2.2.5, :

the error : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’’[fusion_builder_container adm’ (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE) in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/uploads/fusion-builder-avada-pages/barber_shop.php on line 19

can you help me to resolve this ?


Looking at the error message, it doesn’t come from my plugin. I don’t put any files in that folder.


Is there a way to add whats app chats as a goal in analytics and adwords conversion?

Thank you


Sorry for the late reply.

Basically, the Analytics feature of the plugin only sends data to your GA everytime an account is clicked. Setting goals or adwords conversions is beyond the functionality of the plugin and I’m not that familiar with those things. But I found an article that may help you:

There’s a “Part One: Creating Custom Events” section in the article and some code that looks like “onClick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’...”. You don’t need to write that code since it’s already done by the plugin, which sets the following values:

- Category (eventCategory) is set to “WhatsApp Click to Chat” - Action (eventAction) is set to “Button Clicked” - Labels (eventLabel) is set to “WhatsApp Account: [account title]”. So, if you set an account as “Josephhh” when creating an account, then the label will be “WhatsApp Account: Josephhh”

With the data above, I think you can follow the tutorial from the article I mentioned before.


Thank you for your very complete answer.

Just another unrelated question: I’ll add the plugin to 2 sites – is there a way to know from which site the users are coming when they contact us via the plugin?

Thank you

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that. You can try adding a [wptwa_page_url] shortcode in the predefined-text field which will output the current page URL into the chat box, but your users can delete it; so it’s not reliable.

Hello, pre sale question : “You can show the WhatsApp box on the whole site or specific post types or even some particular pages”... would it be possible to show different individual whatsapp contact depending on specific pages??? Thanks


The page targeting feature applies per account; so yes, you can show different accounts on different pages.

Hi, this plugin is multi-site?

Hi, Yes it supports multisite.

Hi, it would be nice to have the Pin an account option to make it always on BOTTOM of the list when the list is randomized. We need both options up and down

Hi, Thanks for the input. I’ll consider it.

Can make different agent group each page? For example we has some product A, B and C. For product A we use agent Mr. A1, A2 and A3. And Product B use ageng Mr. B1, B2 and B3 also another product different agent

For general post or page. So chat can be separate by url

Yes, that can be done too. But it will be more efficient to use buttons on posts and pages. Using the floating widget is possible too but it’s a bit tedious to do it.

Are you sure this plugin can be make grouping agent by url? We can set different agent each page? Can you see to me the setting view or demo video for this matter?

Halo, apa kelebihan/perbedaan dengan yang ini : saya sedang bingung memilih yg mana, mohon pencerahan, trims

Sama aja kayaknya. Cuman beda di desain.

Hello, if i buy this license, in how many sites i could use it? is billed by year?


You only pay for the license once and get lifetime updates, but you can only use it on one site per one license.

Pluginnya ini bisa mendeteksi pixel fb ya, kalau misalnya diklik tombol WA, yang terekam pixel fb nya apa ya ? Apakah lead ? Add to chart ? View content ? Purchase ? Atau apa yang terekam ?

Dear, Which version of PHP are best for this job? I have available: 7.0.27 / 7.1.13 / 7.2.17 / 7.3.4

I take this opportunity to congratulate them! for the great work they have created, maintenance of the work and technical support service offered to the user.

Regards, Toni

Hi Toni,

WordPress itself recommends version 7.3 or greater but the plugin will work with all of those versions you mentioned.

Regards, Ade Kurniawan

Hello! I’d like to suggest the ability to adjust the size of the floating icon and also a custom fit at the position of the floating icon.

An interesting feature for your WhatsApp plugin is the Chat Box Interface that supports multiple accounts. When you click on an account and open an interface very similar to a chat.

See example:

Thanks for the suggestion.

My plugin is designed to be as simple as possible. Adding a chat box adds one more unnecessary step in the process. It’s also an antipattern for this kind of plugin; users will expect the text they entered on the chatbox to be sent when they hit the send icon, which is false because the text will only be displayed on WhatsApp chatbox – not yet sent.

You are right to think this way. This function could be optional through an on and off button. That way you will please everyone. Your plugin would be more complete.

Do not forget to review my other suggestion above. Precise adjustment of icon size and positioning. Thank you .

Dear author, I would like to know if it is possible to update to WordPress 5.2

I wait attentive, Regards, Toni

Hi toni,

I don’t completely understand the question. Do you mean whether the plugin supports the latest WordPress version? Yes, it will run on version 5.2; the live preview itself uses the latest version of WordPress.

Regards, Ade Kurniawan

Exactly, thank you very much I wanted to be sure Regards, Toni

Hi, may I know if the user click on the Whatsapp button on WooCommerce product page, would the support team knows which product that the customer is enquiring about? thanks


Unfortunately, no. You can use shortcodes that print the product’s name and URL in the predefined text like in the live preview, but your users can delete it before submitting the text; so it’s not that reliable.

I just installed the last version. When i click the username (on desktop) im getting in return this:!%20Quiero%20saber%20m%C3%A1s%20de and this shows me the whole Source HTML on the Whatsapp web… :/

It seems like WhatsApp web has a bug on Chrome. People are experiencing this since yesterday. There’s nothing I can do about it; we all have to wait for them to fix it.