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Your plugin generates WhatsApp chat links in a format that is very outdated and no longer supported. Please update it as soon as possible using WhatsApp’s current standards: otherwise the current links are no good and do not actually open a new chat no matter which number you use.

Your current links look like this: These links do not work. The correct format should be either this: Or this:

Take a look at this link from your live preview:!%20Just%20testing%20the%20plugin%20@%20

That link redirects to:

It does not actually open a chat with the contact.

The correct link should be:!%20Just%20testing%20the%20plugin%20@%20

That link will directly open a chat with the contact. It is not a phone number issue.

What did you get when the plugin sends you to Is there a QR code? If it is, then you’re logged out of your To log in, you will need to follow the steps on the left side of the QR code.

If there’s no QR code, can you share the screen? This is a new case for me and I’d like to know more.

I have thoroughly tested your link again. The link that you currently use:

1. Will not open the WhatsApp app when clicked on a mobile phone. I tried this on both an Android and an iPhone. It will only go to the WhatsApp website in the default phone browser.

To test this, I visited the preview page on a phone and clicked the contact link in your chat widget.

2. Will open the contact number chat on a desktop or laptop if I am already logged in.

3. Will show a qr code if I am not logged in on a desktop or laptop. After scanning the code, the contact number chat will open.

The main problem is the fact that the link will not force the WhatsApp app to open on a mobile phone. The current link works fine for desktop and laptop users but try using a different link format for mobile phones.

Hi. It is compatible with the latest version of DIVI 4.7.7. and Wordpress 5.6?

Hi. Yes, it should be compatible.

Hi, Do we get the source code ???


Yes, you get the source code to be installed in one of your site. But not to resell the plugin.

Hello, 4 months without updates? Is abandoned?


The plugin is still maintained. I’ll make updates when I find new features or something is broken.

That’s great, thank you so much

Hey There,

After the update we do not get Page Title and URL.

We are using this Hey There, I have a query for [wptwa_page_title] – [wptwa_page_url] but this always send Homepage URL and Title.

Please guide, what is wrong.

Thanks :)

Hey There,

Thanks for the faster reply, Website is

it is not working for us, Hope our shortcode is right and itz not updated in the latest verison.


I think I know the problem. The [wptwa_page_title] and [wptwa_page_url] conflict with “Cache time” feature of the display settings. For now, if you want to use the shortcode, you should change the cache time to zero. I’ll fix this and send the updates later.

Thanks for the super fast support. I will make it zero for now.

Have a Good Day :)