Discussion on WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

Discussion on WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

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clienteok Purchased

Hi, I would like to request a change for the next release of the plugin. Next to the days + times of operator availability, it would be useful to also have an on/off button. That way, with a quick click, I can put one or more days on or off. Thank you very much! :)

Hi, I purchased the plugin and tried to insert several featured images, but unfortunately they always get cut off horizontally in the floating widget. What is the resolution of the images I need to use, for the featured images to display well in the floating widget?

Hi. I use the image with 128×128 pixels dimension in the preview site.

Hi, is this plugin compatible with WordPress 6.1.1?

Hi. Yes it is. The preview site for this plugin uses WordPress 6.1.1 too.

Hi, presale question, can different page have specific whatsapp user agent?

Hi, Yes, different pages can have specific accounts. There’s a ‘Page Targeting’ feature for every account.


etical Purchased

Hi, we have installed Analytics through Google Tag Manager, but by checking the behavior, events, overview, we display zero events.

Where is the problem? Thank you.

Hi, If you use Google Tag Manager, you need to set your GTM up first for Google to collect the events.

I provide several methods for Google to collect the events based on what is installed on WordPress. If you use GTM, the following method will be fired every time an account is clicked:

dataLayer.push({ ‘event’: ‘customEvent’, ‘eventCategory’: ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’, ‘eventAction’: ‘Button Clicked’, ‘eventLabel’: ‘WhatsApp Account: ’ + gaLabel });

Hi these are presale questions.

1. Can u supply a link that can be used on an icon to open into the plugin directly?

2. How many accounts / agents can u have?

3. Can you have an agent doing 9pm – 8am as there online times as we are a 24/7 business?

Many thanks



1. I don’t understand the question. Do you mean like a shortcode buttons like in the live preview. They will show a WhatsApp icon if you don’t set the avatar for the button.

2. There’s no limit on how many accounts to show. You can show as many as you want on the widget.

3. There’s a feature to set availability but it uses a 24 hour format. If you want to show an account from 9pm – 8am, you can create 2 accounts for the same person and set the availability for the first account from 21:00 – 23:59 and the second one from 00:00 to 08:00

Thanks for getting back so quickly so what I mean for the 1st question is I have a sticky header with a Whatsapp Icon telling customers to use it after 9 pm. I wanted to make it clickable so it would open up the app. I have managed to do this with my live chat icon and they supplied a URL to use to make it work.

If you hover on the chat button you will see. I haven’t got chat installed on staging but it works perfectly.

Many thanks


There’s no feature to supply a link to a custom icon. The only way with this plugin is to make the account explained in step #3 above and display it using a shortcode button. The result will be like the last button on the live preview; it turns grey and not clickable when inactive.

mar-sjc Purchased

The plugin has not been updated for over 15 months. Wouldn’t it be better to use the Whatsapp cloud api instead of the web browser?


The plugin is still being maintained. It will be updated when I found a bug or if there’s new feature. Currently, there’s no plan to integrate WhatsApp API into this plugin.

mar-sjc Purchased

ok, thanks

Hello Presale question : 1.It is possible to adjust position for floating widget because im using fixed bottom menu in mobile version ?

2.It is possible to set facebook pixel custom conversion for every whatsapp account ?

3.Do you have planning for adding feature for button click report & log in future update ?



1. You will need to add a custom css code added to WordPress Additional CSS to fit the height of your bottom bar.

2. Yes, it’s possible.

3. Currently, there’s no plan to add report & log feature on the plugin.

I’m having the same problem reported above. Multiple accounts do not work for the floating button. Instead of user accounts, it’s tagging blog posts. I’ve tried everything but it seems to be a bug.


The problem is I can’t reproduce this behavior on my local server or on the preview server. Have you tried using the plugin on different WordPress installation?

I found out what was going on. It was a script that I added to the child theme’s functions.php, so the blog search only shows posts in the results. this script was catching the plugin search too. Thanks, I’ll see how I can resolve the conflict.

Hi, I just installed the plugin and config my first whatsapp account, but I can’t select this on “Selected accounts” because it’s showing me the posts of my blog instead of my accounts. Any solution to this?


Try to update the WordPress and PHP version installed on the server.

I already check that and everything looks good

Hi, Once I got the short code where to put it? You have mentioned to put in editor .. which editor? I am very new to programing.


It depends on where you want to show the button. For example, if you want to show it on a specific page, open the WordPress editor for that page and paste the shortcode into it. Or if you want to show it on a widget, paste it into the widget editor. The plugin will then render a WhatsApp button at the location where you paste the shortcode.

Thank you very much for your quick response. Let me check and will get back if i need anything else

I have added the Woocommerce button on my site but it does not appear on the product page. I have sent you the url via the support link


I checked the source of your site’s page and one of your plugin sets the product information inside a <script> tag. This is why my plugin can’t read the information of where to put the button.

One way to find the problem is by deactivating all the plugins but the “Click to Chat” one and see if the button shows. If it does, then start activating other plugins one by one and see which one causes the problem.

But if the button still doesn’t show even when the other plugins are deactivated, then I offer you a refund. You can request it using the following URL:

And I’ll approve it once I get the notification.

Deactivating still did not show the button. I have applied for a refund request.

Compatible multisite?


The plugin has never been tested on multisite.

is it multisite ready?

Yes, it’s ready


Pre-sale questions

1- Does your plugin will display checkout with WhatsApp or buy on Whatsapp in WooCommerce?(checkout page , or send order details after checkout)


No, it’s just displaying a WhatsApp button with a predefined text about the page (product) title and URL on the product pages.

Hi! Is possible its online 24hrs?


Yes. To have an account online for 24 hours, you can set the availability for each day from 00:00 to 23:59.

Is there a way to get the floating widget bigger?


There’s no feature for that in the plugin. The only way to make the widget bigger is by using WordPress customizer feature.

I understand perhaps you have no hints regarding what css one should modify?

The code in the following link is the generated html code for the floating widget taken from the live preview.

Some guidance: - Do not alter the styles for `.wptwa-container` - The widget box is started with `.wptwa-box` class. You can change the `max-width` value to change the width of the box. - The min-height of the box depends on the content it has, but its max-height is controlled by javascript to prevent the overflow when the content is too tall for the browser’s viewport.

Hi There – I have changed the colour for my WhatsApp button, however, the colour will not take effect. I have cleared my cache and removed and reinstalled the plugin, however, the default colour remains on my site –


Have you tried clearing the cache from WP Rocket plugin?

Hi there. I tried clearing the cache – it doesn’t change the colour at all. I tried deactivating WP Rocket and it still doesn’t work. I tried installing an older version of the plugin and it still doesn’t work. The colour remains green.

Hi there – WP-Optimize seemed to have been the problem with this issue.

Good afternoon I bought the plugin but I want the WhatsApp window to open automatically in the computer version … On your reference page the WhatsApp will open automatically without clicking … I attach the link to your company page

What is the option so that the whatsapp will open the entire window automatically and appear all the users or configured accounts


To activate the auto-display feature, go to “WhatsApp” > “Floating Widget” and then click the “Auto Display” tab. In my preview, I set the “Delay Time” field to “1” so it will wait 1 second after page-load to open the widget.

The goal of this feature is to introduce the widget to your users. If it’s been opened before (by user’s click or from auto-display), then this feature will stop working.

The plugin uses cookie to remember if it’s been opened before. If you want to test it, use incognito-mode in chrome since incognito-mode won’t use old cookies when it’s opened.

Hi sr..

1. When a user writes to the WhatsApp chat, can I have, for example, 3 agents read that chat at the same time or only one agent per chat?

2. The agents connect only through a whatsapp number or each agent with his number?

3. Are the chats recorded in the system?

4. If the agent is busy .. can it be easily deactivated from a backend?

Thank you friends


Basically, the plugin acts as a bridge from your customers’ WhatsApp numbers to those of your agents’. After they reach your agents, it’s just a normal WhatsApp chat like you do as usual.

1. Ideally, you would have one number per agent. So when they write to you, it would be read by one agent.

2. Each agent connects through his WhatsApp number.

3. The plugin doesn’t record WhatsApp chat.

4. There’s a feature in the plugin to set when a number is available or not. But it’s just display; if the customer already has your number, they can contact you whenever they please.

click to chat plugin In display setting in auto display tab Delay time,Inactivity time,Scroll length features are not working please give us solution.

Hi, I set the Delay time value to 100 Seconds and checked the plugin in incognito mode.

However the plugin displays immediately.

Can you send the URL to your site? You can send it via my contact page



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