Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools | Group Send | Include Key Generate Tools

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools | Group Send | Include Key Generate Tools

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Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools | Group Send | Include License Generate Tools

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools | Group Send | Include Key Generate Tools is a very friendly windows-based application, a solution to automatically send messages to your bulk customers

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools | Group Send | Include Key Generate Tools is the best whatsapp marketing tool, and it suffices all kind of your WhatsApp Marketing and campaign requirements.

You can easily customize personalized messages through Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools |License Generate Key Tool, you can send text, pictures, videos, files, etc.

The Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools |License Generate Key Tool The latest version has no bugs,and run stably.

Our latest included License key generation tool,Make it easier for you to resell!

We provide complete source code without any restrictions

License Key Generate Tools

100% Lifetime Updates

100% Resell rights

Whatsapp Super Fast Filter Pro 5.0.1 Whatsapp Group Bulk Invite Pro 2.0.1 Whatsapp Fast Group Extract Pro 2.0.1 Whatsapp Super Fast Validator Pro 2.0.1

Buy now you will get 2 tools

1 Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools |License Generate Key Tool 25.0.3

2 License key generation tool

How to Active the software?

License Generate Key Tools3.0

Why choose Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools |License Generate Key Tool

  • Fast and easy to use

  • High Efficiency,superior quality,UI-friendly

  • Super stable, without any bugs

  • dependable performance,easy and simple to handle

  • Email support anytime, anywhere

  • Support send any attachment

  • Scrape contact and groups

  • Once you have, you have all you want.

  • We are eagerly looking forward to cooperate with you.

  • Our promises: reasonable prices, and satisfactory after-sales service.

Amazing Features

  • Install File

    We provide installation files

    100% Source code

  • Unlimited Messages

    You can send a message to anyone

    You can send a message to contacts|Groups|Phone number list

    While sending the message, check if the user of the phone number exists

    Very friendly tips

  • Customized message

    You can customize whatever message format you want

    Text,Image,Video etc

  • WhatsApp Number Validation

    Bulk WhatsApp Number Validation

  • Message Delay

    Set the interval for sending messages

  • Import Phone number Send

    Send a message by importing a list of phone numbers

  • Scrape contact

    Scrape contact

  • Join Group

    Bulk join group by group link

  • Bulk Import

    You can import number lists in batches and send messages in batches

  • 100% Resell rights

    Our products do not have any limitations! We also provide you with a license generation tool! Make it easier for you to resell

  • License key generation tool

    We provide a very powerful license generation tool for easy resale!

  • Help document

    Very detailed help documentation to help you solve any problems

Online Support

If you are interested in any of our products,If you have any questions,welcome to contact us.

Update Logs

– V25.0.3 ( 2022/12/09)
  --Fixed: import teplate issue
– V24.0.1 ( 2022/09/13)
  --Fixed: Authorization issues
– V23.0.1 ( 2022/08/29)
  --Fixed: send message issue
  --Fixed: Authorization issues
– V22.0.1 ( 2022/07/08)
  --Update: whatsapp-api-Document
  --Update: LicenseGenerator-Document
– V20.0.1 ( 2022/06/25)
  --Update: whatsapp-api-Document
  --Update: LicenseGenerator-Document
– V19.0.1 ( 2022/06/20)
  --Add: whatsapp-api-Document
  --Add: LicenseGenerator-Document
– V18.0.1 ( 2022/06/01)
  --Add: HowToChangeName-Document
  --Add: Sourcecode-Document
– V17.0.1 ( 2022/05/22)
  --Add: Full Api doucment
  --Add:Customized message
– V16.0.1 ( 2022/05/20)
  --Add: import template file
  --Add:improt send message
– V15.0.1 ( 2022/05/13)
  --Add: friendly tips
  --Add:improt template
– V14.0.1 ( 2022/05/03)
  --Add: Add Message Delay
  --Update:Support Text,Image,Video etc
– V13.0.1 ( 2022/05/01)
  --Add: Add License tool List
  --Fixed:WhatsApp Number Validation Issue
– V12.0.1 ( 2022/04/12)
  --Fixed: License key generation tool Issue
  --Fixed:WhatsApp Number Validation
– V11.0.1 ( 2022/04/02)
  --Add: License key generation tool
  --Add:Import Phone number
– V10.0.1 ( 2022/03/27)
  --Add: new Scrape Group List Feature
  --Fixed:SScrape Group Issue
– V9.0.1 ( 2022/03/15)
  --Fixed:Scrape Group issue
  --Fixed:Send File Issue
– V8.0.1 ( 2022/03/10)
  --Fixed:Scrape contact issue
  --Fixed:Send Message Issue
– V7.0.1 ( 2022/03/01)
  --Add:Full Sourcecode Publish
  --Add:Scrape contact
– V6.0.1 ( 2022/02/21)
  --Add:Bulk Import
  --Add:Completing Help document
– V5.0.1 ( 2022/02/16)
  --Update:Completing Help document
  --Add:Resell rights
– V4.0.1 ( 2022/02/10)
  --Update:Support Update latest chrome driver
  --Add:Support maximized chrome
– V3.0.1 ( 2022/02/01)
  --Add:Support WhatsApp Number Validation
  --Fixed:Join Group issue
– V2.0.1 ( 2022/01/01)
  --Add:Bulk join group  by group link
  --Add:Scan code to log in
– V1.0.0 ( 2021/12/11)
  --Add:Initial version

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