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The idea is good. The form best with captcha. Good sales.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Does this support SMTP auth?

Not currently. It sends email through the PHP mail() function

Is there a possibility to add the option for the user to select the email address of the recipient after asking them for the sender’s email address and name? Also have the tool log this info to db or file?

antoni, I’m sorry to tell you we currently don’t plan to expand this tool to this extent. Adding the ability to specify the email destination would greatly increase the liability for spam emails and more security checks would have to be done. And as far as logging the information, I wouldn’t recommend logging clients’ IP addresses unless it is protected. In which case there would have to be administrator accounts associated with this tool which would add much more complications in setup and management. As it stands we attempted to make this as simple as possible to help expedite one problem we had as a company.

For your use cases I would recommend a more powerful tool/framework that allows forms to be built with more customization. Even WordPress could do this for you.

Thank’s for your time and interest on this, I hope this information helps. Feel free to contact us again if you have any more questions.

Hello. Looks that the form is not sending any email.


As you were the one to bring to our attention. I wanted to notify you that we have added SMTP support to the email sending. If you have trouble installing or setting it up, please let us know and we’d love to help you.

I’m sorry that this update took so long to push out. I hope that it does fix the issues you were experiencing.

Best, Eclarian

what’s new on this update?

The tool now has configurable options for SMTP support.