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I have tried to get this going but the documentation is very difficult to follow. I have installed couchdb and mongo and run the app.js for the sockets.

When I run the ionic app, with all of the settings changed, I get the login button for facebook. When I approve it, I get back to the login button.

Could you please provide some clearer documentation. Providing step by step in a document, rather than the video would be ideal.

Also, with the facebook app, what options do I need to set? Do I need to set a callback?

Thats accessible before you made any purchase , whats the point in commenting . You can check the video we were able to exchange messages in group and one to one as well . I cannot able to guess whats wrong without error logs .

Just to be clear, I will investigate further by running it on a device and I’ll see what else I can gather from the logs.

As for the instructions, a step by step document is easier to follow than a video with live typing, which also makes it easier to troubleshoot issues such as I am having now in case I have performed a step incorrectly.

ok will consider that for next projects :)

voice & video call included?

Hi! I have just downloaded demo apk and wanted to try on my mobile and tablet but it is not working on both. I am not able to verify my mobile. I think this is problem from server side. Can you fix this so that i can test this app on my devices.

Server is down and at this moment we are super busy with other project hence wont be able to make it up at the moment . you can check video for the features . Thats all i have at the moment to sell :)

we are exploring to get REACT Native app performance almost near by native WHEN will this be ready?

As of now we have no plans . Will update you shortly please send your email to rupen@techintegrity.in and we will keep you posted with our newsletter’s

What are the pro and cons of REACT native app and Ionic app?

you can google this for more details .

trying to install demo and test it. but its giving me error while login.

Please contact me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in for more details

how much it cost if we would like to add video call

Please contact me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in for more details

What’s the version of ionic framework?

All features Is it working for latest android and ios devices? If cordova plugins is outdated it will give error when building app?

i have not tested since last many months as we have been busy with other project’s . There is no any guarentee or refund for this as the code is 100% .

any discount for cyber monday ? other giving 50% to 75% discount for cyber monday .

we spend about a year developing this product , selling here at 20 USD . We have use couchdb , mongodb , ionic . If you just use this to read or learn the code then too its 100% worth every penny :)