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Sorry with the support you provided we can not access our photo gallery, our directory and send an image. So understand that we are very suspicious of your performance. Best Regards Sandy

Ok then why you purchase.

I do not need 9 licenses. I need a license I paid you offered me $ 150 setup that I accepted. Why waste my time for 1 week if you do not know what you say or what you do. Why ? If you are not able to install one why do I have to accept that you install 9? You think I’m crazy? Is it a party in your head or something? You can not hold your denial for 1 license why you’re telling me 9 that I have to pay in advance? If you need money go see your banker I do not want to live a scam on a code that you have not developed but copied and that makes you earn a living when you pay your team 1 dollar a day. In what world do you live? You are an incapable in honest business an incapable. You want the whole world as a customer and well hug translators from france because I do not follow English and you have to respect me even if I do not speak English.

Wasted your time because you don’t know to read English it is your problem I don’t know to write French but in English I have clearly told you that you by nine extended license but you didn’t bought you bought one basic license and want me to set this up free .which will be injustice to other customer so please only reply if you have proof that I agree to this otherwise please stop

I am very proud not to give you my money and that of my many clients. I am very proud to have avoided a thief. Very proud !!!

Reply with proof of our agreement.

I have error in client side,

“Uh oh! Looks like you’re missing a module in your gulpfile: Cannot find module ’./getContents’

Do you need to run `npm install`?”

Please help me solve this issue

Please confirm your lieasence and valid pruchase key .

Hello, I need a lot of features added, 1. is it possible to add users feeds, with likes/dislikes.

2. is it possible to add following and followers features?

thank you.

Please add me on Skype rupenm from Bangalore and we talk further.

hi do you have voice chat and calling feature in this app? does it support web admin, ios and android? do you provide installation services? and few customization?

Currently there is no voice support . We can add at good price . Please add me on Skype:rupenm

i really like this code, but i have few more things need to add, but i only have around five hundred USD budget..

Is this app encrypted? I need to make a lot of edits to it.

Message exchanges are text messages .

Where do we upload the actual script? In the video tutorial the only thing you uploaded is app.js into the /usr/www folder. What about the script itself (inside the ionic code folder)? Also do I have to install ionic on onto my server as well?

when we upload app.js and run node app.js if you get errors for that module you have to install that module using npm . I hope that helps .

Can you respond to my Skype messages?

Hi, can add me in skype ? zeejun1994, thanks

not exsit please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore )

Where is the documentation for reskinning and modifying the app? All I can find is instructions for installing it onto a cloud server.

Its in product description page

The documentation link? The dropbox link you have in the product description is broken. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zctjvhiy87aqgxj/What%E2%80%99s%20App%20Chat%20%20Clone%20%E2%80%93%20An%20Ionic.docx?dl=0


I am interested to but this application but before that i want to share that i downloaded the app but there was some database error while installing it and while trying to register.. Please check and reply so that I can try.

Secondly, I am eager to know few things as follows:

1. Whether the application is full and only requires to be uploaded on the server or it requires further development?

2. If the application is full and only requires few changes while uploading on the server what will be the further total cost charged by you and the server for the application working for Android + IOS ?

3. What are the requirements of the server it needs?

4. What are the things included with this package and is the application encrypted?

5. Any other things or cost which I shall be aware about it before purchasing the product?

Best regards, Jeet (jeet AT ipllp DOT in)

Thanks Jeet for your intrest in this application . We have use Twillo sample key which is exhausted all credit limits and hence this error. I will re-instance this in a day to get this further tested .

Below are answer to your question’s

1. This app is full fledge app with all features working . The features which i mention on codecaynon are all working features and we are constantly working on to fix bugs and issues . If you want further features you can develop it further . how ever if you know what is node.js , couchdb etc then only you should buy this because at the price for this i am giving full fledge code which we spend about 6 months developing this , i cannot affort to give free installation with this . How ever if you want we can install this for you at extra price .

2.  This is coded with Ionic and hence it works on iOS and Android and our recent release has fixes for iOS 10 as well .  But yes you have to have some budget for installation as this is scalable app and we recommend professional installation . But if you think you can handle installation then before you make any purchase please check the installation video and documentation and if that seems great to you then only you can go ahead with this purchase .

3. This need cloud based server any vendor like godaddy , digitalocean , amazon offers this kind of server at good price .

4. Entire description of what is included is detailed explain in description page with stickers for reach you can feel free to email me at rupen@techintegrity.in for any clarification on the same .

5. We have not used any 3rd Party software but yes extra cost involves a. Hosting b. SMS gateway c. Maintaining product for latest OS etc.

Let me know if i answered all your question’s .

Thank you

Thank you Rupen for your prompt reply. It really helped me a lot. Please share your contact details over email so that I can discuss it and finalize it.

Best regards, Jeet

rupen@techintegrity.in is my email and my skype is rupenm ( Bangalore )

Good lord your support is awful. How do I request a refund? You product doesn’t work… Your documentation doesn’t exist… Christ.. You should be paying me for the time I’ve spent on this.

Where did you added me on Skype ? Also we don’t work on Sunday . Please check description it has google doc link for documentation, install video instructions. Please read everything before writing any thing

There is nothing to read….... That’s what I tried telling you in the first comment I left. Your documentation link is broken. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zctjvhiy87aqgxj/What%E2%80%99s%20App%20Chat%20%20Clone%20%E2%80%93%20An%20Ionic.docx?dl=0

Check google doc in product description page . It’s clear document with video .

Hello, Need some help config the server, how can i contact you?

Please add me on skype : rupenm (Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in

Hey there, i just saw your app, i liked it very much and i want to purchase it. Tomorrow, the client will come to me and i will show your app as a demo to him. If he likes then i will buy it. I have few questions to ask. 1. i do not know coding at all but i do have a friend who knows php, html, html5, java, ajex languages. i mean so far he has designed websites but have not designed any app. I found your app and i believe that as my friend knows the coding and if you guys will help us setting-up the app into our laptop step by step then do you think that we will get a app for our client? 2. Does my friend (who knows coding) have to know any other language to work on your app? 3. He has never used Android Studio before. Will he be able to generate the app if you guys will help us? We will purchase the extend licence.

Thanks for this email . 1. We offer installation on your server at extra price . 2. We may not be able to help you on this . 3. you need to know ionic to make the app work.

1. Do you guys provide any documentation to install ionic and all other software which we will requires to get started. So far i think we need to install ionic and android studio. is there any other software we will need to install?

2. How much do you guys charge to install everything on our hosting server?

3. To get ios app which software will we need to install in our windows laptop?

4. I like your app, i need to know that is ionic a programing language? i went to their website but as i do not know coding at all i could not understand from their website that if ionic is a coding language or not. (i will hire a guy who knows php, html, java, jquery, css languages. as he has designed websites so far.) as i have already told you.

5. is it easy to learn ionic? does ionic has languages like html, css, php or does it has their own ionic language? i need to know so that i can tell the guy who i will hire for the app.

The document is provided with description in code canyon. We will configure and install everything on your cloud, please contact me on Skype rupee and i The document is provided with description in code canyon. We will configure and install everything on your cloud, please contact me on Skype rupenm (Bangalore) , Or email me at Rupen@techintegrity.in .

@thecodefactory after reading all the negative comments in regards to your product, I wont be buying your product, p.s. You are chasing away a lot of clients asking them money to help setting up your product, do all of us a favor and add the amount you are charging extra to install on the product page.

I understand your concern , how ever here is how it works

We have given product documentation on product description page and we update frequently as that google doc link . Now if you look at some comments they are just basic’s of PHP or mysql , Customer thinks that this is one click install product where as this is not the case . We at thecodefactory build apps which are scalable (scalable means even if you get large loads app can still sustain all you need is great servers to support them ) . Now this requires a knowledge of technologies like php-mysql , node-mongo , native objective c , Native android using android studio . This are cutting edge and top notch technologies and it took us 5 months to build this product . Also this documentation doesn’t cover basic of php or what is .htaccess file etc as this are basic and you get more details on google .

You can evaluate this product in market and any thing near then this you wont get in market at less then 3000 USD . Here i am selling this at 29 USD ONLY . And if you think that this is not worth then you should not buy this product at all .

Coming to plugins : Plugins use to automate the task for you it tracks drivers using node-mongo , it automatically assign job to driver on the basis of GEO spatial queries etc . This installation progress is 1 day of job and we cannot effort to give free installation at 29 USD . Hence for buyers who need plugins we offer FREE installation on top of plugins and that too this is very nominal cost .

I hope this helps .

@thecodefactory Thanks for you fast feedback and for giving me a better understanding :)

my knowledge on the languages are all good, and think I will give your product a fair chance now.

Will ad you on skype to discuss this further…

getting install error on your dummy apk

Not yet.. I am still getting the error after I enter the phone number. Screenshot attached. .. http://i66.tinypic.com/sl651s.jpg. And. http://i67.tinypic.com/25ggfo1.jpg

I cannot unzip it because of the long file names. Help please.

Where are the Marketing, layered PSD, and Source Code v1.0 folders? They are not available in the download zip file. Provide me the promised files please.

Where are the Marketing, layered PSD, and Source Code v1.0 folders? They are not available in the download zip file. Provide me the promised files please.

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) . We will sort this out .