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Can I make it like an endless game ? Is that possible ?

Modifying the code to have one level play endlessly is very easy. Simply remove the line of code that checks if the number of enemies per level has been satisfied. This will cause level one to never end. If you need any assistance with this mod, send me a message. Thanks for your interest in this game template.

Hi getting getting the following error in the Corona Simulator Output – WARNING: The ‘gameNetwork’ provider (google) is not available on the simulator – any idea what might be wrong?

Thanks for the purchase. The warning is letting you know that you are unable to test Google’s leader board or achievement functionality from within the Corona simulator. Simply test these features from your phone/tablet before publishing.

Does this use the new gpgs plugin for the google leaderboards?

Thank you for the purchase. The template has not been updated for use with Corona’s new plugin requirements. A future update will be released to accommodate new plug-in methods and properties. At this time, purchasers of the template will need to make these changes manually.

Although the code changes look easy to make, the template documentation will also need to be changed to assist new LUA/Corona Labs developers. Once all of the necessary changes have been applied and tested, a new version of the template will be made available.

hi i was purchased your template.. n it comes up like error facebook not found.. can u gimme facebook.lua or anything for make it works? thank you so much :)

Thanks for your recent purchase. First, the FB plugin is preinstalled with Corona but is being phased out. See this link for more details. https://docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/facebook-v4/index.html

Regarding the Google Play Games errors, please double check your code and ID’s. If you are still receiving errors, send me your code via e-mail at peacock.prog@gmail.com for analysis.

hi peacock already send it ny email. pls have acheck. ty

Your source code has been tested against multiple devices and no errors could be reproduced. Please double-check all of your development environment settings. If the crashing still occurs, please send a video showing steps on how to reproduce your error.