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Great work GLWS :)

Thanks friend :-)

Demo Unfortunately, Whack a Mole has stopped ?


Very rare. I just test it on my device, and is working well. Please, find the below APK and let me know if you can run it.



good now i test it in my real device it work nice but why you don’t add music when you playing

Thanks friend :-)

Can i integrate start app ads ?

Of course, you can do it

can u guide me how add interstitial ? what version of sdk?

I have included AdMob Interstitial. You can get the new version now.

try 2 demo, unfortunately Whack a Mole has closed every tap GO

Please, check this APK and let me know your feedback: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hu2ex7u3rjs0b6k/Whack%20a%20Mole.apk?dl=0
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  • New version available. Get it now!!

    hi sir i want the change the pacjkage name using android studio is it possible with android studio please help me

  • Please, follow the below tutorial:
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEDRt2X-Q90
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  • thnaks, when im trying to run this programm in android studio and geny motion i have some error ;Error:Android Pre Dex: [google-play-services.jar] Failed to load dx.jar

    admob pub doesnt work ??????,

    I just put the banner id and the interstitiel id ,is this what do you talking about??

    Hy, 《Interstitial ads that appear after the user has exited the app》 How i can resolve this pleas help me . Thanks

    Hello, send me your interstitial ID to apptodia@gmail.com. I will change it for you. Regards.