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Can this script function as a referral & sales tracker?

I am looking for script that will let me track associate referrals to a website and continue to track the visitor to see if a purchase is made.

Associates will refer customers to my website and then receive a percentage of any sales profits from their referred customers.

Can this script help me do this?

Well, this script will meet you half way there. For instance if your website was lincoln.com and this script was set up on that website, than, adding lincoln.com/ will just track all hits to that referrer. Not necessarily if the person visiting your site using that ref link buys something.

So if you wanted the script to track if a website is sending you potential buyer, then cutting them a commission to what you are selling, I do not believe this script fits the entire bill. Sorry, thanks for your interest.

Thanks David.

David, love the referral page. Wondering to what the setting are that are hidden by envato in the demo.

Very useful, thanks David!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Can I limit creating referrals to the admin only?

At the moment anyone can create a variable, ?ref = WHATEVER and clog up my database.

I would like it to check if the ?ref = $variable exists in the database, if it does, then it would track it, otherwise it would ignore it.

I want to create the referral ID manually:


Then I will post on that blogsite my url with ?ref = Blogsite1

The scripts then checks if the id exists, if yes it tracks it.

But if someone writes in mydomain.com/?ref = ClogDatabase manually in their browser, I want the script to check the ID find it doesn’t exist and it won’t add it to the database.

If this feature can be added, I’ll buy the script.

edit: using spaces as the website formats the string.

I see what you are saying. Currently that is not implemented, but is a good idea for a new version!

Any estimate of when such a feature could be implemented or should I look elsewhere to buy it?

Well I do not currently have any plans on an update, unless something comes. So you may check back periodically to see if anything went down, but if you can find what you would really like else where, there will be no hard feelings! :-)

Your demo is borked/messed up, might want to fix it, are you available for freelance work? can you give me a quote on implementing the feature I requested?

Hello, I have fixed the demo… Someone was nice enough to try and break it for me.

Anyway, I do not have any current projects, and my nights are slightly boring so I think I will make an update. Check the description for some details!

oh please please please make that admin only make referer feature, or at least make it an option so you can choose if admin only can add or everyone else.

I’ll be the first one to buy it…okay maybe not but I’ll definitely buy it.

actually good timing, I was talking with a freelance coder today about paying him to do that change, then saw you were considering to feature it.

Purchased as promised, thanks for listening to feedback.

Thank you, and thanks for the intrest! Have fun :D

Hello, I really like the scripts but i would like to see daily,weekly and monthly stats. Can you do this?

Hey, Rokernel thanks for buying! At the moment there isn’t any implementation of grouping by timestamps. However, I will jot that idea on my yellow notepad to my left, and implement it in my next update.


Is there a possibility to track the result of an action, example:

User a sets up a ref username ‘usera’ and gives the link to user B : www.domain.com/register

User b registers and after the registration page he lands on the page ‘thankyou.html’.

Is it possible to implent the code in the thankyou.html page and count only the visitors who land on the thankyou.html page as a unique click?

Currently as the app is, it can’t do what you’re asking exactly. The script can track hits to say www.domain.com/register. However it can’t designate whether or not userb registered or not. It’ll only log that userb visited the register page.

Krike has an affiliation script (http://codecanyon.net/item/affiliation-class/132292), which might not be exactly what you’re looking for but I’d love to point you in the right direction :)

Nice script! I just purchased it!

It would be better if there is a registration and login page for users and in their profile, they can track their stats. Hope you add that feature too! Thanks!

Hello Sir,

Just a request and I really need it… Please give me a code to show my top referrers on public along with their Hits and Unique Hits stats… Thank you in advance and have a good health!


Nvm :) User will just type his username to track his stats.

But I want to assign a user to use his domain name as a username… Should look like this>> (http://ohstream.in/ref/werefer/test.php?site=userdomain.com)

However, the dot (.) is not allowed… how can I disable this?

Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

For domains, I like to use domain_com; an underscore rather than a dot. But, if you would like to allow periods in the referrer’s name…

In include/functions.php edit the function “wr_alpha_num_dash” from:

return (bool)preg_match("/^[0-9a-zA-Z\-_ ]+$/", $string);


return (bool)preg_match("/^[0-9a-zA-Z\-\._ ]+$/", $string);


David this is a wonderfull script, and will buy it right away. Thanx.

Thanks man! I appreciate it :)

I have an error in your script 2 times reinstalled look at the log file: PHP Warning: require_once(/var/www/www/partner.example.kiev.u/inc/bootstrap.php

but in real – the domain is partner.example.kiev.uA – A letter is missing

Just a note to anyone else: $werefer_path = “werefer/” should end with a trailing semi-colon or you’re gonna get an unexpected T_STRING error.

$werefer_path = "werefer/" ;

Yes, thank you!

Cool no problem. It’s a nice little script. I made good use of it in one of my projects.

Gave this one 5*’s

Something about loading a php file as an image (god knows why we would have to do it like that) is breaking my page. Some of the content is no longer displaying and only the page background displays. This is making the script unusable, please advice. – sorry this comment is for “Wefer 2” version