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Hi can this start tracking only once a user hits a particular page in the website ie the conformation page

i want to track goals not really the traffic if you get what i mean

Yea I know what your getting at. Werefer isn’t best for that.

However, if you are determined… Just make your confirmation page destination have a url such as: “http://yoursite.com/confirmation.html?goal=myawesomegoal”

Just change the referrer key in Werefer’s settings and you’d be good to go!

Something about loading a php file as an image (god knows why we would have to do it like that) is breaking my page. Some of the content is no longer displaying and only the page background displays. This is making the script unusable, please advise.

That’s very odd. I’ll help you fix it, shoot me an email davidmoreen@gmail.com with more details.

Hello, How can i change the default user role? Thanks

Hello, sorry for the late reply.

This option is hard coded in config/config.php. Near line 96 you can edit

$config[‘default_user_role’] = NORMAL_USER_ROLE_ID;


$config[‘default_user_role’] = ADMIN_ROLE_ID;

After the edit, new users will be have the default role of an admin.


Hi is there anyway to add support for goals ie a person reaches a stage in a process.

just to give you some more detail i would like to trigger a goal on reaching a stage ie 10 visits 2 goals

Hi there. I just installed Werefer 2 on my website. It went through installation fine, and I had all necessary information for setup. At the end, it told me to delete the installation folder, which I did. Now, when I try to go to signin.php, it’s just blank.


Getting these errors: [28-Jun-2014 00:52:00 America/Denver] PHP Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home4/graphja6/public_html/arithia/referral/signin.php on line 53 [28-Jun-2014 00:51:56 America/Denver] PHP Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home4/graphja6/public_html/arithia/referral/lib/config.lib.php on line 20

I got that output from the error_log

Shoot me an email with the details and I’ll help ya out! davidmoreen@gmail.com

How can I automatically add new referrers when somebody is browsing the referrer link containing my referrer code “ref”? I want all these assigned to the same user (me) as I won’t allow people to register to see their stats.

examples http://www.example.org/?ref=UserName1 http://www.example.org/?ref=UserName2 etc

1. I need to add new dynamic referrers from the URL to your script and associate them to the same unique owner.

Each website user will have their own unique referrer link that contains their username. www.example.com/?ref=TheirUserName

2. How can I display the referrer Overview stats on any public page? Do you have some sort of shortcode that I could use?

example: www.example.com/displaystats.php?ref=TheirUserName

Thank you in advance.

Sent you a message about this!

Hi, I purchased the product and have performed custom installation correctly, but I have a problem when opening my site I get blank page. I need help.

I replied to and email very similar to this request. Let me know if that wasn’t you and I’ll help you out too!

I could not solve the problem. I need help.

Hi Davidmoreen, great script. Can this script allow me to link http://demo.appbydavid.com/werefer2/?ref=mypage to another website for example www.google.com? That is after a person clicks http://demo.appbydavid.com/werefer2/?ref=mypage it redirects them to www.google.com.

Hello, I’m getting back to your comment way late; and I apologize for that.

However, I do want to give you a response for whatever it’s worth.

Out of the box this script uses a 1×1 pixel image that is loaded on your webpage and sends user and referrer data to the script when it is loaded. If your user was redirected to a different website when they load a URL such as http://demo.appbydavid.com/werefer2/?ref=mypage then that 1×1px image would not load since the user has been taken somewhere else.

Now, this does not mean that what you are referring to couldn’t be done… It’s just something what would require maybe a custom solution.

But I hope that answers your question, bosunjohnson. I apologize for getting back to you four months out from the time you ask it. Good question though!