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I don’t see in the back office the option to exclude the use of other coupon with this coupon. Is it possible or can you add it in the next version?


Implement this in next release

hi, there is the french laguage ? best regard’s

Hi, When I choose the amount mode I have percentages and the e-mail are not sent. Prstashop regard’s

Are you sure that e mail is working on your server?

Yes everything works well with the e-mail

Hello there. I am under trouble to receive the voucher e-mail. I just have setup the module like the documentation, but voucher e-mail is not being sent after registration.

I am under PrestaShop™ and I have no issues with e-mails being sent through the server.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/WiZmj

Can I get access to your dashboard

Hi there! I’m interested to buy this module but before i would like to know how it works with other voucher module. I use “Coupons / Discount vouchers” and i was wondering how they will work together once customer is on the cart.

Also i try your demo and i never got the voucher email. Is that normal?? Thanks!

Hi It will work with other modules.

There may be some issue with mail or check in your spam.

Hello, Missing the translation file. I am unable to translate


Hello, we will fix it and latest version will be available soon.


some problems:

- I put 10 euros and the customer was 10% - Your cart module creates a rule for each client.Si I have 300 entries, there will be 300 rules baskets. It is not practical: it would take a cart rule for all

Hi I will look in to the 10 euro to 10% problem.

We are doing amendments to the module and number of cart rule will try to limit to 1 in the next release.


to save time, I bought this module. But the opposite is true because this module contains inadmissible bugs to a finished product. In the description it says Multilingual out it’s not true, I have to enter the code to translate.

I configured a voucher of € 10 discount it applies 10%.

I do not have time to wait for the updates. I’m not a beta tester.

This is not the first time I encounter such problems with resellers of PrestaShop modules. It is painful !

I request reimbursement because I do not have time to wait for your updates


Hi i have installed your module, all its ok, in the customer page voucher i see the code, but i have not received nothing email. Can you fix it=?

Thank you. Raphael

Make sure emais are working on your server and if possible please share server details so that i can look for bugs

Hi, email working well. i receive everyday order by email. here my information

Informazioni sul server

Informazioni sul server Linux #1 SMP Thu Apr 23 19:17:11 MSK 2015×86_64

Versione software server Apache

Versione di PHP 5.4.45

Limite memoria 9000M

Tempo di esecuzione massimo 90000

Informazioni sulla configurazione mail

Metodo invio mail Usi la funzione mail () PHP