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Great work! :-)

Thank you very much!

Is there a way to turn off the refresh (fade in) every time you scroll. Love the template but on mobile, it is a bit distracting. If it can be adjusted I am a buyer ;)

The updated plugin was sent for submission and will be available soon. The update will add an ability to choose a time as well as a date for counter.

Thank You. You guys are great

Hi again,

The plugin is approved and contains date and time picker. Update the plugin to have this feature on.

Hi! Can the plugin “reprogram” itself? I wish every Sunday at midnight, the plugin is 0. And that “reprogram” for the following Sunday.

Excuse me for my bad english!


That’s a pretty interesting idea! If our clients will request the feature we definitely can implement it.

Hi there, the plugin looks awesome but I want ask something before purchasing it.Is it necessary to use your existing layout, I want your counters as they are and have to add some custom coded forms with a custom site footer in the page so can I do that with this plugin ? In short I need to use custom template with your counters only, can I do that with this plugin ?


Basically you can do anything you want. But in terms of implementation you have to modify plugins’s templates code and create your own above it. The plugin is just a PHP application and can be modified easily if you have enough experience to do that.

Awesome design. Great job! Good luck

Thanks a lot st1s!