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hoiol, this looks great! :)

Thank you diank123! Glad you like it! :)

can the visitor enter his own stock symbol? where does data come from? is ata real time or delayed?

Hello Eventrader,

Right now the plugin offers two widgets, one to show data on one single stock and another to compare stocks. We have a search widget were the user will be able to input their own stock symbol on our to-do list, but it might still take a few weeks. We can try to expedite this if you are interested.

As far as were does data come from it comes from Yahoo finance which usually has a short delay of 10-15 minutes.

Let me know if you have any further questions, and thanks for taking the time to check out my plugin :)

Bought it- nice and simple plugin. How can I make the padding a bit less- right now, there is too much space vertically between the stock symbols.

Hello ajaffarali,

I have checked the example you provided and found the issue. It seems that there is a typo in line 37 of the CSS code, you have “5x” instead of “5px” (note the missing “p”), probably from when you edited the file last time. Just fixing that type will fix a lot for you, but still, if you want to refine it a little more I suggest you make these 3 changes:

  • add “padding: 20px!important;” in line 4, just after “overflow: hidden;”
  • add “margin-bottom: 8px;” in line 8, just after “width: 100%;”
  • adjust lines 37 and 38 to the padding you like (by default its 15px but last time we talked you liked 5px better)

I would do the changes myself and send you the edited file but I don’t have your emails and can’t attach files to this comments…

Let me know if this works for you or send me a private message and I’ll reply with the edited file so that you just have to upload it.

BTW, I’m working on the Visual Composer version of the plugin but I’m really caught up with some big client’s work right now so I probably won’t be able to release it until mid-September…

Thanks very much- that did the trick.

Looking forward to the VC version- the page you see has a widget area created specially for this page. Would be a bit of a pain to create a widget area for every single company :)

Hello, Presale question: Can i show indian stock exchange, if know can you integrate if i buy this. Thanks in advance.

Hello viraj24,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately it seems like Yahoo Finance (which API we use to retrieve all stocks data) does not support any company listed in the Indian Stock Exchange at this time… Really sorry about that.

It’s not pulling any stock information or styling the plugin at all!

Hi. Well I’m glad you find a way even if you didn’t use my plugin. We sellers can’t issue refunds, but you can contact envato regarding that. I’ve done it in the past with plugins that didn’t work (I’m also a buyer here) and they were quick to refund me.

oh, well thank you very much. Sorry we couldn’t get your plugin working.

No worries. Maybe next time! ;)

Hello there,

I just had a quick question about your app. I downloaded your app for my companies test site and it worked perfectly. However, when I moved the site over to the actual domain, there is an error that I get, as well as a lot of the features are missing on the Widgets section.

Here it is working on the test site – http://neutriscitest.info/ Here is the official site – http://www.neutrisci.com/

I didn’t make any changes to the coding or anything to this plugin and both sites use the same version of Wordpress. Any idea what is causing this issue? Thank you.

Hello Jengert,

It looks like the server were neutrisci.com is hosted has a different configuration than the one were the test site is hosted and it is not allowing to pull data from external sources, which is required for the widgets to work as all stocks data comes from the Yahoo API.

If you give me access to the .COM admin panel I can definitely take a look, but the hosting company will probably be able to help you better than mi in this particular case.

Sorry I cannot be of any more help…

Let me know if there is anything else I can do or what do the hosting company have to say about it.

Thank you for the quick reply. This is a bit of an older site I redesigned and it is hosted on a completely different hosting company than our normal one, so I will have to do some digging on the login information for that. However, I can give you the wp-admin login if that might help. Where can I reach you privately?

Hello Jengert,

I’ve been doing some more research on the error and I’m more and more confident it’s a server configuration issue. WP access wont do much in this case…

Can you open a ticket with the hosting company?

Is not working on my site – http://sunestock.com

Yeah – that didn’t work, just posted to the comment wall all my credentials. Do you have an email I can send to?

Sorry for the delay. Your theme certainly treats widgets in a different way than most standard themes do, probably because it is very widget heavy. I haven’t fully understood how it’s logic, but I’ve found a way around that seems to be working. Please check it out and let me know if you see any issues.

Hey, I’ve installed the plugin recently and it doesn’t seem to be pulling data correctly, it says: “you requested has moved to a new location. The new location is http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=AJX&f=nsb2hgkjj1"

what exactly does that mean and is there a way to fix this?

dang…ok…thanks for at least working with me on it!

I have just approved the refund. By the way, have you tried changing the theme to something like twenty sixteen to see if the issue is actually theme related? Another possibility is that it’s some sort of server configuration that can be changed what is causing the problem.

I haven’t – but only because this project is super rush (launching Tuesday) so…I don’t have any time to debug on my end either. I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help out though!

i will built web trading.. can this plugin to user choice product??

Hello Pagatech,

I’m not sure I understand your question… This plugin is purely informational, it will allow you to display relevant information on any given stock, but it is not built to allow any trading of any kind… Does this answer your question?

Does this plugin need to be updated for the most recent version of WP?

Hello rgosse75,

So far no issues have been reported when using this plugin with the latest WP version.

ok sounds good, thanks.

Will this widget work with https:?

Hello rstpierre,

To be completely honest it hasn’t been tested on https, however, I don’t see why it should not work, and if it doesen’t, I’ll do my best to fixt it.


after change the Server (with duplicator) don´t work the Plugin. All the same!


I’m sorry to hear that. Most likely this is due to the configuration of the server itself. Some servers for instance don’t allow to make calls to third party sites, which is a requirement for the plugin to work.

Do you get any errors? Either PHP errors or console errors?

Also, I see you have set your location to Spain. If you feel more comfortable comunicating in spanish, by all means, please do.

I look forward to your comments.


We are just the webmaster from the site … we can also speak spanish. But other users, who also have the same error, perhaps do not understand this!

Where can I see any error messages? At first glance there were no error messages!

Do you have an email address for me?

sure, you can contact us at hello – at – mirlostudio – dot – com

Which exchanges are supported

You can see if the companies you want to track are supported by inputing their symbol in this test site http://wellmadestocks.com

Where can I see the demo?

Hello vijayss. I’m sorry but there is no live demo, just screenshots. If you feel like the plugin might be what you are looking for but are not sure I can offer you to purchase it and try out, if it’s not what you are looking for I’ll be happy to give you a refund :)


jwb001 Purchased

Dear sir i have buy the pluging and i have install in my website and he is not good i want you refund my money please because henot work … thanks Julien

Hello @jwb001,

Thank you for getting in touch with me. Could you please let me know how is the plugin not working? Did the installation fail? Are you getting any error messages when using the widgets? I’m committed to fixing it if you let me know what’s not working exactly.

I look forward to your comments.

Give PHP errors when placed on the site: Warning: file_get_contents(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/moneyhax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/well-made-stock-market-widget/class.yahoostock.php on line 59

Hello postingsus,

That error means your server is blocking connections to sources outside your own server. The plugin needs to be able to grab information from external URLs (in this case Yahoo finance) to know the current price of each stock. This is a server configuration which your hosting provider should be able to change for you.

The issue is explained with some more technical detail here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20064372/file-get-contents-php-network-getaddresses-getaddrinfo-failed-name-or-servi