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I can’t seem to get this to work properly. Everytime I am trying to generate the shortcode, nothing gets saved properly and it won’t show on my page. I need to create something like this http://prntscr.com/bdkfo8 or http://prntscr.com/bdkgmw http://webfixfast.com/welcome-tiles/ http://webfixfast.com/awesome-wordpress-portfolio-plugins/

Please send instructions.

Hi, If you are having trouble saving the grids then it is because another script interfering with the plugin on your site. Please try deactivating all other plugins for a moment to see if the grids can be saved. If there is still an issue send your details to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for support. Thanks! – Kartik

Hi, please tell me how to do this effect because I cannot get it to work at all. I need exactly the same image size and zoom in effect http://prntscr.com/blfiez

Hi, You don’t have to create any effect, just use the preset and the plugin does it for you. It’s a very simple process. Documentation and videos cover how to use the presets. In case you have specific queries and you are getting stuck at a specific step please mail with your details at wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Kartik

Your plugin requires a lot of work to do customization. It should be so simplied. Too many steps. On top of that, I ALREADY spent an hour to do change the silly LINK and on the backend it does work, but not on the front-end. WHat the heck is that? See here: I changed the link1 and added my own link and nothign happens. http://prntscr.com/blg0my

please provide a solution.

Hi, I am sorry but I do not see how you can take an hour just to change the link. I have never come across that complain before and using the basic plugin facilities it should only take seconds. Perhaps you are not using the documentation, or are repeating some mistake over and over again. Kindly provide your website details by mail and more information on the issues you are facing and I’ll try my best to assist. – Kartik

Hey guys, I’ve sent you 2 emails. Can you kindly respond?

Hi Ed,

Responses can take up to a day at times because of time difference, however I have replied to both your queries, it should sort everything out.

Kartik Gahlaut

Hi there,

I’m actually very interested by your plugin, but I need further informations about it :

1 – Are custom post types supported? If yes, can we make grid which support multiple custom post types in order to display on the same grid the recent post of CPT n°1 + CPT n°2 + CPT n°3?

2 – In addition to it, doest it support custom taxonomy? In order to filter all my content to display, I need this additional ability to include (or at least exclude) some post containing a specific term of a specific taxonomy.

3 – Finally, I wanna know if there is some kind of pagination available for your product? Eg : imagine we have a grid which display a total of 6 posts on the 150 available… it will be cool if we can add some pagination in order to let the user views older post.

Questions 1 & 2 are mandatory for me, 3 is optional.


Hi Moxymore,

WT is a very simplified, easy to use solution for creating custom content grids and also grids from wordpress native blog posts and woocommerce products. It supports categories. Perhaps you are looking for a different solution. I hope you find it soon!


I had an issue with Welcome Tiles resizing on certain browsers and Kartik helped me debug my page and find the right CSS to fix the problem within an hour of my email! Great support and cool plugin!! Thanks guys!

Is there anyway around setting up a tile and not having it link and go to a blank page when you click on it even if the link is set to #? Using Internet Explorer and Firefox, whenever someone clicks on of the tiles I created, they’re brought to an empty page.

Tiles can be found here: http://finishlineoilchange.com/index.php/services/



I am assuming you simply wish to disable the link element from the cells of this grid as links are not needed here? You can certainly achieve this, please follow these steps:

1. in the Tile Design Specifications section of the editor, click on ‘Advanced’ to open up additional settings options.

2. Open the ‘Elements’ tab from the left hand menu. And in it remove the ‘Link’ element by clicking its ‘Added’ button to toggle it. It should not read ‘Removed’.

3. Next, open the ‘Links’ tab from the left hand menu. Set all the options to ‘Nothing’. Now you can click the submit button to activate these changes.

This should resolve the issue. If by any chance the issue persists or you have other queries please drop a support mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for prompt assistance.

Regards, Kartik

Would it be possible to add pagination?

To provide the option to show X number of tiles then let the end user click to see the next X amount of tiles. This can be done either by pages or by show more and just add the next X amount to the bottom.

I need to know if it is possible and what it would take to get this included.

Thanks in advance

Hi Rmorton, Pagination is not a part of the feature set of the plugin so, unfortunately it cannot accommodate this need straight out of the box. However you could create multiple tile sets on different pages and then link them together through links underneath each of the sets, thus manually creating a pagination system. – Regards, Kartik

How to ssort them out? or how to change the order the way you want?

Hi, Please check the FAQs section included on the showcase editor pages. It addresses how this requirement. – Regards, Kartik

Hi, is this plugin still being maintained/updated? Thanks

Hi, Yes Welcome Tiles is being maintained and updated. Please send support queries to wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

I was making some updates on my tiles and for some reason I got a message [object Object] on top of my tiles. How do I remove this message?

Issue fixed – regards, Kartik

Please disregard.