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How do I make the popup responsive?

Hi. You need use responsive content inside of popup.


My name is A.Umar Ali and am the admin of http://globaldownloadlinks.com.

I purchased this plugin yesterday.It is a very good plugin.

I need one functionality which is currently unavailable in this plugin.

I want to display this widgetized welcome popup only for guest members and not for premium members, editors, authors or admin.

Thanks, A.Umar Ali

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have such feature, but you can edit source code. Find lines #425-426 in file welcome-popup.php which are:
function front_init() {
    global $post;
and replace them by:
function front_init() {
    global $post;
    if (!is_user_logged_in()) return;

Thank you for your code.But, unfortunately your code did not fix my issue.

Perfect! Thank you very much for your help!!

I slightly modified your code for my blog.

function front_init() { global $post; if (is_user_logged_in() && current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)) return;

Now , it is working as expected.

Really like this plugin – well done! I’d like to remove the blog title prefix from the email subject line and just show the custom subject title entered in forms setting. would this be possible?

Hi. I didn’t catch exactly what you mean. This plugin doesn’t send any e-mails. May be you meant some other item?

Sorry, wrong product – I buy too much stuff :)

Hi there – the plugin is great, thanks. I was wondering if you could help me with the onclick function; I want to make one of my nav menu items bring up the popup. Any thoughts? Warm regards, Mark

Ah. I’m sorry. Wrong item. Unfortunately, Welcome Popup can’t be used in menu.

Aha! Well is there anyway to make Layered Popus do a html login shortcode? Thanks

You can put shortcode into Layered Popup layer.

i bought this plugin it is working fine but my requirement is it should show on each page if anyone visit the link of my site first time.if anyone close the site but not browser and reopen the site without closing browser it should display the popup again. my site is www.gskang.com

Unfortunately, I don’t see that you purchased this plugin.

Is it possible with this plugin to show the pop-up only to returning visitors?

Unfortunately, no.

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. I had bought Ninja Popups as the author told me it would meet my requirements. After buying it, and more importantly investing a bunch of time in learning how it works, it turns out his product does not work for my purposes.

I have a page with over 50 PDF manuals that I want to offer as downloads. If someone clicks on the link to the pdf, they are required to enter their information and it gets forwarded to Mailchimp. Ninja popups does this. The problem I have is that if you click on another PDF link, Ninja popups isn’t intelligent enough to realise that you’ve already submitted your information, and will request that you re-submit it 50 times, one for each of the PDF manuals. Which is obviously absurd.

Is your product more intelligent?

Hi. No. This plugin doesn’t have such feature.


I dont need 3 widget area. 1. If I use only 1, will the widget takes the whole space? 2. Is there always a countdown timer on the bottom right?

If I put in the widget area, a login form with a “submit” button. When the button is clicked, will the popup disappear?

1. There is no such feature. 2. Popup won’t disappear.

is this compatible on wp 4.6.1?


Hello im interested in your pop up. Can I customise the size of it and also add a photo inside?


Ok looks great! Can I customize any of those templates that you provide there? For now I only need an image and write some text on top and load on the home page.

Also does this have a timer to set up to go away after a certain time?

Thanks for your help

Yes. It has such features.


Can it be used as a language selector? Thanks

Hi. Nope.

I want a popup to display only on the first 3 times a visitor views the page. On the 4th visit the popup will not trigger. Closing browser will reset visit counter/session. Is this possible with your plugin?

There is no such feature.