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Could you explain the difference between your plugin and this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-media-replace/

Hey hiegl,

See the main differences below:

Spec Enable Media Replace WeePie Image Overwrite
Replace all image sizes in your Posts or Pages no yes
Edit image fields directly (like title and alt text) no yes
Edit filename directly no yes
Uses the drag and drop uploader no yes
Old and new image preview no yes

Last but not least we offer support ;)

Thanks for clarification. Will keep this on my watchlist.

No problem, if you have further questions let us know!


I was going to ask the same question hiegl :-)

Could you give an access to an online demo ? it would be easier to compare. I like your new spec…

Best regards,

Hey mdanse,


We do not have an online demo, but we do have an illustrated instruction guide.

Best regards!

awesome plugins thanks

Hey tourjoin2,

Thanks and we’re happy to hear you like our Plugin!

Hello. What happens if the new image is not the same size as the old one? My scenario is I have a lot of galleries and lightboxes using foobox, as well as inline images, and other components with images. I am using temp images until I get the full size ones. I want to keep everything the same, including the captions, alt, description, just replace the new image. So if I have a 400×400 thumb that opens in foobox, all I want is the full size image to now reflect the new image size, but everything else the same. Will this plugin do this? I didn’t understand what it meant on your site when it said keeps image sizes the same. Thanks!

What do you mean exactly? Change the size of the thumbnail?

We don’t exactly understand what you mean. Can you please mail (weepie-plugins@outlook.com) us some illustrating screenshots to describe your question?

Thanks in advance!

hello. no, I mean lets say I put in a placeholder image, but then i replace it with another different image, I would want the thumbnail to also update to reflect the new image. I understood from your example that the thumb is the same because in that case we are assuming the image is the same only bigger. sometimes that will be the case and sometimes it will be a replacement and look different or have text on it or something and would want a new thumbnail. i would want the caption though to stay the same. thanks!

We don’t exactly understand what you mean. Can you please mail (weepie-plugins@outlook.com) us some illustrating screenshots to describe your question?

Thanks in advance!

Does this plugin replace images in custom fields (specifically Advanced Custom Field image fields)

Hey digitalquery,

We didn’t tested this yet. Can you send us some more details (like a screenshot of the Advanced Custom Fields) about your situation to weepie-plugins@outlook.com?

Thanks in advance, kind regards,


While developing a new wordpress theme for a customer, I found a tiny bug: The error message looks something like this: Notice: Undefined offset: -1 in D:\WebStuff\xampp\htdocs\...\weepie-framework.php on line 455

Seems like weepie-framework.php assumes that the domain it’s running on is in the form “subdomain.domain.tld” (e.g. www.codecanyon.net). This is not true in a locally installed xampp-environment.

Kind Regards Norbert

Hey Norbert,

Thanx for you detailed bug description and sorry for the inconvenience you encounter!

Vincent (the devoloper) will take a look at it tomorrow (end of the day)!

Kind regards,


Hello Norbert,

Sorry about the delay!

Indeed the WeePie Framework doesn’t work in this case with localhost/domain situations as this is not a production environment requirement.

To solve this, you could setup your local dev enviroment with virtual hosts, like website.projects.com.

Still it is a bug and I will fix the ‘notice’ in one of the next releases!

Kind regards,


Hi there

Purchased this last night, unzipped the 2 WeePie folders into my plugins directory, when I tried to activate WeePie Framework, I get the following

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

Fatal error: Declaration of WpieBaseSettings::deleteOption() must be compatible with that of iWpieSettings::deleteOption() in /home/content/62/8080662/html/wp-arrowpix/wp-content/plugins/weepie-framework/lib/settings/WpieBaseSettings.php on line 70

Running WP 4.2.2 and Photocrati theme.

Any ideas on how to get this activated?



Hello Sean,

Sorry for the inconvenience you encounter!

Can you send us your website login details to weepie-plugins@outlook.com so that we can try to fix your problem?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,



Is it normal that it takes so long to replace an image? It’s spinning for 6 minutes now and it doesn’t seem to do anything.


Sorry for the inconvenience you encounter!

Can you send us your website login details to weepie-plugins@outlook.com so that we can try to fix your problem?

PS: could you also send us your Envato purchase code?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


I’ve installed the latest Version of weepie image overwrite but there is no button in my mediathek! Why? Please help!


Could you send us your Envato purchase code and the URL of your website to weepie-plugins@outlook.com so we can try to help you out?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


This plugin looks like exactly what we need—Enable Media Replace that actually works and is supported!

Pre-Sale Question: Does WeePie Image Overwrite work with PDF files?

No, I meant that we hope the plugin will work in general.

Unfortunately (and sorry for the unclear answer), it works only for images. Making it work for PDF’s is not included. The plugin is focusing on image overwriting.

Kind regards, Vincent

OK. Thanks for the clarification Vincent. Will you consider creating a PDF-friendly version, or paid customization service to enable the plugin to replace PDF files?

We will not implement this feature into the plugin. It is really an image overwrite plugin instead of files overwrite plugin.

Please send us your details to weepie-plugins@outlook.com so that we can get in touch about a possible customization.

Kind regards, Vincent