WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin for WordPress

WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin for WordPress

Add as many in a few clicks and insert them into your content with our custom button. No code needed!

NEW improvement!

In our newest version (2.1.2) we have also implemented numbered customizable icons/bullets. With this feature, you’ll also be able to create your own custom ordered lists in no time!

Add and use your own images as list bullets easily

Easily create your own custom list icon by:

  • uploading your list icon image (e.g. PNG or GIF)
  • pick and edit the size/color of one of our 20 unique high resolution (SVG) icons, like:
    • disc
    • square
    • plus
    • check-v
    • cross
    • triangle
    • star
    • gear
    • diamond
    • arrow
and use it in your WordPress website!

Easily add your image to use as a custom list bullets icon in a unordered list

Easily add your own unordered list bullet image (e.g. PNG or GIF)…

customizable custom list icons to create a custom unordered list

…or pick one of the 20 high resolution unordered list bullet icons

customize custom numbered list icons for a ordered list

Edit and add a custom ordered list icon

add custom list icons through WordPress aditor

Use your custom bullet directly from your WordPress WYSIWYG editor

add multiple custom list images to use as list bullets

Add multiple custom list bullet icons


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