Weekly Planner using AngularJS and PdfJS

Weekly Planner using AngularJS and PdfJS

Weekly Planner – AngularJS calendar directive

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Install the following 2 softwares

If you do not want to run on nodejs platform then run the client folder from apache server or anyother to serve the index.html


  • Ready to use nodejs backend
  • Drag start and end time on calendar
  • set multiple events on the calendar with colors
  • click on event to edit
  • On edit mode other events can not be edited
  • Create planner pdf
  • PDF will generate date wise grouped data
  • Local storage save for sample data save


  • Node.js and NPM >= v0.12.0

Technology Stack Used

  • AngularJS 1.4.9
  • Node.JS 4.2.3

declare directive on HTML Page for calendar

 Follow the below path
    client > app > main > main.html
    components > calendar > directives > fullcalendar.js


Run the following commands and the application will start automatically
npm install yo -g (Install yeoman for scaffolding web application)
npm install grunt-cli -g (This creates and runs javascript repetative tasks) 
npm install bower -g ( A frontend package manager for web applications) 
npm install (Install all nodejs dependencies, also automatically installs bower components)

Buid and Run

grunt serve  [for running in dev environment with livereload]  
grunt serve:dist  [Buid and run in production mode]  
grunt --force  [buid with Administrator rights]
Note : If any of the test failed or any error in running application, please install npm and bower with latest verion and in Administrator mode in command prompt
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