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Demo not working.

Server down or something

There’s a error going on server-side. It’d be fixed soon.

Hi! In the app there are a feature to Secret Chat? With self destruct messages programmable to a specific period time? Other question: what is the maximum number of contacts can I add in a group?

There’s no such thing like that. There’s no max amount of contacts.

Any new update? thanks

Currently rolling out update for HeyChat and then weeki.

Where would the apk file be? The Google Developer account will not let me upload the full .zip file so I need the apk file.

Obviously you’ve to build the final apk.

Hi, In description I am seen -> Web server with decent specifications. In shared host this app will not work? Which is this specification for web server they will not work on shared host

Replied to your email.

Demo apk is still couldn’t connect to server

Host is currently down.

Can I integrate Telegram API to it

I don’t think so.

Do you? Works on Android Studio

It does works on Android Studio.