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emyl1987 Purchased

so the application can not be used on shared hosting?

It would but you’d have to get root access to make it work which I doubt you’ll get.


emyl1987 Purchased

Can you provide documentation for such action? thx

You can google for things like this easily. It’s not app related but it’s hosting related thing.

Can you help about install of hosting (we can pay extra)

Yes I could do that. Contact me via email.

can you send your email ? this is my email “sahlanrosyid035@gmail.com”.

Already did.

I want to buy the source Weeki Messenger, but I want you to add a voice dialing feature, and to agree on the price

There’s no voice calling feature available for Weeki messenger. You can go for my another app which contains this feature, here’s the link: https://codecanyon.net/item/heychat-voice-and-text-messaging-app/18543781

Can we Approve/Disapprove Registrations? We dont want to make it public. Is there an option?

great. Can i get demo of your web interface too?

great. Can i get demo of your web interface too? or how Approve/Disapprove Registrations?

There’s no web interface available.


tayele Purchased

Unable to connect to server – I have followed every step and now when i try to register i keep getting unable to connect to server message. Please help.

You probably didn’t set the server correctly. Are you using VPS to host the app?

Hi Is there an ios version of this?


atser Purchased

Hi Unable to connect to server Log IIS: POST /user/register 404

i want one of this but some modified if u can then give your mail id yah mail id-soumya.swain17@gmail.com