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so the application can not be used on shared hosting?

It would but you’d have to get root access to make it work which I doubt you’ll get.

Can you provide documentation for such action? thx

You can google for things like this easily. It’s not app related but it’s hosting related thing.

Can you help about install of hosting (we can pay extra)

Yes I could do that. Contact me via email.

can you send your email ? this is my email “sahlanrosyid035@gmail.com”.

Already did.

I want to buy the source Weeki Messenger, but I want you to add a voice dialing feature, and to agree on the price

There’s no voice calling feature available for Weeki messenger. You can go for my another app which contains this feature, here’s the link: https://codecanyon.net/item/heychat-voice-and-text-messaging-app/18543781

Can we Approve/Disapprove Registrations? We dont want to make it public. Is there an option?

great. Can i get demo of your web interface too?

great. Can i get demo of your web interface too? or how Approve/Disapprove Registrations?

There’s no web interface available.


tayele Purchased

Unable to connect to server – I have followed every step and now when i try to register i keep getting unable to connect to server message. Please help.

You probably didn’t set the server correctly. Are you using VPS to host the app?

Hi Is there an ios version of this?


atser Purchased

Hi Unable to connect to server Log IIS: POST /user/register 404


atser Purchased

I did not get anything (

Re-send me the message.


atser Purchased

Re-send. From: atser@mail.ru

i want one of this but some modified if u can then give your mail id yah mail id-soumya.swain17@gmail.com

add friends by phone number just like whatsapp available?

You can add a query for the phone number on search option.

I want to buy this project but it only support image attachment to be sent. can you tell me how to change it. Is it possible?

You’ve to program this by your own. It’s flexible.

hi, can i restrict group creation to specific people like admins?

Yes if you’ve decent knowledge of PHP and Java.

Please i purchased the app and i want to migrate to FCM (firebase), can you help me? this is my new email: simplyhuman0@gmail.com.

I installed the app and register the GCM but i cant send message and profile photo update or status update can you help me?

E/Volley: [22373] BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 400 for…

It’s because you haven’t properly setup the server.

I would buy this app but there are some missing things to make it worth it.

1.) I think it would be a good idea to show the existing chats when a user logs in after he logged out. Right now if you logout, all chats will be gone if you login again. It would be important to show the last chats.

2.) When you search a friend and you add him to the friends list, the app should go back to the friends list after you added him, so you dont have to click too many times to view the friends list again. It should also refresh the friends list so you dont have to refresh it manually to find the new friend.

3.) When you send a message to a friend, it should show the message in the chat tab. Right now you have to click menu > refresh to show the conversation. It would be good if it adds the conversation to the chat after you write a new friend.

4.) There is a edit pencil in the profile options where you can upload an image. if you click the edit pencil, nothing happens, so users can be confused.

5.) It would be nice if you could click the status on the tab where you can edit your image to edit the status. Right now you have to go to the account settings to update the profile.

6.) When creating a group it currently throws com.android.volley.ServerError when you try to add a user and you filled the group name and description.

7.) The friends list should stay stored – right now if you login back, the friends list is gone again and you have to add them all over again.

Any updates to fix existing issues? Last update was in September 2016. Please add the features you developed for other apps to this template. Thank you!

We’re already working on a new app and planning to release new updates for older apps as soon as we complete the current one. Hope you understand.

Hi, When Your New App Available ?? Fire base ? Near by option and Filer Option Included ?

error in sql query.



MySQL said: Documentation

1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’’ at line 5

When I register, I get, unable to connect to the server… Should I put my website url into BASE_URI? or the directory the api in? or just the IP? or IP~user ?

2- in php, is define(‘HOST’, ‘domain.com’); good? or define(‘HOST’, ‘some.IP.Address’); or define(‘HOST’, ‘some.IP.Address~user’);