Weeki Messenger - Instant Messenger (Full App)

Weeki Messenger - Instant Messenger (Full App)

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Support is no longer available for this product. If you’re still interested then you’re free to buy it but support from author wouldn’t be provided. The product is now available for $15 instead of $20. Happy coding!

Fast, fully designed and instant messaging app for android with a lot of great features. With this application, you can talk with anyone in your friend list without any limitations with attachment feature like sharing images and sending emoticons. The app is fully designed and is purely coded to make it easier to understand for developers. You can find friends, add them and start talking with them without any wait just like instant messaging. The important feature of this app is it’s group messaging with unlimited users. You can create as many group conversations as you want to talk together with peoples who are most important to you. The app works together with PHP and MySQL on server-side and SQLite on client-side.


  • Instant Messaging.
  • Personal/Group Messaging.
  • Attachment (Images).
  • Client-Sided Friend System. (Like WhatsApp)
  • Profile name, status and picture.
  • Messages with emoticons.
  • Mute groups/users.
  • Block users.
  • Block list.
  • Organized Settings.
  • Fully Designed.
  • Notifications and offline messages (with images).
  • Encrypted account passwords.
  • AdMob ads.
  • and a lot more…

Demo APK:

Click here to download Demo APK.


  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Web server with decent specifications.
  • FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

Side notes: The application works just like WhatsApp. It uses offline friends system. The server sends the message to the app whenever it is online and it stores on the database when it is offline which makes it faster and available offline for users. Feel free to contact me whenever you need any help regarding this or when you’re having trouble setting up the app.

Change log:

Update #1: Extra Security Layer and request authorization added.

Update #2: Admob ads added, Fixed some bugs (crashes), Pull to refresh functionality on groups and friends screen while chat screen will automatically refresh now.

Update #3: MySQL Native Driver (MySQLnd) is not needed anymore. You just need the latest version of PHP 5.1(+) to make it work. to make it work.