Discussion on WeddingPress - Create Your Own Wedding Website

Discussion on WeddingPress - Create Your Own Wedding Website

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Very unique, useful and a great way to help support a wedding! Bookmarked. Thanks CodethenaSoftware!

Thank you very much! Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

About time someone thought of this. Cheers. #Bookmarked

Our Lead Developer wanted a plugin for his wedding so we thought lets make one!

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

Does this work with WooCommerce ?

It is seperate to WooCommerce but should work along side it.

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

It is, however Weddingpress does everything it does and more plus you don’t need to install WooCommerce to do it.

With Weddingpress you get Guest Lists, email invites, online RSVP with meal and drinks selection, QR codes, beautiful pre made HTML email templates not just plain text emails and much much more. Plus we have a bunch of updates to come.

Personally I would say Weddingpress is more suited towards a full wedding website experience but if you really want a WooCommerece plugin at least one is available for you!

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

demo is not working

Hi, just tried it and it seems fine. What in particular is not working for you? The PayPal redirection wont work unless you close the code canyon bar at the top of the demo as Code Canyon puts demos in iframes.

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

will this work with any website theme? thanks.

It’s designed to blend in with any theme, you may want to give it a tweak or two but it should be fine, we’ve tried it in quite a few and it blends in nicely.

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

RSVP Response Page can I add not only Name, Email, Notes/ Messages but also Mobile Number?

Mobile number is not available in this current version sorry.

We do over customization services if you are interested you can submit your request at

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

Hi! I’d really like to buy this theme but I have one question… My client is a shop and he doesn’t have an on-line shop.

What I need is to hold all the functionality, but instead of palce a “go to paypal” button I need the button to send an email to my client with the reservation.

is it possible? and how complicated it can be?

Thank you

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying over the Christmas period.

This is possible, however the current version cannot do this.

We do offer a customization service, please let us know if you would like a quote.

Many Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

Awesome plugin, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!

Just a couple of questions: (1) can I remove the drinks options? (2) can I reduce the food options to 2 or even 4? (3) normally, the children are listed at the top when someone logs into using their reference code. Can this be swapped round meaning that the children would come after their parents? (4) Under the word ‘RSVP’, it says ‘POSTED ON 23RD NOVEMBER 2014 BY DEMO USER’. Can this be removed?

Thanks for your help!


Thanks very much for your swift response!

(1) When are you likely to release this update?

(2) Okay great

(3) Yeah I think the new version would work better. Thanks for telling me how this version works

(4) Great to know

Thanks again for your support!


thanks for your reply, we’re looking to release the next version (1.5) in a month or two.

Many Thanks, Andrew


Just to let you know we’ve added a bunch of new features lately including the ability to remove drinks option and ordering guests better.

Thanks, Andrew

Does this work with wordpress multisite?

Hi, just to confirm for any other users, this version 1.0.2 has only partial support for multisite. It will install on multisite but some settings will be shared across all sites and sites added after the install are not automatically included.

If you require full supported multisite functionality I suggest that you wait until later this year as hopefully version 2.0 will include multisite functionality. We will update the description when it is included.

Thanks, Andrew

Nice, that’s a great start.


Just to let you know we’ve added a bunch of new features lately including the ability to work in a multi site environment. This was added in version 1.5.

Thanks, Andrew


Before buying I have a question. When somebody purchases a gift and pays the whole amount, is the gift than deleted from the website?

I can’t find this info.

Thanks for the reply


Thanks for your question, it will be shown as 0.00 left on the Gift List page.

If you would like it to be hidden once it reaches 0.00 we can do that for you with our customization service.

Thanks, Andrew

Andrew, I’ve opened a ticket.

Thanks, we’ve replied.

Thank you, Andrew

How hard/easy would it be to translate this plugin?


I don’t think it would be very hard, the plugin is very logically laid out so changing the necessary text should be quite straight forward.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, just to let you know as of version 4.0.0 we now support translation!

Thanks, Andrew

Hi C. can this plugin be used for multiple couples?

So they sign up and have a private login etc. (can you add so that the couple create a web personal landing page


Done xoxo how do i see the good stuff

hi any new on the above..

Unfortunately we can’t advertise other products on CodeCanyon.

We do have some information on our website however.

Two questions:

1) Is there any way to import guests from a excel file or csv? I already have a huge list of guests and to have to enter them manually for each person seems like a chore.

2) How do I set the wedding date? I can’t find anywhere to enter the date.

Hi, thanks for your questions.

1) Unfortunately not for now, we are planning this.

2) It is on the email settings page.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, we have just uploaded version 3.1.0 with a new feature that means you can upload guests from CSV files!

Thanks, Andrew

Hi! it would be great if in the gift registry we could insert the link of the product if it is sold online

Hi we will look at integrating this into a future version. Thanks for the suggestion! Andrew


Great plugin! I bought it in the end, thanks!

Just a quick question, is there a way to export the data of those who have and haven’t RSVP’d?

Cheers Joe

Serious?! That’s really bad. I’ve added my 300 guests to the plugin and there was no point because I can’t extrapolate that data.

When are you planning on bringing out the next release?

Hi Joe,

It all depends what you’d want to do you could copy and paste the ravp talble into excel that should work.

You could also get the data directly from the Mysql database on your Wordpress blog.

Alternatively we can do it as a customisation work if you would like us to please open a ticket on

Many thanks, Andrew


Just to let you know we’ve added a bunch of new features lately including the option to export the RSVP responses to a CSV file.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, would it be possible to add Philippines Peso currency please? Thanks.


Sorry for the delay we’ll take a look into this.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, just to let you know we have added 20 new currencies in version 1.8.0 including the PHP – Philippine Peso.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, your plugin is compatible with the latest version of Wordpress ? Your plugin seems to have been updated in December 2014 ?

Best regards,


Yes it is, we try to write our plugins as carefully as possible so updates in WordPress have as little effect on us as possible. As a result we are still fully compatible.

Thanks, Andrew

Is this plugin still under active development? There has been no update or additional features since initial release over 9 months ago.


Thanks for the question. WeddingPress is still under active development we just have been busy working on some other plugins and since we haven’t had any bugs or compatibility issues so far we haven’t been releasing updates.

Is there any features you would need to see added before buying? We’re always looking to tailor our plugins to what people actually need!

Thanks, Andrew

Is it only for admin? Can users register and enable the feature?

Currently there is only one wedding per wordpress installation sorry!

Thanks, Andrew

I would also buy this if it wasn’t only for admin

Thanks for the comment, we might be working on that soon!


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