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Before purchasing I had a few ‘extra’ questions.

1. Are there other payment options than Paypal?

2. I want to create a site where you can register an account > create and share your wedding list with friends. Will I need a license for every user? So let’s say I have 20 people wanting to create a list on my multisite environment. Will I have to purchase the plugin 20 times?

Thanks, Kind regards

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your questions:

1.) At the moment the only option is PayPal.

2.) If you are not charging your customers then you can use a single normal licence, however if you are charging you would need an extended licence.

Thanks, Andrew

Great Plugin Thanks! There’s a typo for the header of Gift List on the settings page. It says “Gift Lift”. Understandable typo haha.

Hi James, thanks for the heads up we’ll make a note of that for the next version.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, I installed the plugin and it is running ok! how ever I would like to have a “blank” option on the select dropdowns for assistance selection and food selection in order to force user to select some real options and not to select the default ones…

Interesting idea! I’ll pass it onto the devs. Thanks!

We did as we haven’t gotten any answer. Check it out what we did. (Use prueba as code)

Great, have a great wedding and a merry Christmas

Hello, I want to create a wedding planner site, so I will have many clients, I have some questions: 1. can i create an account for every client with only one plugin, with not charges? 2. how can their invited see only their own information?

Hi, I am looking for a system where already registered visitors are invited upon name to an event by e-mail and only have to confirm/deny their presence, by simple yes/no/maybe buttons. This without having to re-identifying themselves by having enter their name or a code. If the invitation per mail is sent to a unique email adres/registered user by a unique link, why should the invitee have to reidentify himself ? Is this possible with the weddingpress plugin ? Thank you very much Best regards Stef