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When you will update it to the latest version of ios??

Hi, after looking around, I found the original version of this app – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/big-day-personal-wedding-planner/id728228096?mt=8

Is this your app or did you have the rights for this source code? I’m going to publish but if this is not the case, I’m not going to publish as I’m afraid there might be some future copyright issue there. Kindly have me answered so I can decide whether to publish or not. Thanks.

Hello , I would you like to update you that this app is one of the reskin what we did for our customer . And i would also like to tell you that we have coded this app and also have got many reskin for customers. You will still find lots of copies with tons of extra features and new skin implemented for customers .

But i want to confirm that we are holding copyrights of the ocde and you can buy this confidence .

Thank you

Thanks for the reply, i feel much more secure in publishing the app now.

hi does this still work, how can we do a reskin.

It works but you need to know objective-c to reskin , also i want to confirm that i am giving all files i dont have any readonly files or any encrypted files. code is easy to understand and easy to modify for one who knows objective-c

Is it working for XCode 8.0 and iOS 10.2 ?

is it working for iPhone or only iPad ?

Both , it’s done with auto layouts.

I do not recommend dealing with him he was a crook Only gets the money and does not work Rating of customers is the evidence The dialogue between us is the evidence https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-bacend-cms-coded-with-native-android/18474824/comments

Thieves returned my money

This crook stole my money I transferred $ 500 to complete the project and did not do the work and Does not want to return the money

Hi I am looking to purchase this app, please could you give me your skype id so I can speak with you about a re-skin and publishing to my apple enterprise account.

my skype is rupenm ( Bangalore )

Does it work with IOS 11? Can you change with Xcode 9 and SWIFT 4? Thank you

I have not checked it also we have been busy with other project’s, this is full fledge code is all i can assure you .

Hi, Does it work on the latest Xcode 9.4?

Thanks for your reply and this time in about <1 min to reply you .You have to do minor code changes to get this work for 9.4 so you can be prepared for the same. The code is also written in objective-C . The price we selling its way worth then the amount of time you will spend in developing this from the scratch also there is no other components which has this features. Rest is up to you.

Let me know if you need any thing else.

:-) That’s what I call a good support ;-)

If it’s not too much asking, Can you please do these small changes yourself update the code on CodeCanyon? I am sure many will benefit from this.

Thanks for looking into that. Criss

Criss , We don’t have developer’s available at the moment, as our entire team is busy with other projects . I will keep you posted when we have any bandwidth availability.