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Ummm your “Screen Shot” links to your product photo – the same photo on your Application’s description page!

Why not show some examples of it in action – obviously with you integrating it into something – i.e. a file manager, or an application???


Will Try, and perhaps sell it here later!

Sell it here later? Aren’t you already selling it?

It seems, it will be a good one but without seeing it in action, I wouldn’t like to risk it.

Good luck with sales.

I said sell it here another application that uses this class. I personally wouldn’t like to risk buying something that I can’t see what it does. I Will provide “ways” to show how this class can be used.

Will it zip a folder recursively with all the contents?

Submited an update with that functionality. As it is now only zips files and to zip recursively folders requires extra work outside the class.

Updated! Now this can be achieved.

Hi I get an error, Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in /kunden/*_/webseiten/zip/zip.php on line 79


Check your php version! This class only work on php 5.2+ or any php version that has PECL extension instaled. The Class ‘ZipArchive’ is a prebuilt class from php.

jep, I know I’m runnin’ PHP Version 5.2.13! That’s not the problem! Any other ideas?

Maybe you are wrong pointing the location of the class. Try checking your require() function and the directory. In my point of view is something wrong with your code, not the class. If you still having problems please email me.

Hi, thanks for your support. It was a problem with my provider. I had to add the extension = “” to my php.ini – anyway, now it works fine!!! recommendable & usefull script!

Thanks, glad to hear you solved your problem :)

can you choose multiply files to upload and zip it?

Best Regards Icemanmx

Yes. And You can choose to zip those multiply files in the same zip archive or each file for each archieve.

Hi, is this zip class support password function so I can make secured zip files?

Thanks.. :)

Hi, no. Perhaps I can update it!

Hi… Please update it, will be great to have the password function in this class.. And also please give the method to open locked zip file.. Thanks.. :)


I’m wanting to know if this can handle unzipping of a zip file with say 100 folders and a total of say 10,000 text files inside the folders (10,000 in total, not in each folder).

Can it handle that much data?


Hello, I think so. I will re-work on this as a customer requested changes and will look at that.

I’d like to test it with that many files.

If I buy it and it can’t handle that many, will you either update the library or allow a refund?

Hi ! $zip->zip_folders($file_path, $source); Don’t create file for me … Please help me

Hi, we are discussing this over email.


What is max files size for zip (over 4GB) And is it possible zero compressing?

I was able to zip 1Gb. With this class you cannot go over 4GB. I will make more tests since the php server needs to be configured properly to zip larger files.

Hello, does it support .rar files?