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hello sir can you help me i have problem this the problem i will wait your replay : Error:A problem occurred configuring project ’:AndroidWebView’. > Cannot evaluate module google-play-services_lib : Configuration with name ‘default’ not found.

Hi, you need to download the last version of SDK, and also all SDKs from 19+. Kind regards.

sir i dont knoe how to change the package name

why you dont replay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We answered to you on your last comment. Kind regards.

Hello Author, I’ve just downloaded the demo from playstore, found this interesting. Pretty nice UI, I want to ask some pre-purchase questions regarding this template, In your FULL FEATURE LIST you’ve stated ” No programming skills needed – in less than 5 minutes you can make Android app for you website – Easy customized – easy and fast create Android app of website”

Is this really going to work? As I’ve no prior experience in programming so how easily am I able to customize it according to my website requirements? The left menu shows multiple sites, how can I remove them all and place only single url of the website? and In the left Menu I want to place the single websites nav options? is it possible?

Thanks in Advance!


With this template you don’t need to go to do programming but still you should know how to setup environment (Android Studio), how to build apk file… So you don’t need to code (in meaning of writing some new lines in code) but you need to have experience in developing android apps.

Thanx. :)

Ok, Are you going provide the complete open-source code for editing or provide with the java jar package? Am I able to customize the code stuff based on my requirements?

Yes, you will get source code for editing. And you can customize code if you know how. :)

hi there, how can I disable the admob feature from the application? I am using both eclipse with adt plugin and also android studio, but I would like to know in eclipse how can I disable the admob feature because I don´t want ads on my app.

Hi, you need to remove the source section for admob in and in activity_main.xml. Also, remove admob line in Manifest. Kind regards.

yes, thank you!! it worked perfectly

Hi may I know, if I have a WordPress theme, is this can direct convert my WordPress theme to android app?


It can’t “convert” your WP site to native adroid app.

This is method where you use “web view” in android where it basically shows responsive version of your site.


sir i have sent an email looking for support but i didn’t got your reply

Hi there I have another question, the app on tutorial says to alter the color of the status of the menu sections, it says ” Main color is “action_bar_color”, and that color are used for text color and other colors.” But the action_bar_color does not exist on colors.xml so i tryed creating that option but still nothing worked, the colour continues white for the text. could you please instruct me how to change the color of the top text on the left which appears on every section, because i need to place the background of the header in the white color. thank you.

hey man i have learnt how to import perfectly with android studio deployment is much better cause the emulator runs faster than on eclipse, i liked it a lot, this script is awesome very well built!!! and about the action bar color, I have figured out how to open a light theme and it changed background to a smoother lighter color and that adapted fine with my project. thanks a lot !!! in this post it explains how to import the eclipse project into the graddle project with android studio, you just have to change two files from gradlle: build.graddle and and put the distributionUrl= on properties and dependencies { classpath ‘’ } } on build.gradlle. :)

Glad that you solve it! Thanks for buying and sharing file. :)


My website is only for desktop view.Can I convert my site to mobile view?? Please create a demo app for my website.. link:

Was interested in this but it seems abandoned. :(

Sorry but we do not offer support for this item any more. :(

need customization please contact

Can I create webview app for n no of siites in regular license? Or do I need to purchase extended one for the same?

One regular license = one site. But please be aware that we don’t give support anymore for this template.