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Can it work with social media network? uploading pictures and videos ?

Hi, you can contact us via email (dev@csform.com) and sent us your URL, and we will sent you demo apk with your URL. You can test that in live. Best regards.

Hi is this including InAppBrowser?

Hello, this is native Android app only. Kind regards.

I want to bay but have a question: Your application have all permits activate? access to camera, gallery, etc.?

Hello, we don’t have all permits, but we are planing to add as much as possible in next update. Kind regards.

Hi, can you give to us more details? What is exactly that you ask? Kind regards.


The page linked there is a radio player in html5. I want to know if the player is in the app functional. I want to buy the code but would like to know if the app supports html5 for audio

Hi, please write to us the email on dev@csform.com, and then we will sent to you the demo with your URL. Kind regards.

Hello, I have bought and i have one question. How many more left menu item can be added? I added left menu upto 25 but the app only showing upto 22. Remaining 3 menu which i set are not showing in left menu. Could you please help.

Hi, you can have as much as you want. There is no limit. Please take a look again, in MainActivity.java where you initialize the LeftMenu, how we do that, and add your pages like we does. Also, please take a look on LeftMenuAdapter.java. Kind regards.

Hi, just a simple pre-purchase question. I have intermediate programming skills in html 5, php & mysql. We have a working web based responsive app (html5). We need to make a android app, and it’s my first time. I created an apk that just redirects to a url. It’s working fine. What’s this webview app source code for? What are the differences between your product and just making a apk that opens a url? Sorry, as stated it’s my first time I’m asked to make a android app. Thanks in advance for your clarifications, I’m a serious buyer.

Hi, firstly, this is a native app. We provide here possibility to have more then one website and to put all these sites like shortcuts in left menu, so basically, you will get collection of your websites. So, if you have a big company, with more then one products, and websites for every product, this app can help you to easily present your company and your product in one place. Kind regards.

Is this a stand alone script, generator that builds app from a url? Or is it installed on each domain and converts current website into app?

Hi, we use webview here and everything is setup already, so your job is only to put your url in strings.xml and that is it. Please read our documentation (http://csform.com/documentation-for-webview-android-template-app/). Kind regards.

Hello, I have some questions. I have website with wordpress. So I want an app with this kind of features as well. If you can help then please let me know.

1- Can we show Custom Fields?

2- Can we exclude categories?

3- Can we create pages by TAGS?

4- Can it will display attachment page? – Because I have create attachment page manually.

5- Can we create sub-menus?

6- Is there any offline reading with favourites?

7- How attachment image will be display?

8- Can we add Icon on top header?

9- How we can make better search field?

I am waiting for your reply. Thanks

Hi, we are sorry, but currently we don’t make any kind of customization, because we don’t have free time for that, so you need to add these features by yourself. All of these are possible to add. Kind regards.

I use Batch for push notifications in my iOS app, can I integrate Batch into this template to send push notifications?

Hi, you need to check Batch’s documentation about that and see how it can be implemented in Android apps. Kind regards.

Hi how to disable good gle adword on my app

Hi, could you please be more specific? Kind regards.

Hi need to call webview from contact page . how to do that. in fact in contact page, I would like to add some website link and I would like the link to be open as other link under left menu Thanks

Hi, that will be some kind of customization. Please contact us via email dev@csform.com, and give to us all specifics that you need, and we will set you the price for that. Kind regards.


Hi, you can replaced ic_launcher with your icon. Kind regards.

ProgressBar is not working with your demo and project can you check

Hi, we just check that and its working just fine. If you have issue with that, please record the screen and send to us video and your log on email dev@csform.com. Kind regards.


1) Can I create mutiple apps with 1 single webview license purchase?

2) Can I edit required files with just text editors? I don’t want to use Eclipse or Android Studio, so if required files to change are just text files types I plan to edit them and complie apk file with cordova. There is possible?

1) No, you can. One license is for one app. You can only put multiple URLs inside the one app, and have access to multiple websites from one app.
2) Sorry, but that shouldn’t be possible, because this is a hybrid app, not mobile web.
Kind regards.

i need more documentation for how to make this work, because i always get error when open the project files on android studio or eclipse… noob here…

Hi, we provide in the documentation everything that you need for the app importing. Could you please update your SDK? Also, could you please contact us via email dev@csform.com, and write to us in details what kind of the errors you get? Kind regards.

hi I am contacting you thru e-mail because I could not import properly, something about two pngs that did not fit right while compiling the apk on android studio

Hi, please unzip file that you download from codecanyon.net directly on C://, because some paths are too long for unzip, and they can be lost if you unzip it in some directory on your computer that have a long path. Kind regards.

Please send me build.gradle file for importing this project into AndroidStudio.

How I can remove the Ad from application?

Hi, please remove the admob section in activity_main.xml. After that, you can remove the source related to admob from MainActivity.java. Kind regards.

any update for this apps?

Hi, we are sorry, but we don’t planning to update this app in sooner future. Kind regards.

1. can i build in android studio? 2. can i put Admob interestial?

Hi, the answer is yes, for the both. :) Kind regards.

I want to disable left menu. Draw menu and bar of top WebView. I want WebView in full screen. It’s possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi, yes it is possible. You need to remove ActionBar in MainActivity.java and disable NavigationDrawer in MainActivity.java and also remove LeftMenu from activity_main.xml. Also, you can remove AdMob in MainActivity.java and in activity_main.xml. Kind regards.

How do we convert site to app? Using URL? Im confused on what is the interface we are using to do this? Where are push notifications?

Hi, yes with using the URL. And we don’t have push notifications. Also, please check our online documentation. Kind regards.