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How does this work with different resolutions and screen zooms?

If I request to highlight a section of the screen, this section will be differently placed in different resolutions and zoom levels so is this attached to a div, for example, so wherever the div is and whatever size then it stays attached to it or is it placed absolutely via CSS for example?


I added right now detect window resize and upload files to CodeCanyon. All information is in documentation and in ‘Live preview’ on my site. If you change resize WebTour detect this change and adjust current step to your window browser. In WebTour is function ‘refresh()’ which refresh your current step. Right now added automaticly this function if you turn on in configuration ‘detectResizeWindow’ – default value is ‘false’.

Can an unlimited number of steps be created? All your demos only show 2 steps and a close. Can I assume this was just for the demo?

I’d love to see an auto play that slowly went threw all the steps, with an animated line on the “tooltips” that represented when the next “slide” would load.

Can an unlimited number of steps be created?
Yes. You can create as many steps.

I added an example ‘Autoplay and duration steps’.

You must wait on review my upload archive but example is ready on ‘live preview’.

Really greate peace of work. It looks very good and works just perfectly.

Thank you ^^

Thank you very much!

Looks very clean and modern! I really like the design. Seen many other tour scripts, but this is but far the cleanest and most stylish one!

But I fear there is no wordpress version or sth. like this planned, or? Since while creating tours i really would want to focus on content and have the result immediately.

Maybe sth. consider for the future?

Wordpress version is planned. Leave me your e-mail by writing to and will inform you of this release.

Documentation of the current version:

Thanks. I sent you an email. Is there a roadmap or sth.? Will it take 1 to 2 months or rather longer, or shorter – or is no date planned yet?

I know and save your e-mail. The new version can appear later this month but can not guarantee because I have a lot of work.

Is it possible not to load the tour on smaller screens?

You must detect window width in jQuery and check this width with Your minimum width.

Simple code: if ($(window).width()>400) { WebTour.init(); }

if Your window width is bigger than 400 px You can use WebTour.

Thanks a lot for the reply!

How to use in wordpress

Radius feature doesn’t work in Safari. Using Safari 9.1

Well done! Good job!