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Very nice. Quick question: Is there an email notification feauture when users are offline? And is it possible to restrict the use of the chat to certain WPusers?

Thanks for the quick reply. Good to hear restriction is planned

So offline personal messages are not possible with this plugin? If so, then the lack of mail notifications is a disadvantage. I wuld certainly purchase if this feature was included ;-)

You can send message to an offline person but the person won’t get an email. When the person logs in, the person will see that there are unread messages.

OK, thanks. I’ll follow development in case you decide to add mail notifications at some point.

awesome! is this compatible with buddypress? i love the material design btw

I’ve just tested it and it’s working fine. Only problem is when you change your profile photo from buddypress, it won’t affect live chat profile photo.

Hi this plgin is responsive? thanks

Yes, of course :)

sorry for my insistence but for the demo is not full responsive . That’s why I need to be sure

Could you please mail me a screenshot.

E-mail: nberk_tumer@hotmail.com

Hi. We are having serious problems with the plugin. The problems of this file giving the server.php chat does not operate correctly.

Could you add me on skype.

Skype: nberk97

we have put the server.php in a vps with centos 6.6 , open port 9000 on iptables, and on service with php server.php , and to go to another server, where wp is , we have set the path server.php and does not work

I do not really want a refund only wish your plugin works well

I’ll send a SQL file to import the tables manually today. Let’s try in this way.

I need your prefix of wordpress tables in database.

You can log in via FACEBOOK or another social network?

No you can’t. There is no social login feature.

Can you integrate this with Slack so that anytime a person messages, a notification would show on slack? You’d get more sales this way too!

It’s a good idea, thank you:) I’m also planning to add a “Send Message” button for WooCommerce.

i think this is what i need, but your demo is not very clear how this work as i am registered user in your wordpress site do i have to login to chat with you? do you as an agent see name email and other detail for the registered user? without asking them every time to fill in pre chat survey can you provide me 2 day trial ?

ok can you please make demo for admin panel we can’t understand how dose it work, this will also increase your sales very much,

You can test admin panel of php version. They have the same admin panel but some settings such as user management are removed as they are available on wordpress. You can compare the admin panel with screenshots.

First login to http://www.heisenberk.com/demo

Then go to the url below. Admin demo url: http://www.heisenberk.com/demo/admin-demo

great theme like whatsapp. but i need only admin to users Messaging not user to user Messaging


namdy01 Purchased


I just paid for this plugin and it appears to be promising. There are a few things that I do have issues with

Buddypress: Is this fully integrated with buddypress? For example Does it synchronise with your profile photo? Does it synchronise with your buddypress friends list Does it synchronise with your buddypress groups?

profile photo: when you use the existing profile photo function, you cannot crop the photo and the photo is stretched or skewed. buddypress photo allows you to crop, hence takingthe photo from buddypress might make sense

Most people that use chat have buddypress. Hence to create a chat system means ful integration with buddypress

The best chat plugin i have seen so far is http://widechat.nn-webstudio.com/ because it is very simple to use and is fully integrated. unfortunately for some reason, they are no longer on code canyon.

Your plugin looks similar but is just a bit more complex, especially for buddypress angle.

Please take a look at the simplicity and integration of widechat and please let me know if you have any plans to make it fully integrated with buddypress

Good luck with sales. I’ll buy it for my site http://sieuthibepnhapkhau.com.vn/

Do you provide customization services?

If the site has a personal account for users,where they enter their login and password.Is it possible to log into your chat according to the data (username and password) as they enter the website?

The script uses wordpress users to login. So users can login using their wordpress username and password.

And this plugin supports MultiSite? I need that I would have it activated for all sites. The regime MultiSite one database,so users from all sites in the network can communicate using this plugin,do I understand correctly?

If all of them are connected to the same database, you can use the plugin for all of your websites.

good work!

thank you:)

I am thinking of purchasing this for a client. I will be using ajax-translator-revolution-wordpress-plugin. Are there any known issues?

It’s not working on NGINX. That’s the only problem.

Ajaz or websocket?

WebSocket is not working with NGINX

Hi this looks exactly what I’m looking for, however I need a special feature. Is it possible to charge the users for every message they send? Let’s say they’ve got 20 free messages after that they have to purchase a pack of messages. Please let me know if this is possible or if you can make this possible!!! thank you.

Sorry, I can’t help you about that.

I made a support request a few days ago, and I still have not received a response.


Pre-purchase question Thanks for creating your plugin. It looks, pretty, good, modern. I have question, pre-purchase:

I use a social networking theme:

I wish to integrate a chat system, such as, the Badoo site. -Your plugin looks good. But the plugin is counted with the KLEO theme? - Does your plugin automate and agree with registered users, or must the user, log on again?


OK fine.

Have you planned an update, so that the profile of the user, synchronizes with the photo in, chat? Integration, does not need a special code difficult?

Thank you

I don’t plan to do it, at least any time soon.

OKI :-) I sent you an email, to ask for assistance, on the installation aid :-) to the pleasure and thank you for your answers!

Hi, when I try to access the demo from codecanyon, there is an “Error connecting to the database”.

Can ou fix that so we can see the live demo please :)?


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed the problem:)

Hi, I just bought the plugin, and even I saw the notice of “not support in nginx”, I still want to try it, yet after I configured all the settings, the websocket server is still not connected, but I’ve search online and it says the websocket is support in nginx since version 1.3, so is there any way to make this plugin work in CentOS, nginx environment?

I tried before but I couldn’t find a solution. Btw, what is the error? It’s been a while, I forgot the error.

Hi, the error disappered when I installed the plugin, but now I cannot use it at all since it doesn’t support ngnix, please let me know if you have got any solution to this issue.

Could you try to remove the codes below on 55. and 2141. lines in server.php “socket_getpeername($socket_new, $ip);” and “socket_getpeername($changed_new, $ip);”