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I need help setting this up for buddy press none of my users can use this

Replied your email :)

This plugin is not working i need help

Hi this plugin was updated almost 1 year ago. If I buy this plugin now will I get plugin support from you guys ?

If you have a problem, I can help you to fix it:)

Hi I bought this plugin. Now can you please guide me how I can get Websocket server port number from my godaddy VPS. Thanks a lot in advance…

if I buy you install it for me?

this plugin has not received more update, but it seems one of the best on the site. the cool thing is that it is not linked with budypress or bbpress

With some extra installation fee, I can install it.

I have a classifieds site, is it possible to create a link for each conversation so that I can not place any ads and how to search and talk with the advertisers?

This plugin is very good, why do not you invest in an update?

In the demonstration the images do not appear, is this error general in every installation?

What is the value of the extra installation?

I liked this plugin because the user does not need to have a profile in buddypress to chat, already in the other plugin needs.

profile images, and chat attachment images do not appear to me in this plugin

I really liked SimplyChat, the more users need to have a budypess profile and add to friends to chat, this is not good for me because I would like people to talk freely to each other

Ok, again thanks for letting me know. I fixed the image problem. It seems the image folder had deleted from my server.

Pre-purchase question. I want to buy this. Like the simplicity of it but I’m a non-technical person… many questions from other buyers scare me. How hard is the installation. Is it kist basically install & activate or do I need special set up. I use Videopro wordpress theme.

It requires some configuration on command line. You must run the listener on the command line.

your demo is not working. i clicked on the chat icon but nothing happened.

Thank you for letting me know :) I fixed the problem.

are you sure you fixed it? still doesn’t work for me.

It’s probably loaded from cache. Try to refresh the page using shift+f5 or ctrl+f5.

so with the wp version, is it a plugin? so there is no need to set up the server like in the php version?

No, it uses the same system as PHP version. Again, you need a server to host the listener.


CrashMJ Purchased

Plugin is not working.only blank page displays


CrashMJ Purchased

I can’t even login to the wp-admin all blank there

Hello. The configuration for this plugin is complex and the documentation is not very explanatory. Do you have more detailed documentation?

Unfortunately, that is the only documentation.

Thanks for the reply. I think it won’t run on my shared server anyway. It’s my fault for not reading the requirements which were shown clearly on your product page. I found another solution that works for my needs. Take care.

Hi, the demos listed on the main page don’t seem to work. Any chance you could get these fixed? Thanks!

what is the problem? It’s working fine on me.

When clicking on “Shoutbox Demo” ( https://www.quadsoft.me/ ) or “Full Page Demo” ( https://www.quadsoft.me/?page_id=45 ) it opens nonexistent links.

Sorry about that. Fixed the URL. Now you can test it :)