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Is there a way of testing hosting ports before purchasing this script?

There are some websites or ssh commands that you can check your ports but on some servers, if the port is not used, it seems closed, although it’s open.

You can find them on google.

can this be use with an existing system/website? can user create group chat? will you integrate for me?

kind regards

Yes it can be integrated but I can’t help you about that.

hello Misscodi, sory, im very bad speak english. I want to know before buy. In this application, can I make groups private with users? So “user1” and “user12” Only to see group1 , user2 and user21 only to see gorup2. is it possible? thank you

I might not understand well, but if user1 create a group and adds user2, only they can see the group.

If you want to create a group for them and you don’t want them to add someone else, you can create an “System” user, then you create groups with that user and invite other people. With this way, only added people can see the group and they can’t invite/kick someone else.

You script looks great ! Is it possible to see the admin panel ? (not in the demo)

There is a admin panel demo page. It’s a little out-dated but screenshots are updated. You can check them out.

If you still want to use the admin panel, add me on skype.

I want to put chat inside my system, questions:

Does each customer use my system, can I create a room for system users and my support to talk to each other? I have 10 clients, so I create 10 rooms, a room for each client?

yes, you can create a room just for system users, as long as you don’t invite someone else.

and yes, you must create 10 rooms for each client.

i purchase this script but can you instrall for my server