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Is there a way of testing hosting ports before purchasing this script?

There are some websites or ssh commands that you can check your ports but on some servers, if the port is not used, it seems closed, although it’s open.

You can find them on google.

can this be use with an existing system/website? can user create group chat? will you integrate for me?

kind regards

Yes it can be integrated but I can’t help you about that.

hello Misscodi, sory, im very bad speak english. I want to know before buy. In this application, can I make groups private with users? So “user1” and “user12” Only to see group1 , user2 and user21 only to see gorup2. is it possible? thank you

I might not understand well, but if user1 create a group and adds user2, only they can see the group.

If you want to create a group for them and you don’t want them to add someone else, you can create an “System” user, then you create groups with that user and invite other people. With this way, only added people can see the group and they can’t invite/kick someone else.

You script looks great ! Is it possible to see the admin panel ? (not in the demo)

There is a admin panel demo page. It’s a little out-dated but screenshots are updated. You can check them out.

If you still want to use the admin panel, add me on skype.

I want to put chat inside my system, questions:

Does each customer use my system, can I create a room for system users and my support to talk to each other? I have 10 clients, so I create 10 rooms, a room for each client?

yes, you can create a room just for system users, as long as you don’t invite someone else.

and yes, you must create 10 rooms for each client.

i purchase this script but can you instrall for my server


Can this plugin be used with WordPress?

Nevermind. I found you also offer a wordpress version.

will this work with PHP 7, MySQL and NGINX on Ubuntu

It doesn’t work on NGINX :(

Hello i try to message you on skype please check it.

hey guy this is good, btu are you giving this out with the complete script?,

Yes, everything is included.

How to install in a vps with ubuntu? How do i open port 9000? I hired a vps and installed ubuntu, but I can not start the websocket. help me

Opening ports depands on your server and your provider. For some servers, just a command line is OK but for some, you need add the port number on server panel.

To start the websocket, type “php -q /Location of server.php/server.php” to command line. However, you should add this command line to cronjobs. You can find how to do that on the document.

The demo accounts are not working…

Thank you for letting me know:) I’ve fixed the problem.

Hi, I am interested in the product and have a few questions… I pinged you on skype… can you chat for a few minutes?

Hi, I’m on vacation now. I won’t be available on skype until 06/08/2017. But you can send an email to nberk_tumer@hotmail.com

Hello. You’ve done a great job.

I have two questions: 1. Is there a quick and easy way to create my own types of messages containing my buttons. 2. Is there a quick and easy way to send additional GET parameters as well and read them

Could you please add me on skype. It’ll be easier to talk. Skype: nberk97

have a trojaner in demo

Tebrik ederim güzel bir plugin. Bir sorum olacak, çok fazla kullanıcı olduğu takdirde sunucuyu yorar mı? Yani şuan ki kullanımı bile sunucuya yük bindiriyor mu?

I continue to receive the following Error: failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.

I followed all steps to install and configure the app as per your documentation. I set the WebSocket Listener URL to: dbox.sh:9000/privy/ws/server.php as that’s exactly where my current server.php resides also I’m 100% sure the Port 9000 is open, but still WebSocket does not work for me why?

Note: I tried to find you on Skype but no luck… please contact me on Skype @jonmalave, or please advise how to fix this issue here.

Thank you, Jon

Could you send an email please? Are you sure that your 9000 port is open? and is the listener running without a problem?

presale question: can admin create chat rooms? i want admin to be the only one who can create chat rooms and then users can choose any of these chat rooms and chat in them.

There is only one way to do this. First, as an admin, create your chat rooms and invite people. Then disable sending personal messages and creating groups from admin panel. This way, people won’t be able to create new chat rooms but they can still chat in the chat rooms that you created. However, new users won’t be added to the chat room.

hello , i have some ask presale please there is some bug when i use iphone audio record - can you Customization services for me . thanks

Dear ,i want admin to be the only one who can create chat groups between users and supervisors can see all messages via control panel

Dear ,How can i create Chat Rooms from admin panel

You can’t create chatrooms from admin panel. What you can do is create a chat room just like a normal user, then invite/kick users from admin panel.

Unfortunately, I don’t do customizations.