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Hello friends, I want to buy this system but I want a feature: Add languages


I can create a base for you to add language support but you must change everything yourself.

what is “change everything”? Im not a developer, I think it was very interesting you add a option where us can modify/change all the words of system to our language. thanks

can you integrate with buddypress?


I suspect that the author of this plugin is the same who created WideChat – Realtime chat for BuddyPress and suddenly disappeared when lots of problems arises of the plugin. I like the plugin though but it hold me back not to purchase this plugin it might disappear again.

What can you say Author?

No, this is my first and the only item. Even the wordpress version doesn’t fully integrated to BuddyPress.

Hi Misscodi,

Firstly i appreciate this great work. the application is very nice, but i want some customizations can we work as Freelance ? are you free to do that ?


Sorry, I don’t work as a freelencer:(

is it running in sharehosting

If you have SSH access and there is a free port, you can use it. However, SSH is not provided and you can’t open a port.

Brilliant update!! can you please add a feature where users can see available groups , probably created by admin and can choose to join and also leave? It’s kind of hard adding over 2000 users to groups manually.

work shared host?

It usually doesn’t work on a shared host. You must be able to open ports and access to SSH. Most of the shared hosts doesn’t provide these services.

work vps?

If you can open ports on that, it will work.


I have Jailed SSH acces on my host. Will the WebSocket Chat works on my host?

I don’t know what are the restricrions but you need “crontab” and “php” commands on SSH.

What are the restrictions on the extended licence? Can it be used to distribute in a free open-source project?


servat Purchased

Hello dear I’ve bought your chat software The software is very good. If possible, please add the following features to the software. Multilingual Right to Left Android App OpenID login Thanks

Thank you Misscodi for this script and your support

Can you add on settings profile off messages from guests and blocking people? I pay extra for this.

Sorry, I don’t work as a freelencer:(

Maybe you add this on update? I see today on your chat if I try write to user: “You do not have permission to see this page.” and I can’t write to him. How he blocked messages?

It’s working fine. Probably, while you’re testing, someone else logged in with the same account, so that problem had occured.

Hi ! Demo required a login and password, and Register link doesn’t work. Please advice, how to check the demo. Thank you!

I fixed the problem. Sorry about that, for some reason, mysql had stopped working on my server.


I upload files on serwer and imported sql file. I added command with server.php on port 9000 on SSH and change settings in config.php and server.php. And I don’t see any users online and messages not working. If I logged on 2 guest and go to new chat I see that this guest is offline. If I try write to him I see: Could not connect to WebSocket server. Why?

Now I have WebSocket Connection Status is OFF and I don’t know why… It is not working – and online list (all people have offline status) only if I change user to online I see him on online list, but messages don’t working. Please help.

WebSocket listener handles the sending messages and changing online/offline status. If it doesn’t work, it’s normal to not to work.

There are a couple of reasons, why it doesn’t work:

1) Your port is not open.

2) WebSocket URL is wrong.

3) WebSocket listener gives an error and crushes.

4) WebSocket listener is not running.

Btw, could you check error_log file on your server.

Please go on skype and help me.

Hi in your screenshots there ir option for recorder audio… but in the live demo is hide…

Which option are you talking about? Could you please send a screenshot to me. Btw, script has a voice notes feature. You can record your voice and sent it but it only supports HTTPS.

Great Job Misscodi. Chat Works 100%. The installation and customization is very simple. You are a Life Saver =D.

thank you very much:)

Have the option of only admin create groups? I just want the admin to create groups.

Hello! Please go on skype, it is important…

Questions pre-sale

I’m a programmer, but I wanted to know if it’s possible: - that the administrator is the only one who can create the groups - add 2 or 3 more fields to the profile as country, province - evaluation of the profile, recomentable, not recommended - blocking one user from another

Regards, very, vey good job

Ofcourse it’s possible but I can’t do that. I don’t have much time for freelancer. But if you wish to do it yourself, I can always help and answer your questions.

It could be adapted to a general chat too, not only in private


aolee Purchased

Hello i just noticed something or is it my implementation, running “php -q /path/to/ws/server.php &” in the background doesnt keep the websocket alive forever. the websocket was red after visiting it for like a day, Is there a way to keep the websocket alive? the process is still running when i did the “top” command but the status of websocket in admin page shows red and offline.

Did you add that command to cron jobs?