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Thanks to GreyTech I now have a amazing website tracking system! So far I love it, its very functional and easy to use. I can choose what stats i want to see and effectively know who is visiting my site! Keep up the great work!

hi thanks for the kind words, glad you are enjoying the program please let me know if you need any help! Thank you

Good luck with selling! :)

Hey thank you! wish the best of luck to you as well!

A very interesting plugin, there is possibility to translate?

Spanish, thanks!

ok great will add to our list of updates when we release a new version thank you! :)

hi we just did a big update fixed a lot of thing and add the translation you wanted please see demo and the update is now waiting to be approved which should be withing 24 hours. thanks :)

Hello, I like your product. I’m already using a similar one purchased through envato but yours is more GUI, I like it. The only thing I want to know is, Can I assign users permission to see only a specific website when they are logged in? In my actual product, I can choose what site(s) users can see… This way when user login he will see only their stats.

Hi, thank you yes you can do this please see demo or you can watch the video to see the assign users work let me know if you have any more questions thanks

Hi, Is that Mobile App Included with this script?

Hi, can you please tell me where you see the mobile as it is mobile friendly but only in a Web browser sorry no app. Let me know if you have any other questions thanks

this script inspired by sitespy….very less feature…....can i track live visitor with maps

hi thank you for checking out the script and no this script was not inspired by “sitespy” we didn’t even know about it, anyway sorry no this does not show live visitors unless you refresh the page. Please let me know if you have anymore questions or issues.

good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Hey Eric thank you for the kind words!

Very good work. Can you translate it in French before you buy. Think you will add another function soon? thank you

Or integrate the script code on its website?

ok good idea will be in next update thank you sir

hi we just did a big update fixed a lot of thing and add the translation you wanted please see demo and the update is now waiting to be approved which should be withing 24 hours. thanks :)

Hi GreyTech
Nice script ! GLWS :-)

I’m tempted to buy …

There is only one thing which is a little unclear for me:

Up too 1,000 Daily Requests via json to

Does that mean if one or all of the websites have over 1000 visitors in a day it stops to show the visitor on the map and Traffic by Country ?

And would you expand the stats if possible e.g. resolution, bounce rate
An option to show a counter on the tracked website

Hi Apollo! thank you so much! yes sorry it will max out all request from any website until 1,000 visitors and that is unique visitors not just any request at least, past that you have to purchase a api from the third party but i would rather have this then a free geo location because they are never updated and not very accurate this API is updated daily and very accurate. Yes of course will add it to our list of things to add in our next release which wont be too long. Thank you for looking :)

hi it’s possible to install it on shoutcast server, all client can have access to see streaming stat ?

Hi I’m not sure about this since I don’t know how shout case works but if you send me the link to it and maybe we can try, please send to email thank you

Hello, Pre purchase question : Is this tracking exact location from where visitors are viewing registered website?

correct right now it only does it based off the visiting IP address (geo location) which pretty much all website tracker system use

but its not getting the exact location buddy.. so will you able to make it via GPS tracking? is that possible for you?

i Just email you. Thanks

Hello, is it possible to add timestamp to the table, when a visitor visit a website. Thanks.

Hi this is one already if you edit a visitor you can see the first time they visited Date visit: 01-04-2017 14:41:46 and then every time they come back this is calculated Total Return Visits: 3 please let me know if this is what your talking about. Thank you :)

Hey, I’m keen to buy this but i have questions.

Can you add auto refresh? Can we charge the tracker code? (Website Visitor Stats by Instead of using could be we use our own files or also use another site?

I’d like only users I’ve added to see there websites, One I’ve brought, do you send me the update files?

I think I should of Went with Site Spy, Doesn’t seem to work, I’ve tried on different websites and pcs, Plus phones.

Hi I would help can you email us your install.url and a website your trying to add please

Please email the info at

Hi, I read the plugin’s documentation, but I did not quite understand if the plugin is able to track the visited pages. Thanks

Hi it does but counts it as one hit and the traffic count how many times but doesn’t not show what pages this will be added in a future update. Thanks

Many error appear in the demo? Is this really 100% running?

hi yes it is please try again it was just someone trying to be smart please try again sorry about that. Let me know if you have any issues. thanks

Can this be added to your it security script that I previous purchased?

Hi, no i’m very sorry but this is a separate program all together. Please let me know if you need anything else. thanks

Just two more questions, Do you think I could add it on there with some coding? Also to record the traffic report does their have to be a code to be placed on the website to track it?

Hi, Sure thing sorry but it’seems alot of changes and I wouldn’t recommend it also yes you need one line of code to get the stats of the website traffic.


I have two questions:

It will be top if you can added on your next update that also showing ‘Real time visitors, active visitors to the site’ ??

and where I have to add the key of, to have more than 1000 hits by day ??

Thanks for your answer

ya thats a good idea could add that in the next update so i would send you instructions for this but very simple once you signup for an account their you will get a access token ?token=244j5kj4454 something like that you would just add the the curl request which i can add it for you or its very simple just edit a file and add that once line. let me know if you have anymore questions. Thanks