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Very nice! Can you add HTML to the screens anywhere? Also, what happens when the page times out, if site is still under construction and it times out?

Hi there,

Thank you!

Nothing in particular :) most people just remove the page before the date etc, do you need something to happen when it times out?

As for HTML, there’s a file (index_wuc.php) that has all the front-end HTML, you can add anything there, it’s pretty flexible, and if any text and several languages you should know some PHP, updating the language files etc in order to have the multilingual UI intact etc.

Yes, I’ll contact you with my idea, thank you..

Hell man this looks cool :-) I like the back end idea, it gives you more power and the ease of changeing stuff. I may have to have this one just to see how you did the backend page. the frount looks simple but getting a backend to work properly is difficult. Can you change everything on this script like the background and maybe some images to get it where it aint so plane? Along with the login page?

It would be really nice to be able to change the text animation inside the admin panel. A great update!!!

Sure, will be added in v4 :)

Im sorry, The TEXT itself. you already have the animation setting.

Looks great!

Thank you :)

The script looks very promising. Have bookmarked for future consideration.

UNBELIEVABLE customer service!!!! The script itself is nice enough but they more than came through with fixing it on my quirky provider server…even though technically it was not their product fault they still were phenomenal!!! Thank you so much one happy customer :)

Thank you :)

Could it create an exportable code to put on another domain, what might it cost for this mode

Hi there,

Sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean :) do you mean a SaaS to generate coming soon landing pages?


No, sorry, it can’t do that, it’s not a SaaS.

Let us know if you had any other question :)

Hello, I install the script, I made the translation into Spanish and works well, the contact form works fine, but I do not subscribe to get the message to the subscriber or the administrator.

I am using my google apps account, username, password, and port, should I do something else?

When you subscribe loading remains indefinitely and if I return to subscribe says it hestoy enrolled, I check svc file and indeed it correctly registered.

Try it please you in

Note: I have not yet tested twitter.

Thank You

Hola :)

Thank you for your purchase.

The subscription module does not get the e-mail address from the configuration file, which means something other than the configuration and language files should have been edited; please send us your FTP access details through this page, so we can look further.


Test results:

Load timeout after dispatching the message from the contact form, faster, ok

Load timeout after dispatching the message from the subscription form, faster, ok

user response message from the contact form: I received ok

response message to the user from the subscription form: received ok

message received by the admin from the contact form: received ok

message received by the admin from the subscription form: received not, is it normal?

thank you for your attention.


Hy, where I can change the language options in the countdown: Regional Options I have created new language and all is well, just miss the days, years, minutes, etc. Thanks Carlos

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Thank you for your purchase :)

Please contact us through the Support section so we can help you, thanks.

Hello, I am very interested to integrate the French language file? can add a logo? how to add a Captcha on the contact form. would add facebook? thank you

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Thank you for your purchase :)

It sure does have an administration panel; you can access it by adding a ?cp=1 at the end of your site URL.

Please contact us through the Support so we can help you setup a French translation file.

French translation: ok Administration panel: ok

I chose the style2 how to have background: # 88bf70; in config

on your system lacks an option to Active or Deactive plugin

why not a link integrated as in the example Open the index.php file of your website with your code editor. At the top of your queue, could The Following line: <? Php require ‘csoon / index.php’; ?>

on my site I have already an index.php file?

thank you

Just answered your support ticket :)

Very good work!

Actually the entire script breaks when I touch any part of the language file

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You need to be careful of the syntax when editing PHP files like this one. You can send us the language file through the Support section or using a text editor with syntax highlighting find out where it is broken (an editor such as Notepad++ at

Let us know…

If we get extended license can we install it and sell accounts to users?

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Thank you for your interest :)

Yes I believe with the Extended license it is allowed, but you’d probably need to find a way to actually sell accounts to your users, this feature is not available.