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Also, a moderation feature for newly uploaded logos would be nice!

The sponsor would create a profile, upload the logo, and pay just as usual. But the sponsorship wouldn’t actually start until the admin has approved the sponsor.

If the sponsor needs to upload a new logo, the sponsorship is then paused, and continued again after the admin has approved the new logo.

Just a suggestion that would help us tackle abusive users that don’t care about spending a few bucks to screw around with the web site owners… :)

Thanks for ideas. Unfortunately, currently I don’t have plans to implement ones.


Could you have a look if HiPay.com is easy to add as payment acceptence. It has good local payment methodes for european. Like banking etc.

Hi. Currently, I don’t have plans about hipay.com, but thank you for idea. I will look when I have time.

Hi, is this plugin for individual articles or universal? Meaning.. if someone purchases an ad on one article, will it appear on others?

You described Article Sponsorship plugin. If someone become sponsor of one article, he/she will be a sponsor of this article only. Website Sponsorship is for whole website.

The plugin does not work properly, view it on my site. remains frozen. xcul.com thank.

Problem solved.

Thank ..very fast!!....one more question, because you think I should change, payal

PayPal blocks accounts related to adult websites.

Hello, most sponsors want to leave a slogan or catchphrase comprising their name. I need to replace the text input with a textarea input. That way, the sponsor can leave a long slogan or cathphrase. What do I change in the code ? The variable names can remain the same, just the field type I need changed. Please post the code hereafter. Thank you

Just find appropriate wording in PHP file and replace one.

My doesn’t works. The little circle just loading when I press the button

Hi. Please provide URL of the page where I can see the problem.

Greetings, I like this so far. I do have any issue with how the links are all jumbled together. Is it possible to set it to just one link per line?

Thanks, Ray

Hi Ray. All sponsor links goes as comma-separated string. If you want to display them one link per line, it is necessary modify source code (small modification).

hello.. i uploaded the plugin.. added the widget too sidebar.. i put the shortcode on one of my pages… the signup form is not there. whats wrong??

Please send through my profile: http://codecanyon.net/user/ichurakov


Thanks. Seems you use wrong shortcode – [websitesponsors] – it is to display list of sponsors. To display signup form, please use [websitesponsorship]. :-)

Hello, does this plugin work with wordpress 3.8 ? Also with any theme? And w3 total cache and maxcdn? Thanks!

Hey, bought your plugin but can you please change the dash icon from that wheel cog thingie to something else? maybe a dollar mark or a money bucket.. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Currently, I don’t have such plan.

I’m considering purchasing this plugin. Does it allow for recurring payments based on the days. For example, I’d like to say $X/month sponsorship. Please advise.

Unfortunately, there is no such option.

What I’d like to find out is how to do recurring payments with Pay Pal. By looking at the code, I believe there is a way of doing it. Please advise.

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no such option. ‘m not familiar with recurring payments, so I can’t advise.

Plugin seems to have issues when payments are sent in a currency the Paypal users does not have on his account. Transactions are then seen as pending and after manually accepted in the Paypal account they are seen duplicate but with unrecognized status..

Actually plugin does not seem to work anymore, i tried to manually add a sponsor, entered name and e-mail and it creats empty entried in the sponsor list..

Something wrong with the insert/edit sponsor.. if i manually insert into mysql table i can print a sponsor on the web page..

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin.

1) If you got “Pending” transaction in transactions list, you can’t delete it before accepting payment through PayPal. If you delete it and then accept payment, the next transaction can’t be verified properly.

2) Regarding adding sponsors. I’ve just checked – everything works. Please provide access to WP dashboard – I’ll check what’s wrong.

I’ve configure settings accordingly, however link on sidebar/navigation bar opens a blank page…instead of empty form for prospective sponsors to fill in their details and make a purchase?

my link http://travelpr.co.za

purchased your plug in as a result of this review http://www.kevinmuldoon.com/make-money-wordpress-plugins/#comment-7641

Regards, Muzi Mohale muzi.mohale@gmail.com

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Did you put shortcode [websitesponsorship] on page: http://travelpr.co.za/sponsor/ ? Also please make sure that there is no errors on “Settings” page.

If you did it, please provide access to WP dashboard – I’ll check what’s wrong.

thank you, that sorted out problem.

Hi, Links to sponsor’s website can have a noffolow tag?

Hi. Nope. There is no such feature, but you can edit source code and add rel="nofollow" attribute to links.

Is there is a way to show a sponsor ad by id? I want to list a sponsor in a different part of the website. Please advise.

Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Is there a way to call this from php?

Nope. Plugin’s architecture doesn’t allow that.


I have a pre-sale question about this plugin. Is it possible to include or integrate the logos from this plugin with a slider. I would like to add a website sponsor list of logos in a slider on my pages in addition to a widget. Can you advise on this possibility.


Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

dear sir, is multisite supported? thanks..

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question. Didn’t test it.

Two pre sale questions … It works on Wordpress 4.x Weather updates


Hi. It works with latest WP.

Could you please add the option so we can put a small text below the button on the widget? I want notify people that only 10 or 20 sponsors accepted so people will hurry or they will miss the chance to list there. Make better convert in this case, I think


Thanks for idea. I’ll include it into todo list.