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Good script, what souce you are using to get data? why pin is all time 0

It use the API of all the service.

Fixed just now the problem with pinterest.

The number of Fb comments on Fb of my site is not shown correctly, also the data of G+ of not popular sites is not shown.

Can you send me the url? I just check a page with 9 +1 and words.

The data are get from the facebook API, this could be a cache problem.

Nice start, I was hoping it was some code I could insert into my pages though that would give me a database like read out of my top web pages being shared on social networks.

Any chance of something like this, instead of needing to insert a url to check it manually?

Nice script, either way tho. :)

Yes, there are a function for each social, so you can include the file, delete the html code and call this function wit the current url.

why i cannot see facebook result?

The url of the website you try to get the information?

u can try it, not got FB, GG+ please help me

Google Plus not working and is it compatible with latest twitter API ?

I tried for the site it returned a wrong random number under the statistic “FB comments on FB” Can you check please. It returned a number 402723989872161 which is utterly, bitterly wrong

No values shown, demo not working.