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This is very cool and useful.
Good luck with the sale :)

Thanks artaweb! You as well

This is really cool! :)

Thanks for purchasing! :)

Don’t know why Live Preview is not working. Please check as i am getting this url https://0.s3.envato.com/files/49480700/index.html

I’ll take a look…

Here’s the video – I just put an update out for the app an waiting for it to get approved. https://youtu.be/WwO8K0yAqLY

Link is not working. DOA

What link isn’t working?

Un outil génial pour stocker tous ses sites. Bravo très utile en racourci

This is brilliant! A must-have for the daily toolbox!

Hello, I congratulate you on the idea … as a suggestion after having used it in the future is that you should add the option to organize groups or categories that would be fantastic …. many successes

Adding it now, great suggestions :)

Thank you. For quick online links we’ve used Win32Pad. Your WS v1 is much more civilized. Good show.

(meant to say earlier … promosnet, above, was spot on with “add the option to organize groups or categories.” That way WS v2 becomes a private #hashtag tool justifying +15% pricing.) Best wishes to you.

thank you its can helpme to manage the link….

I love it TY ….. can I add directories to sort ?

Glad you like – thanks!

WOW. Really cool man, Thanks for the free copy :)

Glad you like :)

demo does not run?

No demo, just download for free using the link to top right


I need Mac OS version please! :-) Us Mac users would also love to have this clever tool!

Incredibly useful tool for affiliate marketers who have to check many sites for product news and updates— I love it!

This is a great tool! Pretty Cool.. Are there any thoughts of adding a place holder for names and passwords? Example: I have around 20 website links but I can’t identify them quickly enough. I have to look at the URL ending. Just a thought.

presale question,

1. Can u add text of link also number of that link (unique number) 2. can user arrange links via cargeories 3. can user add a section where he/she can check links of specific resourses, for example im running a educational website, where i will add a article which will have resourses links like youtube link, viemeo link, dropbox link like that

Lecture 1: (catgeory lecture) link 1 link 2 link 3

Test 2: (catgeory tests / exam) exam resourses 1 exam resourses 2