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It’s absolutely incredible. Good luck in sales .)

is there preloaded animations for the wordpress? I want to make the little girl I was hoping to use it can you just load the animations in the demo. Cool plugin!

Hi, can you give me a private message? So we can talk there? Have you activated the pet? From the Activate button, from the preset icon?

You don’t need to add the pet code anywhere, just Activate it.

Working well now! Thanks great plugin!!

Very unique idea, very impressed. . Is it possible to make any of the animations / speech bubbles clickable links ?. Would be great if you could add sound.

Hi, I was thinking about that clickable bubble and I just thought about a sollution for it. I will make an update to add that feature – Messages that have the option to be links.
Thanks for the purchase!

I love this idea of the pet! But I was wondering is there a way to change the girls dress??? I’m a wedding Photographer & Planner and It would be perfect for my site but it would be great if it was a white dress to resemble a wedding gown =) since of course a glower bouquet would be too much lol but PERFECT!

You can create any kind of pet with this tool. The body of the girl is a simple image that can be replaced. You can see it here:

Also.. I have in plan to give services for customizing the graphics for this pets, if people want it.
All this pet presets are designed by me. If you are interested, we can talk. :)

How can I integrate a pet in my website? Is there a shortcode to do so?

That is odd. I will investigate the issue. I will come with an tweaked update.

is it possible to hide the navigation below the pet?

For usability reasons, I would keep it, to let people chose if they want to remove the pet. And it acts as menu for messages and Special Animations.
There is not special option for that at this moment.. but if you really want to remove it.. you can add some css, in a css file of your theme of in the pet css file. This css line should do the job:

.wpw-pet-menu{display:none !important;}

Hi, I bought this quite some time ago: http://codecanyon.net/item/website-pet-wordpress-plugin/3102231

Now it seems to have been removed from your portfolio and a new / similar item is put up for sale. How can I re-download the files of my purchase?

thanks again, Chris

Give me a private message, please!


Files update:

1. Fixes a bug that will not refresh changes after some options change.
2. Adds the possibility to add o url link to every Message Bubble.

Hi, Possible integrate this script in php web site?

Hi, Is this compatible with thrive content builder?

OMG its back! I bought this a few years ago and was sad it became outdated.

THANK YOU for updating it with so many great options and controls

This is a really neat plugin! I cannot figure out why more people are not buying this. Honestly, I think that it has to do with the search tags you are using. Try adding these search tags “Guided Tour, Interactive Guide, Interactive Help, Interactive Tour, jQuery, assistant, creator, customer, dialog, effect, flat, generator, guide, help, helper, popup, tooltip” and I think that you may get better search and sales results.

we can add sound ???

homepage only option dont’work

This is a nice plugin i like, thanks

no one for support ???????????

Nice Product GLWS !

Need it for PHP Site … is there a solution?

Need a presentation with pet on php site … not the builder

hello, demo is broken? pls fix

Hello is can you make a HTML version

i want to buy

fix demo please!

no demo !