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only exe or with source

Only exe, you can purchase the source code (VB.NET 2013) via Paypal. PM me if interested.

How does it notify you? Via Email?

Well, this is the first release, so it only uses Windows popup notify but, i can code a email routine if you consider buy the item.

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you! :)

Excellent job!

Thank you! :)

I really want this software. can come in handy for what I do. The only thing will request/suggest is that when the site is up and on have it say 200 ok in green and when it is down have it say 404 error in red. Please. this will push me to buy it.

I’ve sent you an email with a 1h download link.

I got it. Fantastic! 5 stars coming at you. I have a couple ideas for it that I think will be useful for future updates. I’ll type them out when I get back around my computer. Thanks for the fantastic customer support.

Thanks for your 5 stars rating, i really appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Best wishes for you.

hello! I would like to receive an update notice by e-mail. I want to buy it, if have this function. thank you!

You and other users want it, it’s on the “to do” list. Expect it in a future release. Thank you.

Is there a email functionality available for this?

I’m interest in purchasing the source code. How do I go around with that?

What contents can be monitored and how do we designate what we want to monitor and what kind of results are sent to app? What is md5 hash?

Application gets the md5 checksum of html contents, if it changes the application will warn you with a message and a sound.

MD5 hash is the “unique serial number” generated based on the html contents:

I want to buy it, and use it on Macbook, Is there any way for me to do it?

Em, i’m not sure if there’s any windows environment emulator like Wine for MacOS

I only code for Windows OS, sorry.